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Clinic attorneys seek investigation of Kline

A Kline spokeswoman called the request to the Kansas Supreme Court “a political ploy”

November 6, 2006


— Two abortion clinics asked the state's highest court Monday to investigate Attorney General Phill Kline and Fox Television's Bill O'Reilly over O'Reilly's statements that he had obtained information from Kansas abortion records.

A Kline spokeswoman called the request to the Kansas Supreme Court "a political ploy."

The request came from Dr. George Tiller and his Wichita clinic and a clinic operated in Overland Park by Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri.

Their attorneys also asked the court to seize the records of 90 patients from the two clinics. Kline, an abortion opponent, obtained edited versions of those Oct. 24 from a district court judge after a two-year legal battle with the clinics.

The court's appointing a special prosecutor would be unprecedented. There is no record of the court ever appointing one before, spokesman Ron Keefover said.

The clinics' attorneys want O'Reilly investigated because they fear his information came from the records turned over to Kline. On Friday night's "The O'Reilly Factor" the host said an inside source gave information that Tiller performed late-term abortions because patients were depressed, which he called "executing babies."


SettingTheRecordStraight 9 years ago

Just below rats, mosquitoes, vultures and parasites are abortion clinic attorneys.

Kontum1972 9 years ago

hmmmm...should of used a rat on a stick for phil k., a number of years ago....the world would be a better place what a waste of flesh...

Nate Poell 9 years ago

I see that photo of Kline and all I can think is, "Arrrr! Olive Oyl! Ack ackackackackackackack!"

rhd99 9 years ago

Maybe if Bible Thumping KLINE would mind his OWN BUSINESS, none of this would happen. KLINE says in his books, abortions are ILLEGAL. Well, Kline, THINK AGAIN! You & your extremist religious right nut jobs need to THINK more & talk less. You want to save lives, KLINE, making abortions illegal WITHOUT considering the dangers to the health of a pregnant mother-to-be is IMMORAL & reprehensible. You Bible thumpers have also something going against you, Stem Cell research. You say you want to protect human life, then why are you all linking Stem Cell Research with cloning. There is NO such evidence, NONE! Your agruments against abortion were valid UNTIL you all had to have your hands in a cookie jar, thereby, cheating people like Michael J. Fox out of promising medical research that could improve his life dramatically. Well, you know something, KLINE is a disease & so is Jim Talent, Jim Ryun, Jim Barnett (a tale of three Jims, who are NOT gems in today's political environement). You all had your chance, & now the payback from tomorrow's vote is going to be rough, isn't it for YOU? I don't have time or the patience to pay Kline's immoral salary, or his ILLEGAL investigations into people's PRIVATE LIVES without proof! Kline, go join a circus, & STOP polluting the wonderful air of KANSAS, LOSER! Take your extremism KLINE & shove it!

Kathy Theis-Getto 9 years ago


"Don't blink. Phill Kline's career in law is over."

He had a career in law? You mean, like practicing in a courtroom, in front of a judge, with a viable license?


white_mountain 9 years ago

Kline's obsession with private matters is disturbing.

fletch 9 years ago

I must have forgotten the part of the Republican "small, unobtrusive government" doctrine where it talked about the government sharing medical records with talk show hosts.

BigAl 9 years ago

right_thinker, I would really like to see you answer Agnostic's question. I think O'Reilly should be investigated and FORCED to answer where he obtained the records he talked about.
Phil Kline and Bill O'Reilly are NOT above the law.

GOPConservative 9 years ago

Using Phill Kline's approach to an investigation, every home should have a video camera in the bedroom linked to the AG's office to make sure than no illegal sexual activity occurs.

In America, no investigator is allowed to look into the personal and private lives of everyone just to cull out one or two that might involve a crime.

That's the way things are done in China, not here. Maybe China is where Kline and Ryun should move after the election tomorrow.

After all, Kline uses Chinese-style totalitarianism in his investigations and the fiscally-liberal Ryun borrowed a trillion dollars from the commies to piss away in waste and fraud to the oil companies, defense contractors, pharmaceutical companies and the prostitution and aboriton industries in the Marianas.

I'm sure the Chinese would welcome these two corrupt, nutcase, anti-American, anti-Privacy, big-government socialists to their country. Go, Phill and Jim. Go to China, where the politics better suits your corrupt and repressive totalitarian natures!

ashultz 9 years ago

If Kline was really truly concerned about rape, incest, and child abuse then he would also be looking at LIVE BIRTHS as well! I haven't seen one indication that he has done so. In addition, he should be inquiring about STD cases, birth control and the like. So, that tends to make me think...yeah - it IS about abortion!

Jamesaust 9 years ago

It was fairly clear to anyone who bothered to read the Kansas Supreme Court's decision about the abortion records affair, especially the contempt portions, that the Judges are just hoping that the citizens of Kansas would dump this clown so that they would not have to hold an elected official in contempt and discipline him (with all of the same partisan finger-pointing and name calling like we saw with the school funding issues). (Apparently, only the more mature legal advice of Bob Stephan managed to shut Kline's mouth before he was held in contempt.)

Given recent polls, it appears that the Judges' faith in Kansans will be honored by removing General Phill so that he may, post-office, be appropriately disciplined. If such a legal consequence can also ensnare the charlatan O'Reilly then we should erect a statue in honor of our wise judicial branch.

SettingTheRecordStraight 9 years ago

O'Reilly probably got his info from an inside source. That is, someone in the abortion industry.

With regard to why Kline hasn't sought birth records, isn't it obvious that the industry most likely to cover up underage rape is the abortion industry, not maternity wards? Don't think so? Just look at the website of "Planned Parenthood Exposed" for audio recording proof of PP's disgusting policies. (Turn your speakers on)

local_support 9 years ago

Not self-important, just a little conceited.

Kathy Theis-Getto 9 years ago


you said" or a post-viable baby illegally butchered"

Just what is a post-viable baby anyway? To me it HAS to mean post partum, I am certain that is what you meant.

Stephen Prue 9 years ago

Tomorrow this election cycle ends but the next one is hot on its heels, does anyone think the never ending cycle of campaigning is a healthy thing for our republic? Maybe when I was young I tuned in out, sounds like a good idea, I doubt either party will ruin the country or save it.

moxxie_mama 9 years ago

There is a big difference between a patient allowing the release of her records to be reviewed (as in, a criminal investigation for her rape) than someone coming and forcing their way into her medical records. BIG HUGE difference.

bankboy119 9 years ago

Actually I think the medical records should be available. It would make my insurance cheaper because I'm healthy. I would also know who I don't want to get too close to because of the diseases they have.

Linda Endicott 9 years ago

Seems RT has had one of those cranio-rectal inversions...

Tychoman 9 years ago

Psh I WISH I was out on a date. I'm too stoked for V.E. Day tomorrow when the GOP gets what for.

Aw RT did you miss me that much?

Baille 9 years ago

If Kline violated the gag order once again, he will be the first AG to be found in criminal contempt of court.

There is something to be proud of.

ANd it is so much better to know that he is not out violating court orders out of some sense of nobility of purpose or to stand up for a principle or deeply held belief. He violated the court orders the first time to make himself look better, and now this time - assuming it to be true - to win reelection. Nothing like a good old-fashioned slimeball to bring the sleaze back into partisan politics.

Tychoman 9 years ago

"Phill Kline's career in law is over."

Especially since he let his practice license expire out of sheer laziness and irresponsibility.

Lifesupport 9 years ago

"Maybe if Bible Thumping KLINE would mind his OWN BUSINESS, none of this would happen. KLINE says in his books, abortions are ILLEGAL. Well, Kline, THINK AGAIN! You & your extremist religious right nut jobs need to THINK more & talk less. You want to save lives, KLINE, making abortions illegal WITHOUT considering the dangers to the health of a pregnant mother-to-be is IMMORAL & reprehensible." --- rhd99

You're saying pro-lifers will be responsible for pregnant women dying or being injured if abortion becomes illegal. In other words, the abortionist who performed the illegal substandard act or the person who coerced the woman into getting an abortion aren't guilty of any wrongdoing. Thus, it is totally the pro-lifers' fault because we don't want babies to be butchered. I have news for you -- Pro-life people don't perform abortions. We do not force people to obtain abortions. We offer shelter and care to women in crisis situations. The only ones who butcher pregnant women during an abortion is someone who is pro-choice.

"You Bible thumpers have also something going against you, Stem Cell research. You say you want to protect human life, then why are you all linking Stem Cell Research with cloning. There is NO such evidence, NONE!" --- rhd99

The same scientific process, somatic cell nuclear transfer, is used in both. The difference is that the developing embryo is implanted into the uterus. That is called reproductive cloning. In embryonic stem cell research, the stem cells are extracted before day 14. This destroys the embryo, and it is not implanted to keep growing. To say it is not cloning is accomplished by changing the definition of cloning to only the reproductive model.

We are not opposed to adult and umbilical cord stem cell research and therapy whatsoever. One of the largest cord blood banks is a Catholic children's hospital in St. Louis.

Embryonic stem cell research has been going on since the 1960s and in animal studies. There is no prohibition against using private dollars for this research. It has not yet produced any promising cures. Tumors have resulted though and the South Koreans were disgraced by some unethical practices.

Because the difference between a blastocyst and an infant or between a blastocyst an adult is only one of degree of development and not of essence, blastocysts must be afforded the legal protection due to any human being. Therefore, it is not permissible to kill them even in the hope of obtaining some good. We cannot do evil in order to bring about good.

Your rant, rhd99, without real analysis of the issue makes you look like the extremist one.

rhd99 9 years ago

No, lifesupport, your arguments are invalid, how can you say for certain that you value Michael J. Fox & his life when you won't support stem cell research to cure his ailment, Parkinson's disease? Phill Kline is the one who is the extremist because his whole issue with partial birth abortions is one thing, but when he & his supporters (you, for one) say you want to protect human life(the fetus) yet you will not support stem cell research & find the cures for deadly diseases like Michael J. Fox's, you are the ones playing this dangerous game with other people's lives, therefore you are the extremists. Sweet dreams!

Lifesupport 9 years ago

holygraileale, You do not know me very well. Anyone who knows me in person knows I support many causes and practice what I preach.

Actually, I am interested in the life of fetus before conception as well as all children post-conception. I have a job working with children and a degree in child development. I belong to organizations that fight for the rights of children and advocate for their needs. I have also raised my own children.

A woman's right to choose is if and when to have sex. I believe that children should have a comprehensive sex education. They should learn anatomy, physiology, types of birth control and their failure rates, abortion and its consequences, sexually transmitted diseases, the dynamics of healthy dating and relationships, fetal and child development, and positive parenting methods. They should also be told that someone who is not ready for the possibility of pregnancy/parenthood is not ready for a sexual relationship. In light of all that, I think the current state of sex education in this country is woefully inadequate.

If you read my posts with an open mind, you would see there is a lot more to them than "hysterical you're a baby killer rhetoric.

Lifesupport 9 years ago

rhd99, I value all human life but do not value one over another. I respect both without discrimination. I support stem cell research that helps those who are suffering but not at the expense of embryos. I support science that is ethically responsible. Adult and umbilical cord stem cells are already treating 65 diseases and saving lives.

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