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Nancy Boyda and Dennis Moore, both D-Kan., toured Leavenworth Penitentiary on Tuesday to help highlight the need for increased funding for the Bureau of Prisons. Leavenworth touted as site for new federal prison
July 4, 2007 in print edition on 9A
Two politicians on a visit here Tuesday called on the federal government to provide more staffing and a possible addition to the U.S. Penitentiary. U.S. Reps. Nancy Boyda and Dennis Moore, both Kansas Democrats, toured the penitentiary and highlighted the need for increased national funding for the Bureau of Prisons in a news conference at Leavenworth’s Riverfront Community Center.
10:00 a.m.
Ryan Chapman, Lawrence, still suffers effects from a sniper's bullet that struck the left side of his forehead in November 2004. He was a Marine then, fighting insurgents in Fallujah, Iraq. The bullet fractured his skull and left a scar. From battlefield to Lawrence home, injured soldier knows freedom’s cost
July 4, 2007 in print edition on 1B
Ryan Chapman loses his balance if he closes his eyes or tries to walk through a dark room. “It kind of looks like I’m drunk,” the 24-year-old Lawrence resident said. Chapman also has daily headaches and at least one especially bad one each week. “It’s gotten to the point where it’s like somebody with arthritis or tendinitis,” he said. “After a while you get used to it and it doesn’t really bother me anymore.”
10:00 p.m.
Helena All, 6, waits on her bike for the Old West Lawrence Independence Day parade to begin Wednesday at the intersection of Seventh and Ohio streets. Neighborhood goes all out to celebrate Fourth of July
July 4, 2007 in print edition on 3A
Men, women, children and dogs rocked Old West Lawrence on Wednesday morning for the neighborhood’s annual Independence Day parade. The festive crew, clad in the colors of Old Glory, took to the corner of Seventh and Ohio streets at 10 a.m. There they boarded wagons, strollers, pogo sticks and bicycles for a jolly romp around the block. “It’s a chance for everybody to reflect on the positive parts of what it means to be patriotic,” said Andrea Albright, who marched with Lance Adams and sons Max, 4, Henry, 2, and Ike, 6 months.

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