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Cheney raises $200,000 for Ryun’s race

October 13, 2006


Vice President Dick Cheney on Thursday raked in more than $200,000 for U.S. Rep. Jim Ryun, blasted Democrats on terrorism and taxes and then headed off to the next stop to try to maintain GOP control of Congress.

"The stakes in this campaign are high, not just for the political parties, but for the country," Cheney said.

Ryun said Cheney is helping define the differences between Republicans and Democrats.

"I think he reflects well what is going on in this country, what Republicans stand for: lower taxes, fighting the war on terrorism," Ryun said.

Ryun, a five-term Republican from Lawrence, faces Democrat Nancy Boyda, of Topeka, in the Nov. 7 election. The 2nd Congressional District includes west Lawrence, Topeka, Manhattan and most of southeast Kansas.

Democrats said Cheney was sent here to try to "rescue" Ryun in his campaign against Boyda. Ryun defeated Boyda in 2004 by a 56 percent to 41 percent margin, but in the rematch Boyda has said her campaign polls show the race even.

"It's not surprising that a candidate like Jim Ryun, who has made a career out of cutting the services that help his constituents, is depending on his Washington cronies to give his campaign a boost," said Kansas Democratic Party Executive Director Mike Gaughan.

Fundraising for Ryun

Cheney raised $209,000 in campaign contributions for Ryun, according to Ryun's campaign manager, Jeff Black.

U.S. Rep. Jim Ryun, R-2nd District, welcomes Vice President Dick Cheney to the stage during a fundraiser for Ryun Thursday in Topeka.

U.S. Rep. Jim Ryun, R-2nd District, welcomes Vice President Dick Cheney to the stage during a fundraiser for Ryun Thursday in Topeka.

Contributors paid $1,000 each to have their photo taken with Cheney. It cost $100 per person to attend a reception and listen to Cheney speak.

After the event, Cheney was off to New Orleans to look at levees and meet privately with Republican officials.

Across the street from the Capitol Plaza Hotel Maner Conference Center in Topeka, a handful of demonstrators carried signs criticizing the Bush administration.

Bill Lucero, of Topeka, offered passers-by a chance to have their photo taken for free instead of for the $1,000 charged with Cheney. He said several people stopped by.

Shirley Hayden, of Burlingame, held a sign that read "Got Quagmire?"

She said she opposed the war in Iraq.

"I don't think we are fighting for American freedom there," Hayden said.

Cheney blasts Democrats

Inside the convention center, however, Cheney praised Bush and said, "He deserves a Congress that works with him, not against him."

With the election approaching, Republicans fear their majorities in the House and Senate could be jeopardized because of voter unease about the war in Iraq and the recent scandal involving Mark Foley, the Republican Florida congressman who resigned after it was revealed he had written salacious e-mails to underage House pages.

But Cheney defended Bush's foreign policy.

"America is safer today because we've conducted this war on the offensive, and because we have used every legitimate tool at our command to protect the American people," Cheney said.

He criticized the Democrats who opposed renewal of the Patriot Act, passage of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and the new law dealing with military detainees.

"The key question for the voters on Nov. 7 is whether or not this nation is serious about fighting the global war on terror.

"And there can be no doubt that George W. Bush is serious about fighting it and winning it," he said.

He also said if Democrats win a majority in the House and Senate, they will not renew tax breaks that are set to expire.

"If Democrats take control, American families could face an immense tax increase, and the economy would sustain a major hit," he said.

Praise for Ryun

During his 20-minute speech, Cheney said Ryun was a highly respected congressman.

"I don't think there is any part of America that is better represented in Congress than the 2nd District of Kansas," Cheney said.

"Like Dwight Eisenhower, Bob Dole and other great Kansans over the years, Jim Ryun remembers where he is from, and he stays close to his roots," he said.

Several members of the Kansas University College Republicans volunteered for the event and attended Cheney's speech.

Vice President Dick Cheney stopped Thursday in Topeka to help Republican Jim Ryun in his U.S. House re-election bid.

Vice President Dick Cheney stopped Thursday in Topeka to help Republican Jim Ryun in his U.S. House re-election bid.

Renee Klinges, a senior from St. Marys, and head of the group, acknowledged Republicans "were in a bit more trouble than we would like to be this close to the election."

She attributed that to the Foley scandal, but said she hoped voters "will look at the issues versus maybe their perception of the party as a whole."

Ryun said Cheney's visit would boost his re-election efforts and provide a contrast between him and Boyda.

"I represent and reflect the values of the 2nd District," he said.

Last week, Boyda said Kansans viewed Cheney "as a big part of the problem right now."

On the war in Iraq, Ryun said he supported Bush's policies. "Progress is slow but it is being made. I'm optimistic that we will eventually see that war won," he said.

Boyda said a change in policy was needed and that she was hopeful a bipartisan panel, led by former Secretary of State James A. Baker III, a Republican, could provide viable options.


carolannfugate 11 years, 6 months ago

This is great do you see her everywhere you go or just on the LJW comment boards?

BrianR 11 years, 6 months ago

I am considering engagehorn's "response" a non-response as it is almost as looney as the initial assertions.

Katara 11 years, 6 months ago

BTW, I meant 1/93 for Clinton. Ooopsie.

bmwjhawk 11 years, 6 months ago

Why don't I get to vote for Boyda? We just moved to what I thought was the Republican side of Lawrence, and was looking forward to voting against my neighbors. Come to find out, they're still old school Lawrencians and they've all got Morrison and Moore signs in their yards. Somehow, we're still in the 2nd district. There was some crazy gerrymandering at some point. We're west of Kasold and North of 6th and I really wanted to vote against Ryan, damnit.

Richard Heckler 11 years, 6 months ago

Republican Incumbents DO NOT Support Middle Class Republicans as the fund raiser indicates.

U.S. Education Secretary Rod Paige labeled one "a terrorist organization." Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, R-Texas, called them "a clear and present danger to the security of the United States." And U.S. Rep. Charles Norwood, R-Ga., claimed they employ "tyranny that Americans are fighting and dying to defeat in Iraq and Afghanistan" and are thus "enemies of freedom and democracy," who show "why we still need the Second Amendment" to defend ourselves with firearms.

Who are these supposed threats to America? No, not Osama bin Laden followers, but labor unions made up of millions of workers -- janitors, teachers, firefighters, police officers, you name it.

Bashing organized labor is a Republican pathology, to the point where unions are referenced with terms reserved for military targets. In his 1996 article, headlined "GOP Readies for War With Big Labor," conservative columnist Robert Novak cheered the creation of a "GOP committee task force on the labor movement" that would pursue a "major assault" on unions. As one Republican lawmaker told Novak, GOP leaders champion an "anti-union attitude that appeals to the mentality of hillbillies at revival meetings."

The hostility, while disgusting, is unsurprising. Unions wield power for workers, meaning they present an obstacle to Republican corporate donors, who want to put profit-making over other societal priorities.

Think the minimum wage just happened? Think employer-paid health care and pensions have been around for as long as they have by some force of magic? Think again -- unions used collective bargaining to preserve these benefits. As the saying goes, union members are the folks that brought you the weekend.

Contractors in Afghanistan are making big money for bad work

A highway that begins crumbling before it is finished. A school with a collapsed roof. A clinic with faulty plumbing. A farmers' cooperative that farmers can't use. Afghan police and military that, after training, are incapable of providing the most basic security. And contractors walking away with millions of dollars in aid money for the work. The Bush Administration touts the reconstruction effort in Afghanistan as a success story. Perhaps, in comparison to the violence-plagued efforts in Iraq and the incompetence-riddled efforts on the American Gulf Coast, everything is relative. A new report "Afghanistan, Inc.," issued by the non-profit organization CorpWatch, details the bungled reconstruction effort in Afghanistan.

further details:

bmwjhawk 11 years, 6 months ago

Click on that top picture and blow it up. What on earth does Cheney's facial expression say? I think he's actually uttering the word "croney."

Larry Bauerle Jr. 11 years, 6 months ago

It is unfortunate that due to politics a good man, such as Jim Ryun, would bring in the likes of Dick Cheney. As a republican, and even moreso as a human being, I find Cheney an embarrassment. I don't live in his district and am not sure I would vote for Ryun anyway, but DICK CHENEY? If that is where his support lies, I know I wouldn't support him.

GOPConservative 11 years, 6 months ago


You must think that some of the other politicians you mentioned are running against Ryun. They are not! Bringing up their names is totally irrelevant.

Further, to try to convince us that Ryun didn't know what was going on with Abramhoff is nonsense. Abramhoff's activities were well known. Even if Ryun was a naive as he pretends to be, I don't see him rushing to sell his Washington home and giving his ill-gotten gains to charity.

Yes, the fact that Ryun is in bed with tax-sucking monopolies is a serious charge. As for proof, Ryun's voting record in Congress and his resulting support from the likes of Cheney is all the proof any of us need.

Nice try in coverning up this corrupt and dishonest politican by evoking the names of other crooks, but the excuse of "other people did it" doesn't wash. Two wrongs never make a right.

Ryun is corrupt. His actions, his money sources and his voting record in Congress are all the proof any voter needs in the upcoming election.

youngitized 11 years, 6 months ago

Jim Ryun isn't a loser now, but I think the good people of the 2nd district need to make him a loser in November. Nancy Boyda is NOT a liberal. She is moderate.

Kontum1972 11 years, 6 months ago

Jim Ryun is not even close to Bob Dole or Ike Eisenhower and for the DICK to compare him to them is sickening..and a slap in the both of these True Americans...and Kansans.

Ryun is not a Combat veteran and neither is the DICK...these guys are "NOT" part of the "Greatest Generation".....Bob Dole and Gen. Eisenhower knew what diplomancy stood for and how it would work.

Ryun and the DICK are a couple of Draft Dodgers....they dont even fit into the mold of Patriots..!

Richard Heckler 11 years, 6 months ago

Pres. Bush, Dick Cheney,Don Rumsfeld,Condi Rice should resign immediately and take Ryun with them for lying to america. Now they are killing people and blowing tax dollars over the lies they told.

yourworstnightmare 11 years, 6 months ago

How many GOP congressmen does it take to "screw" in a lightbulb?

  1. One to screw, and 239 to cover it up and deny they knew anything about it.

GOPConservative 11 years, 6 months ago


How many times do we have to go over this. Again, if Ryun were ashamed of what Abramhoff did and didn't agree with it, why didn't he give the money back he made on the real estate deal?

You keep asking for proof after I give you proof. For example, after quoting me correctly:

"Ryun is corrupt. His actions, his money sources and his voting record in Congress are all the proof any voter needs in the upcoming election."

You mysteriously state:

"Again, that's quite a charge. I asked before and will ask again: Back up that charge with evidence."

Maybe if I state it in a different way, you will comprehend (but I doubt it):

Again, as I said, Ryun's voting record and funding sources are all the evidence we need. His voting record is public record. His funding sources are public record. What more evidence do you need?

Further, the crap that you are putting out that Nancy Boyda has shown evidence of being "liberal" is complete nonsense. You are the one who is making a false charge.

Boyda would still be a Republican if the big-government, fiscally-irresponsible, anti-privacy socialists had not taken over my Party.

Unlike Ryun's record of fiscal liberalism, Boyda sounds to me like a fiscal conservative. She has spoken out against Ryun's fiscal liberalism. Borrowing hundreds of billions from atheists and commies in China has threatened the future of our once-great country.

Boyda also says she believes in privacy and limited government. Everything I hear her say gives evidence that she is a conservative, not a liberal.

Everything I hear Ryun say is a lie. He claims to be a conservative, but his voting record does not support his statements.

Ryun's record speaks for itself. It is a record of selling America out to the tax-sucking monopolies and commies, while driving the country deeper and deeper into debt.

Perhaps Boyda is also lying about having conservative principles, but I'm willing to give her a chance. We know that Ryun has been lying about being a conservative. Now it is time to see if Boyda is as good as her word. The only way to find out is to give her a chance. She has my vote.

BigDog 11 years, 6 months ago

Kontum 1972

That changed long ago.

Many people have been misled by an Internet posting that says that congressmen and senators do not pay Social Security taxes. Members of Congress do have very generous pension programs in addition to Social Security. But, since 1983, they have been part of the Social Security system and do pay Social Security taxes.

cutny 11 years, 6 months ago

well...engage horn seems to be swatting at all the liberal flies that have swarmed his nice little conservative picnic, batting them away one comment at a time. Interestingly, he also appears to be clairvoyant by claiming that

"Folks, Ryun in a shoo-in. The 2nd district is not going to said a liberal to Washington. Never has and never will." OMG...This commenter can SEE THE FUTURE BEFORE IT HAPPENS. It's almost like witchcraft or something. Better be careful Nostradamus or your fellow conservative witchhunters might come a knockin on your door.

EXks 11 years, 6 months ago

Well said, Kontum1972!

The Dick and holier than thou Ryun should be drafted and sent to the front lines in Iraq, but of course chickenhawks are always ALL talk and no spine.

IF this country had more Repbulican heros like Eisenhower and Dole I might be inclined to vote Republican again.

GOPConservative 11 years, 6 months ago

"It is unfortunate that due to politics a good man, such as Jim Ryun, would bring in the likes of Dick Cheney."

Since you no longer live in the district, you may have not have been following the recent career of Jim Ryun.

I also used to also think he was a "good man," but his sucking up to Cheney is no surprise to those who have been following Ryun's votes and activities in recent years.

You may not know that Ryun used stolen money laundered by Jack Abramhoff to buy a fancy house in Washington, D.C. for at least $100,000 below market value. He also took massive campaign contributions from the PACs controlled by this criminal lobbyist.

Ryun has consistently voted to give more of our tax dollars to tax-sucking monopolies so that evil people like Cheney will continue to financally support the lies Ryun is using in his very negative campaign against Nancy Boyda.

Ryun is totally in bed with Cheney's no-bid monopolies and has been using his votes in Congress to give them more pork in return for their continuing to increase his personal wealth. Meanwhile, the honest and decent people in his district are struggling to make ends meet.

Ryun is as phony as a three-dollar bill. The fake piety he uses to disguise his dishonesty and corruption makes me want to puke.

BigDog 11 years, 6 months ago


I took a look at that website ...... who decided what issues were important to the middle-class and how they thought Congress should vote. The site is nothing but a farce.

I don't believe most middle-class individuals are opposed to the imagration reform legislation, unless you are counting that most people desire a much more restrictive imagration policy than was passed recently. And I don't think most middle-class were opposed to bankruptcy reform.

Though overall I wonder how they came to their conclusions on House issues and what position the middle-class would take. I would bet that 90-95% of the middle-class have no idea what was even contained in any of this legislation.

roger_o_thornhill 11 years, 6 months ago

Lapdances from Cheney brought in even more than the photo ops.

roger_o_thornhill 11 years, 6 months ago

Sorry. Still caught up on strip club story.

EXks 11 years, 6 months ago

"Why is the response of the left always a personal attack on someone" posted by KS

Hmmm, personal attacks? Let's see

Karl Rove and Dick Cheney wrote the book on personal attacks, they are as J. Edgar Hoover would say, MASTERS OF DECEIT.

oldgoof 11 years, 6 months ago

.. Darn, I missed a bird hunting opportunity.

BigDog 11 years, 6 months ago


You can dream all you like but no one will be impeached even if Democrats win.

Scott Tichenor 11 years, 6 months ago

Good! This means we'll likely get another round of Ryun filling up his SUV with some of that George Bush money headed for Exxon.

"Hi, I'm Jim Ryun, and greedy oil money paid for this commercial."

Mike Ford 11 years, 6 months ago

Actually, the republiklan statement is on target. U.S. President Harry Truman integrated the U.S. Armed Forces in 1948. The Klan supporters within his party (Thurmond, Faubus, George Wallace) were so mad that they created the dixiecrat party on a state's right platform. They wanted to be able to be legally racist within the boundaries of their own states without federal involvement. These dixiecrats fought the Civil Rights Act of 1965 and subsequent Civil Rights legislation. By the late 1960's the dixiecrats were disillusioned. George Wallace ran as a 3rd party candidate and Richard Nixon stole his idea on courting the angry white male. Throw this together with Ronald Reagan's courting of the religious right in 1980 and you have a recipe for the current fascism that thinking people are tolerating until election time. Look at David Duke, he was a republican and a former klansman. I grew up in LA and MISS in the 1970's. I know what I see when I see it. These current people have mainstreamed intolerence and made it palatable to mislead with when class wars are initiated. It's too obvious to be ignored.

oldgoof 11 years, 6 months ago

"After the event, Cheney was off to New Orleans to look at levees.." .... Now THERE is an opportunity for good public policy.

KS 11 years, 6 months ago

Why is the response of the left always a personal attack on someone. Argue the issues, PLEASE. Frankly, I think Dick Cheney is one of the smartest people around. He could out debate anyone that has made a posting on this article and he would do so without a personal attack. You may not agree with his politics, but that man is just plain smart.

Aiko 11 years, 6 months ago

Air America Radio files for bankruptcy! How could this have happened?

Ken Miller 11 years, 6 months ago

bmwjhawk - you are in the second district, so you CAN vote against Ryun - that's his district. I believe the dividing line in Lawrence between third and second district is Iowa St.

However, I will say that I have seen a LOT of Dennis Moore signs west of Iowa - including one on my lawn, which I promptly took down since no one ever ASKED me if they could place a yard sign on my property.

bmwjhawk 11 years, 6 months ago

Oops. I mean we are in the 3rd district, where Dennis Moore is safely entrenched. Look at the map of Lawrence. I can't find one, but there's a tiny sliver north of 6th street almost to Folks Rd. that is still Moore-land.

Tychoman 11 years, 6 months ago

Engagehorn, no one's equating homosexuality with pedophilia.

yourworstnightmare 11 years, 6 months ago

"God's vengeance will be on all unrepentant sinners."

Indeed, God will punish corrupt GOP politicians, GOP sexual predators of children, and those in the GOP who covered for sexual predators of children. However, the law and the voters will also punish them. Punishment for corrupt GOP politicans on Earth and in Heaven. Now there's an idea I can get behind.

yourworstnightmare 11 years, 6 months ago


What are you talking about? Mark Foley of Gods Own Party is a sexual predator, and Dennis Hastert and other republicans covered for him. This is God's Own Party we're talking about here, for christ's sake! Keep up with the times. Sheesh.

KS 11 years, 6 months ago

I don't think I saw anything in the article about organized labor!

ksmoderate 11 years, 6 months ago

OK. Deep breath.

Ryun's shady real estate deal is common knowledge. (GOPconservative might as well prove to you that grass is green). It also was not illegal. The issue is morality. If Ryun practiced what he preached, his "christian" morals would have compelled him to donate money he saved by buying that house at @$100,000 less than market value after he found out about Abramoff.

yourworstnightmare 11 years, 6 months ago

Cheney paying a visit to Ryun is a good sign. It means that the GOP think that Boyda is seriously threatening to unseat Jim.

The GOP are aware that they will need every seat they can get, because it is now becoming clear that the GOP is full of corrupt Abramoff bribe-takers, sexual predators of children, and those who cover for sexual predators of children.

yourworstnightmare 11 years, 6 months ago

"Unfortunately for your hopes YWNM, He's equal opportunity on sinners."

Yes, but it is news when God's Own Party is rife with corrupt republican sexual predators of children and those who republicans who cover for sexual predators of children.

For shame.

BigDog 11 years, 6 months ago

Who are Democrats trying to fool when they say they represent the middle class better? I guess the former President getting $3,000 minimum is middle class.

Clinton addressed a group of about 50 top-level donors to the Jack Carter for Senate campaign. Carter, the son of former President Jimmy Carter, is running to unseat Republican Sen. John Ensign.

Clinton also attended a fundraiser for Democratic congressional candidates Jill Derby and Tessa Hafen at which the minimum contribution was $3,000.

He appeared onstage with Hafen, Derby, Carter and Rep. Shelley Berkley, D-Nev., but did not take questions from the media or comment on recent criticism of his administration's policy on nuclear nonproliferation in North Korea.

ksmoderate 11 years, 6 months ago

Just becuase some dems are doing shady deals doesn't excuse Ryun! It's wrong and deplorable no matter what. And we're not voting for Harry Reid, we're debating on whether voting for our incumbent Rep. is a good idea.

I say it's not. Ryun is a rubberstamp in a do-nothing-good Congress, so he needs to be sent home.

And please excuse my lack of knowlegde about LOGCAP (please enlighten us? I've never heard of it), but last I checked the invasion of Iraq happened in 2003, not 2001. What GOPconservative was referring to, I believe, was the no-bid shame involving Iraq.

Kontum1972 11 years, 6 months ago

my favorite part about being politician...they do not have to pay social security...

GOPConservative 11 years, 6 months ago


"You have yet to show that Ryun made any money of a real estate deal illegally. I have asked you to provide evidence of that..."

That is not what you asked. For the record, let's review:

I said:

"You may not know that Ryun used stolen money laundered by Jack Abramhoff to buy a fancy house in Washington, D.C. for at least $100,000 below market value. He also took massive campaign contributions from the PACs controlled by this criminal lobbyist."

You asked:

"Do you have any evidence that shows Ryun knew of Abramoff's dubious activities?"

Since I never said Ryun "knew of Abramoff's dubious activities," your question, like everything other baseless charge you have made about me in this thread, is nothing more than a very transparent smokescreen and attempt to use obfuscation by putting words in my mouth that I clearly did not say.


"Pull up the 20 issues that Americans for Democratic Action used to determine its latest "Liberal Quotient" for House members."

I pulled them up. Most of those 20 items are conservative positions such as fiscal responsibility, not borrowing money from our enemies, and not handing out our hard-earned money to tax-sucking monopolies like Ryun has been doing.

"You accused me of making a false charge when I called Boyda a liberal. Given that you're not certain she is actually a conservative, how about offering an apology."

Your idea of "conservative" clearly involves big government, fiscal liberalism, invasion of privacy. fraud and waste. I don't consider such policies to be "conservative."

You can continue to labor under your delusions that big-government fiscal liberalism is "conservative.", but I cannot apologize to you for your ignorance. You need to apologize to yourself for that.

BTW, how about apologizing to me for your claim that I have a "history of baseless charges." Otherwise, give specific examples (without using your bogus crap in this thread where you accuse me of saying things I didn't say.)

One need look no further than this thread to know that you are the one who has a history of making baseless charges, not me.

Ken Miller 11 years, 6 months ago are right - 6th St., north - looks like a big chunk west of Iowa is still 3rd District. Jana Court looks like the east/west dividing line north of 6th. I knew there was a lot of gerrymandering in Lawrence - but that portion of the map is INCREDIBLE!

Kontum1972 11 years, 6 months ago

engagehorn...where did i endorse boyda?

at least she has balls enough to run against the dicks pivot-boy...(again)and she's making him sweat...why else would Dr. Evil show-up? Paul Hackett i have no problems with him and i dont know the circumstances why he dropped out, but he being a Field-grade Officer in the Corps he picks his battles and will resurface to fight another day and he will be a force to reckon with...he's a Marine...HuWah!

BTW where did u serve?

I was in SEAsia 1972-73 flying gunships CW2/1st AvnBde..a mere 20 yrs old...i have seen the Maj. Hackett...we are Brothers..!

Kontum1972 11 years, 6 months ago

i personally knew General Eisenhower and all his family....Cheneys not fit to shine his shoes...and neither is that clown in the pilots seat...

yourworstnightmare 11 years, 6 months ago

Laugh it up, 4125. God punishes those who cover for child abusers to the same extent as the child abusers themselves.

onceinawhile 11 years, 6 months ago

-- Cheney praised Bush and said, "He deserves a Congress that works with him, not against him."

No, in fact, that is the beauty of American democracy, which Bush and Cheney say they love so much. True American democracy is halted when the same party dominates every branch of government - then our politicians can get away with anything, and that is much scarier.

-- "America is safer today because we've conducted this war on the offensive, and because we have used every legitimate tool at our command to protect the American people," Cheney said.

Has he not read the news - that new studies show that the 'war on terror' is breeding new terrorists? They don't want us over there anymore, and it is clear. It is making them more angry and I feel less safe as a result. Also, yes, we ARE using every legitimate tool, which has contributed to the thousands of innocent lives lost and trillions of dollars deficit to fight this war - which WE average Americans will be in charge of paying back for years to come.

-- He also said if Democrats win a majority in the House and Senate, they will not renew tax breaks that are set to expire.

The Bush administration put us into a record deficit and still promise 'More tax cuts!' I do not agree with how the government has been spending our money over the past six years, but it seems pretty obvious to me that our debt plus giving more tax cuts is not going to help. Their priorities are all wrong.

-- In response to BigDog:

I would not judge the Democrats' loyalty to the middle class based on a fundraiser. That is the point of them - to raise money, and lots of it, at that. The Republican Party has done a horrible job at representing the middle class. They provide the greatest (and quickest) tax cuts to the richest people in the country. They ended the tax on inherited estates - who do you think that benefits the most? They cut funding to public education, college financial aid, and failed to raise the minimum wage - again! All of these actions directly hurt the middle class.

This is a good resource to learn about the Republicans' and Democrats' fight for the middle class:

I think the country is heading in a disastrous, partisan direction. We deserve to see change and have ourselves finally represented in the government. Jim Ryun does not have the middle class', or most anyone's, best interests in mind, and Nancy Boyda is willing to fight for the average Kansan.

BigDog 11 years, 6 months ago

Wow! logrithmic

The last I knew our Constitution you keep stating as your sacred document to you contains the term ..... innocent until proven guilty. But I guess you already have all the evidence and have decided you are judge and jury on this case.

Even if Democrats win, which I don't believe they will. If their only plan is to spend the next 2 years trying to impeach the President, they will face disaster in 2008. That is part of their problem ..... they only have criticism of how things are being done now and no real plan for doing anything differently. I believe they could win in 2006 overwhelmingly if they could present a clear plan for change to the people. As of right now I have not seen one.

GOPConservative 11 years, 6 months ago


I've been posting on LJW for five years.

You have been posting here for two days.

Yet, you claim that I have a history of making baseless charges!

Once AGAIN, put up or shut up.

And quit obfuscating by claiming that I never answered your questions. Each time you have asked for evidence or proof, I have provided it.

You already asked for an example of Ryun's corruption. But I'll repeat it for you. AGAIN, as I have already said, if Ryun were not corrupt, he would have unloaded that real estate at a fair market value and used the proceeds for charitable causes.

Either you cannot read and missed my making this statement or you have a much different definition of corruption than most people. Most moral people would not keep tainted money once they realized it was tainted.

As to Ryun's dishonesty, all one has to do is listen to his TV ads and compare what he says with his record. He claims to be a fiscal conservative, but has voted for almost every fiscally-liberal program that came along during his do-nothing tenure, creating the largest budget deficit and National Debt in American history.

Almost everything Ryun says in his literature and ads are lies. He even claimed that for 18 years he has been fighting for environmental causes, but "the liberals in Washington" have kept him from improving the environment.

That example is not only dishonest, it's laughable.

As we have seen from your world record of 57 posts during your first two days on LJW forums, you seem to have the same kind of morality as your hero.

You seem willing to post anything, including outright lies about Nancy Boyda, me and other participants, just so Jim "Abramoff" Ryun can continue shelling out tax dollars and borrowed money for pork and corporate welfare schemes.

GOPConservative 11 years, 6 months ago


"Calm down. I did put up. You have yet to back up your charge that Ryun is corrupt and dishonest."

You claimed that I have a "history" of making baseless claims, but your only examples are two that you erroneously say occurred in this thread, not in any previous thread. How is that a "history?"

Further, two times now I have explained why I feel Ryun is corrupt. I've also given you several examples of Ryun's dishonesty. Yet, you keep saying that I never said why I believe Ryun is dishonest and corrupt. You use this double talk as "proof" that I have a "history of making baseless claims."

That is bizarre.


"You keep mentioning his house in D.C., yet you failed to show us that he and his wife obtained that home illegally."

I never said that they obtained the home illegally, so why should I prove something I never said?

Again, its the same old thing with you. You made a baseless claim that I have a "history" of baseless claims and try to back up your baseless claim that I never gave you reasons for why Ryun is corrupt and dishonest even though I keep giving them.

When you aren't making this baseless claim, you make up things that I never said, and then ask me to prove your baseless claim when I never made your baseless claim in the first place.



"If you're not certain that Boyda is or is not a conservative, how can you call my characterization of her as a liberal a lie? You're not even certain that Boyda is honest, are you?"

I never said your characterization of Boyda was a lie. I said it was "nonsense" based on what Boyda has said.

I already know that Ryun is not a conservative because of his voting record. I would like to believe Boyda is not a liar like Ryun, but it is obvious that none of us will know for sure until after we see how she votes.

Somehow, you seem to think that my not knowing yet whether Boyda will be a conservative in Congress proves something, but I have no idea what it proves except that I understand that someone can't be judged on his/her Congressional record until he/she has a chance to vote.

I imagine this very obvious fact was clear to everyone but you.

Katara 11 years, 6 months ago

@ 75x55

I like the website you provided. It seems to be very fair & non-partisan. Thank you for providing it although it may not have been such a shot against Boyda as you thought. At least you were honest about mentioning that Ryun has not answered their questions as well. I can respect you for that even though I doubt I would probably agree with you on most of the issues vote-smart lists.

It does not appear that many of our candidates in KS have chosen to participate in this useful tool to help educate voters.

yourworstnightmare 11 years, 6 months ago

Who knows the extent of the corruption and pedophilia that exists in the GOP ranks?

The republicans are so good at covering their dung that it is nearly impossible to tell. Ney, Cunningham, Foley, Hastert, Abramoff, Bush. These are just the tip of the iceberg.

Richard Heckler 11 years, 6 months ago

Senate Republicans Kill Second Bill on Corrupt Defense Contractors

Submitted by Bob Geiger on June 20, 2006 - 1:20pm.From our 'waiting for the other shoe to drop' file, we have news that Senate Republicans followed up their rejection of a bill last week to penalize corrupt companies like Halliburton, with a vote today against another measure that would have formed an oversight committee to investigate defense-contractor fraud. With only 44 votes in favor, the second such bill -- also sponsored by Byron Dorgan (D-ND) -- went down in flames 52-44, with Lincoln Chafee (R-RI) the only GOP senator voting for the bill's passage.

S.Amdt. 4292 would have established ":a special committee of the Senate to investigate the awarding and carrying out of contracts to conduct activities in Afghanistan and Iraq and to fight the war on terrorism."

Senate Republicans last week shot down by a 55-43 vote, an amendment to strictly penalize contractors caught defrauding the government, with every single Republican senator voting to let corrupt defense contractors off the hook for cheating the troops and the American people.

"A lot of people are making a lot of money, spent by this Congress, in support of our soldiers who are at war, and we have some contractors who are not playing straight with the soldiers or the American people," said Dorgan on the Senate floor.

Dorgan and Senate Minority Whip Dick Durbin (D-IL) had sent a letter to Armed Services Committee Chairman John Warner (R-VA) in May asking him to start an investigation into allegations of defense-contractor abuses in Iraq contracts.

"These matters fall clearly within your committee's jurisdiction, and they have a direct bearing on our troops' mission and safety in Iraq, as well as on the use of taxpayer dollars," said the Dorgan-Durbin letter to Warner. "In the alternative, we would hope that you would support the creation of a special committee of the Senate - modeled after the Truman Committee during World War II - to conduct oversight hearings on Iraq contracting."

Durbin talked more about it on the Senate floor on Friday.

"I don't understand why there isn't a sense of outrage in this Congress on a bipartisan basis, on both sides of the aisle, that we are not only being ripped off as taxpayers by these no-bid contracts but that we are shortchanging these men and women who are risking their lives while we stand in the comfort and safety of this Senate," said the Illinois Democrat. "I know Halliburton is a big political force in this town. I know in some quarters you are not supposed to question Halliburton. This is some sacred institution politically. I don't buy it. I count the soldiers that are putting their lives on the line to be much more sacred and much more valuable than any big, huge, no-bid corporation."

GOPConservative 11 years, 6 months ago


I'm really getting bored with this same stupid stuff over and over.

I continue to stand by what I said. Once AGAIN, I didn't say you were lying. I said you made a false charge that Boyda is a "liberal." You had no basis for that charge.

Once AGAIN, since Boyda has never voted, how anyone can speculate on how she "might" vote except to take her at her word that she is a conservative.

You apparently think that because you demand it, I have some obligation to speculate and give you what you want even though it is obvious that it is not possible to know for sure how Boyda will vote until we send her to Congress this fall.

Your double talk, obfuscation and repeating the same stupid questions, even after I give you repeated answers makes you look like an idiot. Dealing with your bizarre crap is a complete waste of time.

BTW, you are now up to more than 63 posts in less than two days since you signed up for these boards. Before that, no one had ever heard of you.

Given that you surely must take time to sleep, your posting the past two days is obviously a full-time job.

I hope it pays well and that it is not from money ripped off from the same slave labor in the U.S. Mariana Islands that Ryun used for equity in his new home.

BrianR 11 years, 6 months ago

Hmmm, interesting point Moira, and Jericho is set in Kansas.

BrianR 11 years, 6 months ago

Just because some countries became Communist doesn't necessarily mean that President Carter allowed it to happen or wanted it to happen.

If you can blame the Carter administration for political upheaval in other countries then you have to ask what moral principals were the Bush administration advancing when it "allowed" N Korea to become nuclear?

Katara 11 years, 6 months ago

How do you all keep up on the multiple profile names?

Doesn't it get confusing? I mean, I have enough difficulty keeping track of all the different user ids & passwords I have to use at work for all the different systems I have to use.

yourworstnightmare 11 years, 6 months ago

Ryun is as corrupt as the next republican, getting sweetheart real estate deals in exchange for favors for Abramoff clients.

The fact that the GOP leadership in congress covered for a sexual predator of children demonstrates the perversity of the republican party, claiming to be the party of god and behind the scenes taking bribes, abusing children, and covering it up. Sick, sick stuff.

BOE 11 years, 6 months ago

engagehorn repeats the exact same lies that banned poster "Arminius", did.

Funny that.

A protege perhaps, or just fan mail from some flounder?

Maybe he thinks Carter should have unfrozen Iranian assets or maybe he thinks Carter should have sold missles to them like Reagan did (moral principle advanced?), but JC never abandoned the 52 Americans in Tehran.


" Carter .... allowed numerous countries to go communist during his tenure. "


Ex-LJW poster "Arminius" never saw fit to share a list of the "numerous" countries he claimed became communist states during Jimmy Carter's tenure, either.

jayhawks71 11 years, 6 months ago

again I say, an exchange of money is NOT free speech, regardless of what the Supreme Court says. We need to get big money OUT of elections; elections and debates should be funded by the taxpayers.

If exchange of money for something (in this case political favors) is "free speech" then drug users and johns have been denied free speech rights for many, many years.

Katara 11 years, 6 months ago

How strange.

BOE's full response to the Carter-Communist assertion is

"" Carter .... allowed numerous countries to go communist during his tenure. "


Ex-LJW poster "Arminius" never saw fit to share a list of the "numerous" countries he claimed became communist states during Jimmy Carter's tenure, either."

But engagehorn's answers as if he is the ex-LJW poster "Arminius". How can he put words in someone else's mouth? We don't know if Arminius would have named those countries because he is no longer allowed on the LJW forum. Something about blackmailing someone. I don't know the full story.

xenophonschild 11 years, 6 months ago

Obfuscation is not rebuttal.

Woodward's book describes an encounter between Rice and Tenet, in a near panic about a rising flood of intelligence warnings just presented to him by top aide J. Cofer Black. Tenet forced an unscheduled meeting with Rice on July 10, 2001, because he wanted the Bush administration to take action immediately against al-Qaida to disrupt a possible domestic attack.

This was not a re-hash of threat reports or "old news"; it was direct communication that the Bush administration needed to focus on the son of one of Bush's business partners in order to protect the U.S. against terrorist attack.

"Tenet ... decided he and Black should go to the White House immediately. Tenet called Condoleezza Rice, then national security adviser, from the car and said he needed to see her right away," Woodward reports. "He and Black hoped to convey the depth of their anxiety and get Rice to kick-start the government into immediate action." A mountain of evidence proves that the Bush administration did nothing of the sort.

Rice claimed earlier this month, through State Department spokesman Sean McCormack, that the 10 July briefing "was a summary of the threat reporting from the previous weeks. There was nothing new."

Odd, that. Then why did she take the unusual step of requesting Tenet to provide the same information about OBL and his plans to Rumsfeld and John Ashcroft?

It may be that Rice, like most of her fellow Republican stooges, is an accomplished liar. In her testimony to the 9/11 commission - which she initially declined to give - Rice said it was not until the following month after the meeting with Tenet that she recalled hearing about possible terrorist plots in the U.S. homeland: an Aug. 6, 2001 presidential daily report by the CIA entitled "Bin Laden Determined To Strike in US."

We all know how well the Bush administration followed up on that report.

The Bush administration could have prevented 9/11 and did not. They were warned, and did othing. They then had, and continue, to blame William the Great for their shortcomings.

The truth is coming out, and will continue. Bush and his coterie of confused, incompetent aides have much to answer for.

BrianR 11 years, 6 months ago

Engagehorn Genagehorn Grenagehon Groenagehn Groenhagen,

"Engagehorn is correct"

That is almost NEVER true; I have no need to save face, nor do I have any intention of "defending myself" against your lies, spin, or whatever else it might be (but it's not the truth).

BrianR 11 years, 6 months ago

"...Carter's penchant for supporting dictators..."

Wow, here to begin with this crapola?

Since I am talking to you, the Clinton's fault fantasy was just a given so there was no need to mention it.

Don't even talk to me about who's been supporting dictators. I'd compile a list of dictators and terrorists Reagan and other presidents (on both sides) supported but it would talk all afternoon and I have more important things to do like go to the grocery store. Interesting that we're at war with dictators and terrorists who were supported (almost invented) by Republican presidents.

"Your pointing at the wrong administration. North Korea pulled out of the NPT under Clinton. True to form, ex-president Carter even played a role in North Korea becoming nuclear." (NewsMax - It's gotta be true?!?)

This is too loony to even respond.

BrianR 11 years, 6 months ago

Kevin, Then you're conceding that Bush allowed North Korea to become nukylar. Good. Thank you for finally coming clean about that lie.

BOE 11 years, 6 months ago

engagehorn October 15, 2006 at 10:30 a.m.

" Katara:

I merely addressed the part of BOE's statement in which he said I never saw fit to list those countries. I responsed as engagehorn and no one else. "


You responded exactly as ex-LJW poster "Arminius, would have...with dishonesty.

"...just to name a few. "

LOL, why not name them all, you're on a roll now!

But before you continue, you should be aware of some basic American history:

Carter wasn't President prior to Jan '77, when Angola and Mozambique went communist.

For that matter, is you want to see "numerous", look at the period between 1969 and 1977.

Prior to Carter, the majority of Afghanistan's military and economic aid came from the USSR, it voted mostly with the communist block in the UN, its officers were trained by the Soviets.

How was that addressed prior to Carter?

And how did Carter address the coup that happened a year after he was in office?


engagehorn October 15, 2006 at 10:38 a.m.

" He pulled our athletes out of the 1980 Olympics after the Soviets invaded Afghanistan, but he did nothing to being the symbolic before or after that invasion. "


You won't find anything symbolic, looking on a right wing pravda like snoozemax.

Carter's aid to anti-government forces is what triggered the Soviet invasion and the beggining of their demise.

The posting snoozemax links is an indicator a warped sense of history, so I'm not surprised.

xenophonschild 11 years, 6 months ago

Some of the Republican apologists who post on this site are adept at ignoring core arguments, at glossing over essential realities.

These same Republican apologists contend that William the Great was perhaps more responsible for 9/11 than George Bush and his team. They rush to dispute nuances of the meeting between Condoleezza Rice and George Tenet and his top counterterrorism aide Cofer Black on 10 July 2001, in which Tenet sought to impress Rice their fears that an attack on the United States was likely.

Republican apologists contend that the warning was diffuse, was perhaps at American targets abroad rather than directly on the U.S. homeland.

Their contentions are as specious as their support for a confused president and his fellow incompetents. The meeting between Tenet/Black and Rice occurred. Tenet and Black contend that they warned Rice of an attack on U.S. soil, and that she listened politely and "brushed them off."

Republican apologists and their contentions that Bush did enough to protect the U.S. before the September 11 attacks are as hollow and false at the GOP's (Greedy Old Perverts) claim that they are the party of "morality" and "family values."

Katara 11 years, 6 months ago

Engagehorn's response to BrianR:

"North Korea announced its intention withdraw from the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) on March 12, 1993. In began developing nuclear technology during the rest of the 1990s.

Since Clinton was president at that time, please tell us why you consider my statement "looney.""

How strange. Those that give Bush a pass for being only in office a "mere 8 months" before 9/11 expect Clinton to take care of N. Korea a little under 3 mos. since the time Clinton actually took office in 1/03.

BOE 11 years, 6 months ago

  • by engagehorn October 15, 2006 at 6:02 p.m.:

BOE: " 'Carter's aid to anti-government forces is what triggered the Soviet invasion and the beggining of their demise. ' "

You might want double-check that claim. *


Q: The former director of the CIA, Robert Gates, stated in his memoirs ["From the Shadows"], that American intelligence services began to aid the Mujahadeen in Afghanistan 6 months before the Soviet intervention. In this period you were the national security adviser to President Carter. You therefore played a role in this affair. Is that correct?

Brzezinski: Yes. According to the official version of history, CIA aid to the Mujahadeen began during 1980, that is to say, after the Soviet army invaded Afghanistan, 24 Dec 1979. But the reality, secretly guarded until now, is completely otherwise: Indeed, it was July 3, 1979 that President Carter signed the first directive for secret aid to the opponents of the pro-Soviet regime in Kabul. And that very day, I wrote a note to the president in which I explained to him that in my opinion this aid was going to induce a Soviet military intervention.

xenophonschild 11 years, 6 months ago

Groen . . . er, engagehorn:

As usual, you elide over the essence. George Tenet and Cofer Black warned George Bush' national security advisor that an attack on the U.S. was eminent.

The director of the Central Intelligence Agency and his chief counterterrorism expert warned Rice in July 2001.

What did the Bush administration do to protect the nation against the Saudi attackers?

That, Republican apologist, is the gist you miss, the reality you conveniently overlook.

The Bush administration was warned two full months before 9/11 - and what did they do?

Blame that on Clinton.

xenophonschild 11 years, 6 months ago

Again, you ignore the essence.

No one should care whether or not Rice "seemed to take Tenet/Black's report seriously."

The essence is: what did Rice, and by extension George Bush since she was his national security advisor, do with the information Tenet and Black provided?

Did they work to make the country safer? To thwart a possible terrorist attack on American soil? They had two full months to prepare: what did they do?

George Bush and his coterie of confused, incompetent aides are responsible for the 9/11 attack. George Tenet and Cofer Black warned them - while they may have "seemed to take the warning seriously," ensuing events showed they did not.

Tenet/Black warned; Rice/Bush ignored. That is the essence.

Have a nice night.

Richard Heckler 11 years, 6 months ago

The republican party became the rubber stamp party starting about 1980. The USA does not need a grand dsiplay of bogus party unity. The country does elect individuals to worship a sitting president and the administration. America needs individuals who can see fit to vote for the best legislation even if requires crossing party lines. The USA needs legislators who can say no to a president who wants to use the military for personal agenda matters. It is not a presidents right to occupy countries and kill thousands upon thousands of innocent people.

Terrorists are a small number of individuals that should be dealth with in a covert manner in conjunction with Germany,France,Italy,Canada and the UN. They to have an interest and they too have intelligence sources.

The Bush admin lied and has abused presidential authority not to mention dropping the ball on 9/11/01. This republican party needs replacing for obvious reasons.

This is just one more reason why this republican party needs to go. Lies about Social Security to the public repeatedly:

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