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No really… What IF the South had won?

Lawrence filmmaker’s re-envisioning of the Civil War outcome premieres to wide U.S. audience this weekend in NYC

Lawrence filmmaker Kevin Willmott

Lawrence filmmaker Kevin Willmott

February 15, 2006


After nearly 14 years in the making, Lawrence director Kevin Willmott's "C.S.A. - The Confederate States of America" is set for its official U.S. premiere this weekend in New York City.

Willmott's film - which re-envisions post-Civil War America, from the South's "victory" at Gettysburg all the way to bizarre manifestations of modern-day slavery - was picked up at Sundance two years ago by Spike Lee, who has since shepherded the film to a proper release. Well, as close to proper as Willmott could have expected anyway...

The film has proven to be fairly controversial and unsettling enough to some viewers that walk-outs have not been uncommon at screenings. In this conversation with Journal-World film critic Jon Niccum, Willmott talks about his film, its long-anticipated reception by a wide audience, as well as the Lawrence filmmaker community that made it all possible.

"C.S.A." premieres in Kansas City on Feb. 24 and in Lawrence on Mar. 10.

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