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$1.3M left in unclaimed lottery prizes

March 19, 2007


If you've got an old lottery ticket in the back of your wallet, it may be time you checked whether it's a winner.

One person claimed the approximately $182.7 million Powerball jackpot Saturday night, but about $1.3 million in other lottery prizes are just waiting to be claimed and will be forfeited this year alone, the Kansas Lottery estimates.

There's even a single ticket out there worth $200,000. Sold in the south-central region of Kansas, that Powerball ticket matched all five white numbers, but missed the Powerball. The numbers in that drawing were 2, 21, 27, 35, 55 and a Powerball of 1.

Sally Lunsford, director of communications for the Kansas Lottery, said prizes can be claimed up to either six months or one year after the game concludes or the drawing is held, depending on the contest.

After that, unclaimed money returns to the prize fund, Lunsford said.

The lottery in 2006 distributed $130 million in prizes. Lunsford says the estimate is that about 1 percent of prizes go unclaimed in all types of games.

About $6,000 in prizes will expire by the end of this month.

"The majority of those prizes are free tickets or low-tier prizes," Lunsford said.

According to a list of prizes maintained on the lottery Web site, about $400,000 in prizes from online games - games with tickets purchased at lottery terminals, such as Powerball - are waiting to be claimed. Of that total, about $50,000 are from tickets sold in the northeast Kansas region that includes Lawrence.

Raheel Marani, a Kansas University student from Overland Park who works at Jayhawk Food Mart, 701 W. Ninth St., said he see mostly the same customers coming in buying lottery tickets. And he doubts any of them would be holding unclaimed winning tickets, he said.

"Most of the time they do bring in their old tickets, the local ones at least," he said.

There is the possibility that some of those unclaimed jackpots are the result of tickets that got lost or destroyed.

Unfortunately, in that case, Lunsford said, there's really nothing anyone can do.


leadrain 11 years, 2 months ago

Hey Hey Hey !!!! FREE MONEY ( minus your dollar ) SOUNDS GREAT. Everyone, take out your wallets. You might find a monetary gift instead of pulling OUT your cash. And if you do happen to be fortunate enough to have a winning ticket, you MIGHT be able to fuel up your truck. Gas prices today- I think we all should get a rebate at the end of the year. Anywayz, Good Luck, prospecting "Nuevo Riche" ( most likely mispelled )

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