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Research advocates vow to fight on

July 20, 2006


Shirley Pozdro, of Lawrence, just happened to turn on the television Wednesday to see President Bush announce that he vetoed legislation that would have increased embryonic stem cell research.

While Bush surrounded himself with supporters of his veto, Pozdro was not applauding.

"I respect and understand his position, but for those of us having a hard time - quality of life is for all life," said Pozdro, who at 73 has suffered with Parkinson's disease for the past 16 years.

Supporters of more research vowed to keep fighting, saying the research holds the promise of finding cures for deadly and debilitating diseases.

Lori Hutfles, executive director of the Kansas Center for Lifesaving Cures, said the veto was expected.

"The reality is, this research is going forward," Hutfles said. "When there is a new Congress and a new president, this will be back."

But not if Kansas' senators have anything to say about it. On Tuesday, U.S. Sens. Sam Brownback and Pat Roberts, both Republicans, voted against the measure.

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Sen. Brownback stem cell issue

Sounding the same criticisms as Bush, Brownback said embryonic stem cell research was immoral because it requires the destruction of human embryos to extract the stem cells. He also said it was unnecessary, citing the success of adult stem cells and umbilical cord stem cell research.

"The federal government should not use public funds for unethical embryonic stem cell research in light of the fact that adult and cord blood stem cell research has yielded 72 peer-reviewed treatments for conditions ranging from spinal injuries to leukemia," Brownback said.

Backers of the legislation, however, argued that stem cells from embryos hold more medical potential.

Roberts issued a one-sentence statement, saying, "I do not support expanded federal funding of embryonic stem cell research because of the ongoing ethical concerns expressed by many taxpayers with such research."

Although the legislation to expand federal funding of embryonic stem cell research was approved by hefty margins in the House and Senate, there were not enough votes to gain the two-thirds majorities to override Bush's veto.

A majority of Americans, including abortion opponents, support more embryonic stem cell research. The bill would have allowed federal funding on stem cells derived from frozen embryos, scheduled for destruction, stored at fertility clinics.

Pozdro noted that despite Bush's stance, the research will continue in other countries.

"I'm trying to look on the positive side," she said. "We'd like to have the answers and solutions to this problem as soon as we could. One minute sooner is better."


usaschools 11 years, 9 months ago

parkay, that is the most absurd BS I've seen on these boards in some time. You would have to be a conspiracy theorist of the whackjob extreme type to believe that drivel. It would require the complicity of researchers and students all over the world. Have you been abducted by UFO's and probed lately too?Lemme guess, you know lots about this area of science, but you don't believe in evolution either? Have you ever personally known anyone who does this type of research? I have and I do. They are not interested in "slave clone babies" or "fetal farming."

You are right that there is promise in adult stem cells, but the issue of which form of stem cells will be most productive in terms of research and cures is still way up in the air. One cannot accuately make claims such as you have regarding their relative benefit.

Anyway, I feel SO much safer now that the extra frozen embryos will not be used for research to help others, but will instead be flushed down the toilet, put in a red bag and thrown in the trash, autoclaved, or, in the best case scenario, incinerated; just as God intended it to be.

xenophonschild 11 years, 9 months ago

Another reason Bushie will go down as the worst - all time. What idiots can ever think this twit is a good president? He's worse than Herbert Hoover, worse than Millard Fillmore, worse than James Buchanan, even worse than Warren G. Harding - which really took some doing.

Best thing this idiot can do when he's an ex-president is stay in the shadows and keep his mouth shut.

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