Gun legislation concerns city

? Lawrence officials say they are worried about a bill that would prohibit cities from putting in their own restrictions on people’s ability to carry concealed guns.

Scott Miller, a staff attorney for the city of Lawrence, said House Bill 2528 “would limit our City Commission from crafting local solutions to local problems.”

But sponsors of the bill said Wednesday it has been amended to allow cities to adopt ordinances regulating the carrying of firearms.

“Cities will still be able to regulate individuals who are not licensed” to carry a concealed weapon, said Sen. Phil Journey, R-Haysville. “The bill has gone through a lot of adjustments.”

Journey was the main sponsor of legislation enacted last year that allows Kansans to obtain permits for concealed guns.

Miller said Lawrence’s concern dealt with its ordinance prohibiting guns within 200 feet of drinking establishments. The ordinance already exempts those with a concealed carry permit.

But Miller said the new bill would restrict cities’ ability to transport or possess firearms.

Rep. Candy Ruff, D-Leavenworth, said the measure restricts cities only when it comes to concealed carry. “That’s not going to prevent them (cities) from passing ordinances when it comes to open carry,” she said.

The bill has been approved by a House committee and is expected to soon be considered by the full House.