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College Showcase Soccer Camp Diamond Days 07/19/2006
Should the city ban local restaurants from cooking their food with trans fats?

Poll results

Response Percent
No. Consumers should be able to make their own decisions without another government regulation.
Restaurants and fast-food chains that cook with trans fats should be required to post warning signs for the customer’s benefit.
Yes. They increase the risk of heart disease.
Total 1639

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Speed, wet roads, alcohol led to Tonganoxie men’s deaths
Preliminary accident report released this afternoon by Lawrence Police
July 19, 2006
Speed, wet roads and alcohol all were contributing factors in the wreck early Friday that killed two Tonganoxie men, according to a preliminary Lawrence Police report released this afternoon.
6News Now for July 19
July 19, 2006
In tonight’s 6News and tomorrow’s Journal-World, the man accused of killing a Lecompton jeweler was on a crime spree at the time, more about the soaring temperatures, and a new Kansas law complicates driver’s license renewals.
City Band concert canceled due to heat
01:41 p.m., July 19, 2006 Updated 03:38 p.m.
Due to the extreme heat anticipated for today, the Lawrence City Band Concert scheduled for this evening has been canceled. No decision has been made yet whether it will be rescheduled.
Kansas Guard unit deployed to U.S.-Mexico border
11:17 a.m., July 19, 2006 Updated 12:13 p.m.
A Kansas National Guard unit will be deployed to the United States-Mexico border to try to help stem the flow of illegal immigrants crossing into the U.S.
Flashing yellow leads to motorcycle accident on Clinton Parkway
Motorcyclist injured, transported to hospital
11:06 a.m., July 19, 2006 Updated 04:13 p.m.
Local authorities were responding this morning to a motorcycle-vehicle injury accident at Crestline Drive and Clinton Parkway in South Lawrence.
Salvation Army seeking fans
July 19, 2006
With the heat wave continuing, The Salvation Army is seeking donations of fans that can be distributed to the city’s needy.
Temperatures scorch up to 106 degrees - how do you beat the heat?
Heat advisory issued for Douglas County through 7 p.m. Thursday
07:51 a.m., July 19, 2006 Updated 03:09 p.m.
If you think it’s been hot this week, just go outside this afternoon. Thermometers around town were getting a workout as temperature soared well above 100 degrees. The heat index is expected to climb as high as 115, says Jennifer Schack, 6News meteorologist.
World war has already begun
July 19, 2006 in print edition on B11
In chronicling the number of armed warriors who joined David at Hebron, there is this exquisite line: “All these men understood the temper of the times and knew the best course for Israel to take.” (1 Chronicles 12:32, New Living Translation)
Ban on trans fats may not have a place at city’s tables
Leaders: Consumers, not government, should make diet decisions
July 19, 2006 in print edition on A1
Lawrence city commissioners were game for a ban on public smoking. They were willing to consider the tightest cell phone restrictions in the nation. And they have no problem with city controls on garage sale signs.
Newell: ‘Legend’ moniker fits Buck
July 19, 2006 in print edition on C1
You couldn’t help but wonder how they would introduce Buck O’Neil.
Paper ballots will be main option for primary
July 19, 2006 in print edition on B5
Computers will be used. But the foundation for the Aug. 1 primary election will be the old-fashioned paper ballot, Douglas County’s chief election official said Tuesday.
Family supports troops by wearing red
July 19, 2006 in print edition on B1
This Friday, David Ellis will wear red. He’ll wear the color for soldiers and sailors everywhere, hoping it will signal to them how much Americans appreciate their sacrifices.
Wescoe needs to clear the air
Tests reveal poor ventilation in KU building
July 19, 2006 in print edition on A1
Air quality tests at Kansas University’s Wescoe Hall have uncovered a problem the building’s occupants surmised for years: dead air.
Suspected dealers gave up $10,000 in drug taxes during Wakarusa festival
July 19, 2006 in print edition on A1
Kansas revenue agents take in about $1 million a year in cash or property seized from suspected drug dealers, with or without criminal charges being filed.
KU fraternity recognized for grades, philanthropy
Chapter earns Harvard Trophy from national organization
July 19, 2006 in print edition on B1
Trophies decorate the mantel and bookshelves inside Kansas University’s Phi Delta Theta fraternity. And a shiny new one is coming soon.
Summer and winter savory offers intense aroma, flavor
July 19, 2006 in print edition on D1
There are two types of savory: annual summer savory and perennial winter savory. Both have an intense flavor and a resinous aroma similar to thyme. Summer savory is milder and more tender than its winter counterpart.
Walk on the wild side with ‘Jayni’
July 19, 2006 in print edition on D2
Take a walk on the wild side with Mike Hayden, Secretary of Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks. On the menu: Kansas Fried Frog Legs, Mike’s Vietnamese Frog Legs and Pan-Fried Walleye Fillets with Browned Butter, Lemon and Parsley.
Summer heat often means poor yields
July 19, 2006 in print edition on D1
Stating the obvious is sometimes irresistible: It’s hot outside. Broiling hot. At 6 a.m. Monday one of our thermometers was already registering 82 degrees, in a string of days in the high 90s. While the temperature is one thing, the meteorologists like to emphasize the heat index to let us know that our misery is really more intense than we think. If we adopt their ultra-pessimistic view, we can envision ourselves gardening in Death Valley this week.
Taste of the Midwest
July 19, 2006 in print edition on D1
Dan Kaercher’s belly can attest to the power of culinary tourism in the Midwest. He gained 10 pounds touring 12 heartland states last summer, eating 500 foods during 150 meals over 44 days.
Removing smell from freezer may require several steps
July 19, 2006 in print edition on D3
My chest-type freezer was left semi-open for several days in our garage. We disposed of the food, but how do we remove the odor?
Tax evasion may doom Giants star in long run
July 19, 2006 in print edition on C6
The easy money Barry Bonds made by aggressively selling his name, likeness and sports equipment through his Web site and brief autograph sessions in hotel conference rooms could prove to be the embattled slugger’s legal undoing.
Blaming toe, A-Rod sits
Yankees superstar benched one day after committing three errors
July 19, 2006 in print edition on C6
Alex Rodriguez was not in the New York Yankees’ starting lineup Tuesday night because of a sore toe.
Beltran remains grand
July 19, 2006 in print edition on C4
Two games, two grand slams. Carlos Beltran has started a very rare streak.
Konerko, White Sox tame Tigers
July 19, 2006 in print edition on C4
Paul Konerko hit two home runs, and Jon Garland pitched seven strong innings to lead the Chicago White Sox to a 7-1 victory over the Detroit Tigers on Tuesday in a battle of AL Central heavyweights.
Soldiers reclaim town from Taliban
July 19, 2006 in print edition on A6
Hundreds of Afghan and coalition soldiers reclaimed one southern town from the Taliban without incident Tuesday and were planning to recapture another, an Afghan official said.
Drug kingpin’s ex-lover flees to United States
July 19, 2006 in print edition on A6
A former lover of slain drug kingpin Pablo Escobar fled to the United States on Tuesday after revealing information Colombian prosecutors had hoped would help convict a former justice minister in the 1989 assassination of a presidential candidate.
Sudan urged to accept peacekeeping force
July 19, 2006 in print edition on A6
World powers pressed the Sudanese government Tuesday to accept a U.N. peacekeeping force in Darfur province to replace overstretched African Union troops who have struggled to protect civilians from rebels and pro-government militias.
Striking similarities: Royal Liverpool a mirror image of Kansas course
July 19, 2006 in print edition on C8
As is the case with so many of the world’s top golf courses, Kansas University men’s golf coach Ross Randall knows quite well Royal Liverpool, the site of this year’s British Open, which tees off Thursday morning.
Ignorance bliss for blossoming Rose
Chicago prep star just discovering how good he truly is
July 19, 2006 in print edition on C6
Sprawled on a rumpled bed in Room 325 of the Hasbrouck Heights Hilton, bloated right ankle dangling toward the floor and straining against layers of medical tape, Derrick Rose is still unbelievable.
Protesters accost car carrying election winner
July 19, 2006 in print edition on A6
Tensions over Mexico’s disputed presidential results rose Tuesday as protesters screamed obscenities and kicked a vehicle carrying the apparent winner, Felipe Calderon, who was whisked away unharmed by his security detail.
Vice, Virtues Ministry to be re-established
July 19, 2006 in print edition on A6
The Vice and Virtues Ministry is returning to Afghanistan.
Floods, landslides kill more than 100
July 19, 2006 in print edition on A6
More than 100 people are dead or missing in North Korea due to floods and landslides, an aid group operating in the communist nation said today.
Bombay honors victims of train bombings
July 19, 2006 in print edition on A6
India’s financial center came to a halt Tuesday as trains, cars and pedestrians paused during the evening rush hour to remember the moment one week ago when bombs ripped through Bombay’s commuter rail network.
Latest sectarian violence leads to claims of civil war in Iraq
July 19, 2006 in print edition on A6
Retaliatory massacres by gunmen and bombers linked to rival Muslim sects have left more than 130 people dead across Iraq over the last 48 hours, the latest casualties of what some politicians now are calling an undeclared civil war.
Free credit monitoring for vets withdrawn
July 19, 2006 in print edition on A3
The government said Tuesday it would no longer offer free credit monitoring for up to 26.5 million veterans whose sensitive information was stolen since the data had been recovered.
Tropical Storm Beryl forms off coast
July 19, 2006 in print edition on A3
Tropical Storm Beryl, the second named storm of the 2006 Atlantic hurricane season, formed off the North Carolina coast Tuesday and a tropical storm watch was issued for the eastern part of the state.
Atty. Gen.: Bush blocked wiretap probe
July 19, 2006 in print edition on A3
President Bush effectively blocked a Justice Department investigation of the National Security Agency’s warrantless surveillance program, refusing to give security clearances to attorneys who were attempting to conduct the probe, Atty. Gen. Alberto Gonzales said Tuesday.
White House stem cell claims refuted
July 19, 2006 in print edition on A3
When White House political adviser Karl Rove signaled last week that President Bush planned to veto the stem cell bill being considered by the Senate, the reasons he gave went beyond the president’s moral qualms with research on human embryos.
E-mail losing clout in world of instant messaging
July 19, 2006 in print edition on A8
E-mail is so last millennium. Young people see it as a good way to reach an elder - a parent, teacher or a boss - or to receive an attached file. But increasingly, the former darling of high-tech communication is losing favor to instant and text messaging, and to the chatter generated on blogs and social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace.
Israel: Fighting may last weeks
July 19, 2006 in print edition on A7
Israel declared Tuesday it was ready to fight Hezbollah guerrillas for several more weeks, raising doubts about international efforts to broker an immediate cease-fire in the fighting that has killed more than 260 people and displaced 500,000. The military said early today it sent some troops into southern Lebanon in search of tunnels and weapons.
Study: Smartest people often dumbest about sunburns
July 19, 2006 in print edition on A5
Smart people may not be so smart after all when it comes to protecting themselves against skin cancer. A new study has found that people with more education get the most sunburns, which increase the risk of skin cancer.
Dozens injured, two critically, when cruise ship rolls to side
July 19, 2006 in print edition on A5
A steering problem caused a new cruise ship to roll abruptly Tuesday, throwing passengers and crew to the deck and critically injuring an adult and a child, officials said.
Man sentenced for sex crime with 13-year-old
July 19, 2006 in print edition on B1
A 35-year-old Lawrence man has been sentenced to 60 days in jail followed by probation for a sex crime involving an acquaintance’s 13-year-old daughter.
More than 200 opt for advance voting
July 19, 2006 in print edition on B1
More than 200 people have taken advantage of advance voting for the Aug. 1 primary election since it began July 12, according to the Douglas County Clerk’s office.
Report on fatal wreck still in the works
July 19, 2006 in print edition on B1
A police report on the wreck Friday that killed two Tonganoxie men - initially expected to be finished Tuesday - is still in the works, police said.
Patrol seeks fuel deals
July 19, 2006 in print edition on B1
The Journal-World found gas prices as low as $2.82 at Citgo, Ninth and Iowa streets.
Commissioners still disagree on plan for construction
July 19, 2006 in print edition on B3
Douglas and Jefferson counties remain at an impasse over whether to close the Lecompton bridge or keep it open when repairs begin next year.
Lawsuit revises blame in Mizzou case
New allegations surface surrounding sudden death of Missouri linebacker one year ago
July 19, 2006 in print edition on C2
A revised lawsuit filed Tuesday by the parents of a Missouri football player who died during preseason workouts last year targets the unfamiliarity of the team’s trainers and assistant coaches with the symptoms and exercise-induced complications of sickle cell trait.
Oklahoma State dismisses forward
Torre Johnson averaged 10.1 ppg in reserve role in ‘05-06
July 19, 2006 in print edition on C2
Torre Johnson has been dismissed from the Oklahoma State basketball team, coach Sean Sutton said Tuesday.
Radar center outage disrupts flights
July 19, 2006 in print edition on A3
A power outage at a radar facility cut communications and disrupted some air travel in and out of Southern California for more than an hour Tuesday, a Federal Aviation Administration spokesman said.
Crops weather conditions
Heat heightens need for rain
July 19, 2006 in print edition on B6
Area farmers are thankful for last week’s rain on their corn - one of the county’s major crops - before the scorching heat rolled in this week.
Edward Jones reps meet in St. Louis
July 19, 2006 in print edition on B6
Six Edward Jones investment representatives from Lawrence recently traveled to St. Louis for the company’s regional annual meeting.
KU team physician talks rotator cuffs
July 19, 2006 in print edition on B6
Dr. Jeffrey Randall, an orthopedic surgeon with Lawrence Orthopaedic Surgery, attended the recent annual meeting of the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine.
July 19, 2006 in print edition on B6
Shop around for credit cards, read fine print
July 19, 2006 in print edition on B6
More than 6 billion credit-card offers were mailed to Americans last year. That’s a record. With so much competition for your attention, credit card companies are coming up with new come-ons to entice you toward their pieces of plastic.
Fire engulfs dock as tanker unloading
July 19, 2006 in print edition on A3
Fire engulfed a dock area at the Port of Providence on Tuesday night when lightning struck as a tanker was unloading gasoline, sending large plumes of smoke and fireballs into the air.
Daily ticker
July 19, 2006 in print edition on B6
Freight train derailment blocks Highway 130
July 19, 2006 in print edition on B4
A freight train derailment closed part of Kansas 130 on Tuesday afternoon after 30 to 40 cars jumped the tracks on the outskirts of town.
City, county to fund school WRAP program
July 19, 2006 in print edition on B4
The Lawrence school district’s Working to Recognize Alternative Possibilities mental health program will continue in the upcoming school year.
Shawnee seeks district devoted to bioscience
July 19, 2006 in print edition on B4
This Kansas City suburb is seeking to create a bioscience district that would help scientists make marketable commercial products or medical treatments out of research innovations.
KU administrator remembered as a ‘trailblazer’
July 19, 2006 in print edition on B4
Former Kansas University education professor and administrator Jerry Hutchison was a visionary, friends and colleagues said.
Little brother joins Moody on U.S. team
July 19, 2006 in print edition on C1
The Moody family will bring home two gold medals from the Williams Jones Cup tournament in Taipei City, Taiwan.
Bush to speak at NAACP meeting
July 19, 2006 in print edition on A3
For the first time in his presidency, Bush plans to speak to the NAACP.
U.S. to pay citizens’ evacuation charges
July 19, 2006 in print edition on A1
The State Department, bowing to congressional criticism, abandoned on Tuesday its plan to bill U.S. citizens for evacuation from war-torn Lebanon.
Doctor, two nurses accused of killing patients after Katrina
July 19, 2006 in print edition on A5
Three days after Hurricane Katrina, floodwaters turned Memorial Medical Center from a hospital surrounded by live oaks and historic homes to a grim island where a doctor and two nurses are accused of making a momentous decision: Not everyone could be saved.
Development project discussion postponed
July 19, 2006 in print edition on B1
City commissioners have decided to postpone their discussion about a controversial residential and commercial development for the 800 block of Pennsylvania Street until Aug. 8.
Garden City man arrested in shooting
July 19, 2006 in print edition on B7
A Garden City man has been arrested for allegedly shooting and killing his ex-girlfriend.
State collects record delinquent taxes
July 19, 2006 in print edition on B8
The state collected a record $108.8 million in delinquent taxes during its recently ended 2006 fiscal year, the Department of Revenue announced Tuesday.
City commission OKs housing project to fight urban sprawl
July 19, 2006 in print edition on B9
A new housing development touted as a way to fight urban sprawl was approved by city commissioners Tuesday night, despite objections from some neighbors in the area of 26th Street and Haskell Avenue.
Husband, wife vie for same seat in House
July 19, 2006 in print edition on B9
They say it’s a legitimate political difference. Their detractors say it’s a gimmick.
Prosecutors to seek death for 2 K.C. men
July 19, 2006 in print edition on B2
Two white Kansas City men accused of killing a man because he was black could face the death penalty if they are convicted, prosecutors said.
On the record
July 19, 2006
4 charged with murder of Topeka lobbyist
July 19, 2006 in print edition on B12
Four people were charged Tuesday with the murder of a Topeka homeless activist whose body was found July 2 along the Kansas River.
Reservoir recovers year after storm
July 19, 2006 in print edition on B12
A year after a storm ripped through the Cheney State Park, damaging boats, cabins and the marina, signs of the disaster are gone - but the boaters are not back in full force yet.
GOP gubernatorial candidates campaign in Johnson County
July 19, 2006 in print edition on B8
With less than two weeks left before the Republican Party primary, six of the seven men vying to become the GOP candidate for governor chased votes Tuesday in Republican-rich Johnson County.
Marilyn Monroe, in pictures
July 19, 2006 in print edition on A2
As the subtitle implies, “American Masters - Marilyn Monroe: Still Life” (9 p.m., PBS) doesn’t so much profile Monroe but offer a parade of the photographers who created her image. Like most films about Monroe, the cumulative effect of “Still Life” is slightly sad and more than a little creepy.
Law dean begins KU tenure
July 19, 2006 in print edition on B11
This week many of the women lawyers in Kansas will gather in Lindsborg as they do each year. I cannot report firsthand what goes on there because, for obvious reasons, I don’t attend. On the other hand, women friends who do attend have told me that it is an opportunity for the attendees to network and chat with each other as well as attend various educational and professional programs. But this year is a special year because, for the first time, a Kansas law school dean will attend, not as a special guest, but as a one of the woman lawyers.
Theater offering
July 19, 2006 in print edition on B10
To the editor: Monday’s review of “And Then There Were None,” produced by Kansas Mystery Theatre at Kansas University was a long time coming - especially considering the short run of the summer theater shows.
New technology
July 19, 2006 in print edition on B10
To the editor: Lawrence Memorial Hospital has made a good decision to install a 64-slice CT scanner.
Policy of violence
July 19, 2006 in print edition on B10
To the editor: I have just been looking at dreadful, heart-wrenching photos from Palestine.
Landis likes his position
American regains yellow jersey with strong opening assault on Alps
July 19, 2006 in print edition on C8
Floyd Landis is wearing the race leader’s yellow jersey again at the Tour de France, regaining it Tuesday in the punishing Alps where a former teammate-turned-rival made quite a name for himself.
Overland Park City Council bans pit bulls
July 19, 2006 in print edition on B8
Pit bulls are no longer welcome in Overland Park.
People in the news
July 19, 2006 in print edition on A2
¢ Anderson, Kid Rock to wed ¢ Enquirer issues apology ¢ Sordid details emerge
Will & Grace’ stars aim to beat ‘curse’
July 19, 2006 in print edition on A2
It became known as “the ‘Seinfeld’ curse” when Jason Alexander, Michael Richards and Julia Louis-Dreyfus - stars of the hugely successful NBC series - moved on to new sitcoms that failed.
War on people
July 19, 2006 in print edition on B10
To the editor: Three recent articles in your paper really grabbed my attention.
Bridge lifeline
July 19, 2006 in print edition on B10
To the editor: Today, Perry had a tragic fire at one of their businesses.
Old home town - 100 years ago today
July 19, 2006 in print edition on B10
From the Lawrence Daily World for July 19, 1906: “Dr. A.A. Russ died this morning at the family home after a paralytic stroke had disabled him some time ago. He was born in Vermont in 1836 and came to Kansas in 1876, locating in Lawrence in 1881 when he opened a dental office 25 years ago. He had treated many here. : S.R. Nelson is not pleased with the publicity he has got as a result of Mrs. Barley horsewhipping him day before yesterday. He came to the World and wanted every word about the event withdrawn and a promise of no more attention. The whipping followed a neighborhood row. : Some think the recent earthquake in New Mexico was worse than the one in San Francisco, except that there were not as many buildings and people to damage and hurt.”
Old home town - 40 years ago today
July 19, 2006 in print edition on B10
The local temperature hit 102 degrees as the heat wave returned and several residents, for effect, actually fried eggs on the downtown pavement about 2:30 p.m. There was little hope for badly needed rain in the parched locale, going through one of its most trying drought periods.
U.S. problems suit Putin ambitions
July 19, 2006 in print edition on B10
Inside the mind of Vladimir Putin: OK, so the G-8 summit, which I hosted in my hometown of St. Petersburg, wasn’t all that successful for Russia. Happily, it was much worse for the United States. George W. Bush came here looking for new allies in his various wars, and found none. Meanwhile, I scoop up allies for the great struggle ahead.
Ounce of prevention
It seems Lawrence is playing an expensive game of catch-up on maintaining its streets, sewers and water lines.
July 19, 2006 in print edition on B10
For the second time in about six months, a traffic-stopping hole has appeared in a major city street as the result of collapsing sewer lines. Where will it happen next?
Practice makes perfect for undefeated Detonators
July 19, 2006
The Lawrence Detonators, like many baseball teams, started preparing for their upcoming season early. But the Detonators meaning of early may have been a little different from that of a lot of teams. Early for coach Steve Walter’s team meant as soon as 2005 gave way to 2006.
Senators stay positive, stick together
July 19, 2006
On a beautiful evening in late June, a baseball game was played at Holcom Red. The Senators faced the Athletics in Heinrich League competition. The temperature had dropped into the low 80s, there was no wind, and the sky was dotted with clouds.
Injuries, not effort shorten Rebels’ season
July 19, 2006
When the 2006 14U Triple-A National tournament kicks off, the Kansas Rebels will still be at home, but not because they weren’t worthy of competing in the tournament.
Phenix hits Nationals bearing gifts
July 19, 2006
When the 12 and under Lawrence Phenix-Waite softball team travels to Mustang, Okla., for the American Fastpitch Association “B” Nationals tournament at the end of July they will come bearing gifts.
Home runs highlight Eagles vs. Dragons
July 19, 2006
Midway through the July 11 showdown between the Dragons and Eagles at Youth Sports Inc. the Dragons were staging a comeback.
Sidewinders find win in Lawrence
July 19, 2006
Duane Dickson’s Sidewinder’s team spent last summer playing softball in Topeka. But after the season ended, he decided the capital city wasn’t the best place for his team to compete.
July 19, 2006 in print edition on D5
For Wednesday, July 19
Houk Bulls, Lugnutz play through rivalry
July 19, 2006
There are many rivalries in sports, the Red Sox and the Yankees, Kansas and Missouri in basketball and to a smaller extent, the Bulls and the Lugnutz. And even though neither team can boast the money or the history of those rivalries, these two top Houk League teams always come to play.
Commissioners not sold on cost of distributing wireless Internet
July 19, 2006 in print edition on B1
The idea of providing wireless Internet access to every square inch of Douglas County is appealing to some local leaders.
After all these years, Buck’s back at bat
O’Neil now the oldest known professional baseball player
July 19, 2006 in print edition on C5
John Jordan “Buck” O’Neil never got a free pass in life.
Raiders ready for Huskies
July 19, 2006 in print edition on C3
The Lawrence Raiders are as hot as the temperature heading into their game against Blue Valley at 7:45 tonight in the American Legion zone tournament at Free State High.
Rookies rock Royals
Boston hurlers silence K.C. offense
July 19, 2006 in print edition on C3
Jon Lester gave Boston’s battered rotation another boost.
50s KU great Fiss dies at 75
July 19, 2006 in print edition on C1
Galen Fiss, an All-Big Seven fullback and one of Kansas University’s most well-known football and baseball players, died Monday night. He was 75.
Bracing for a new season
Local players learn from KU’s Francis
July 19, 2006 in print edition on C1
Logan Keasling keeps coming back to the game of soccer. Impressive, when you consider the Free State High junior tore her ACL last August and had to play her entire sophomore season in a knee brace.
Cities consider Wi-Fi network
July 19, 2006 in print edition on B1
If plans go forward, residents of three Johnson County cities could have access to high-speed wireless Internet service at all hours of the day.
Rescuers search for survivors from Indonesian tsunami
July 19, 2006 in print edition on A6
Indonesia pledged to build a nationwide tsunami alert system as soldiers pulled bodies from ravaged beaches, homes and hotels Tuesday. Parents searched tearfully for their children and the death toll neared 500, with nearly 280 people reported missing.
Senate passes stem cell bill despite Bush veto threat
July 19, 2006 in print edition on A3
The Senate voted Tuesday after two days of emotional debate to expand federal funding of embryonic stem cell research, sending the measure to President Bush for a promised veto that would be the first of his presidency.
Heat wave blamed in 6 deaths
July 19, 2006 in print edition on A4
Even in black pants, a black vest and long-sleeved shirt, Amish flower vendor David Stoltzfus had no complaints about working outdoors Tuesday as the stagnant air simmered at close to 100 degrees.
Lawrence datebook
July 19, 2006 in print edition on B2
Health Policy Authority at odds over basic principles
July 19, 2006 in print edition on B5
Members of the state’s new Health Policy Authority were at loggerheads Tuesday over principles as basic as all Kansans having access to health care and the role of employer-based health insurance.