Concealed carry law glitch causes debate

The concealed carry firearms bill lawmakers passed last year faced scrutiny in the statehouse Thursday.

Senator Phil Journey, R-Wichita, says the bill is confusing, and needs to be clarified. He believes a small change would make it clear that cities do not have the authority to pass ordinances making it a crime to carry concealed weapons.

Others, however, say changing the wording of the bill would not affect what cities can or can not do.

“We’ve instituted a statewide licensure system for permit holders,” Journey said. “They should also have a statewide, consistant set of rules by which to operate under.”

“Striking these portions of the bill does not in any way limit a city’s authority with regard to concealed carry,” said Kimberly Winn of the League of Municipalities.

Winn says cities should have the authority to regulate whether people can carry concealed weapons in their own city limits.