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Breast-feeding bill advances in Senate

February 15, 2006


— The Kansas Senate today advanced legislation that would allow a woman to breastfeed in public.

If approved on a final vote Thursday, the measure will go to the House for consideration. No one in the Senate spoke in opposition to the bill.

"We believe it is healthy for the state to encourage mothers to breast-feed," Sen. Susan Wagle, R-Wichita, said.

Amy Swan of Lawrence was in the Senate gallery. "I thought it was great," she said after the Senate action.

Swan has been one of the main promoters of the legislation after she was confronted at a Lawrence health club and told to stop breast-feeding her daughter in late 2003.


nonimbyks 12 years ago

Of all the problems we have in the state, and we worry about feeding babies in public with a little nipple? Who's offended by showing a little nipple? Never mind the SLT, the DA of Douglas wanting to ban off campus lunch for HS students, guns on Mass St., speed traps, Phred Pelts protesting, and the debate over wind engery in the Flint Hills. Now we can feed our babies the way babies have been fed for thousands of years! And we can do it in public because we now have a legal document?

rhd99 12 years ago

Hey, Senator OConnor, or whoever you are that's against women's rights, Go JUMP in A LAKE, you twit! Besides, if you are elected secretary of state, down with your election! Folks it's time to get rid of old timers like her, & move this state in a BETTER direction! The time is NOW!

Grundoon Luna 12 years ago

I don't know where you get off calling the hoopla made over women breast feeding in public "liberal crap," jannie, but that was the most ridiculous statement I have heard all week. Comments like that really help ease the dramatic polarization between the libs and cons and facilitate open dicourse - NOT.

Grundoon Luna 12 years ago

What planet are you from? Really, jannie? ROFLMAO, You're projecting in in the most extreme way I have ever seen. I guess all those liberals up there arguing before the the supreme court to strike down the sodomy laws (yup, a lot of what heteros do was/is considered sodomy) so you and your whatever could get yo' freak on legally and all of those conservatives trying in vain to maintain them had no idea the were both on the wrong wide of their own argument. That's rich.

Grundoon Luna 12 years ago

Still LMAO . . . I know! They were transported from a parallel universe where the blues are the twisted sexually repressed freaks and the reds are the groovy love monkeys

Philjourney 12 years ago

This is sooo typical of the bias and prejudice from the left. Yes I know the right has issues too. But tomorrow more than 25 of 30 republicans will vote for this bill. I was the one that made the motion to remove the term discretly, too vague, and create the delay of service on a jury. Don't forget it was a blue dot (Douglas Co.) resident that treated a young mother so badly that this legislation was needed:-}

blessed3x 12 years ago

I really don't care if you choose to breastfeed in public, but please be considerate and throw a blanket over yourself. Don't ask everyone else to be understanding and tolerant of your position if you're not willing to do the same for them.

bearded_gnome 12 years ago

you go Journeyman! good job. keep us abreast of how it comes out.

please, somebody explain Jannie, to me...zowie.

I'm a great supporter of women's breasts, however only my spouse's.

q: in what way are women's breasts like toy train sets? a: both designed for kids, but grown men love to play with them!

that'll get this post removed...tick tick tick...---swoosh!

bearded_gnome 12 years ago

my post is still here? new easy goes-it policy with the site staff? amazing.

Grundoon Luna 12 years ago

Don't know if anyone is paying attention to this thread anymore, but her goes anyway . . . Just because the complaint happened here doesn't mean that it was a Dem that took issue. PUH-leeease!!! That's like saying Californians invented earthquakes because the are know to happen there. There are plenty of the extreme right here. Is that not painfully obvious by some of the posts here? And Phil, c'mon now. Do you really believe it was the conservatives that were championing the cause to keep the government out of people's bedrooms? The right would like to claim they are for keeping the government out of people's lives but that has not been the case in recent history. The laws they are passing are seriously intrusive, and I mean SERIOUSLY. Protect freedom my @$$!!!! Jannie's comment was way off base, more so than mine I think, but you've got nothing to say about her/him? (personally I think she's actually Vito in e-drag, the only person that thinks Vito is a great man would be Vito himself). Talk about biased! To borrow from one of the Bobs, pot meet kettle, kettle meet pot . . .

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