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How do you feel about KU students returning to town?

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3:19 a.m.
Janice Taliaferro, left, and Ben Taliaferro, 12, help Kasey Taliaferro, an incoming Kansas University freshman from Berryton, move into Templin Hall. New, returning Jayhawks flock to residence halls
August 13, 2007
Bye Mom, bye Dad. Love you. Woo-hoo, freedom, baby. Kansas University’s newest students and their families had to brave hot temperatures Sunday while lugging their stuff into student housing facilities, particularly the residence halls on Daisy Hill. “It’s terrible,” said Hannah Ballard, 18, a recent Wellington High School graduate. “It’s nice and cool inside, but it’s terrible coming out here.”
10:04 a.m.
The Brownback Report
After Ames, what next?
Posted August 13, 2007
Straw Poll Analysis[(UPI) Brownback not giving up:][1] Despite a third-place finish in the Iowa Republican presidential straw poll, Sen. Sam Brownback, R-Kan., said Sunday he's ...
1:00 p.m.
Gold-star parenting
August 13, 2007 in print edition on 1C
Rob and Jamie Hulse have a system. Every day when their sons get home from school, the couple sit down with the boys and go through their backpacks. “We ask open-ended questions about the things they brought home,” Jamie Hulse says. “It’s relaxed and low-key.”
4:00 p.m.
Genevieve Smith, a recent Basehor-Linwood High School graduate, has been blind since infancy. Smith said she gets through life just fine despite the disability. Blind student shows independence in Braille Challenge
August 13, 2007 in print edition on 3A
Genevieve Smith sees the world through her ears and her hands. The recent Basehor-Linwood High School graduate can identify a coin just by the sound it makes hitting the floor and can read a book using only her fingertips just as fast or faster than many of her sighted peers. The 18-year-old has been blind since infancy. “I just have to figure out a different way of doing things,” Smith said.
10:00 p.m.
South Junior High School teachers tour their new school for the first time Monday. Classes were scheduled to begin Wednesday, but they may be pushed back a few days because of unfinished construction. Administrators will decide when to start by noon on Tuesday. School’s start may be delayed
August 13, 2007 in print edition on 1A
School may be delayed several days for students at South Junior High School, where construction is still under way and teachers are scrambling to set up classrooms. Lawrence public schools begin classes Thursday and seventh-graders are scheduled to attend a half-day of classes Wednesday.

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August 13, 2007 in print edition on A4
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August 13, 2007 in print edition on C2
Primary maneuvers
The battle to lead the nation’s primary election calendar is reaching ridiculous levels.
August 13, 2007 in print edition on A9
A number of Kansas residents probably are upset that our state won’t have a presidential primary in 2008, but the silly election maneuvers of a number of other states may ease Kansans’ disappointment.
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