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October 2, 2005
For Sunday, Oct. 2, 2005
How they scored
October 2, 2005
Faces and places
October 2, 2005
Lawrence datebook
October 2, 2005
On the record
October 2, 2005
OU capitalizes on KSU mistakes
Sooners lose Peterson; ‘Cats get ‘fannies waxed’
October 2, 2005
Even without Adrian Peterson, Oklahoma was able to run over Kansas State. The Sooners can only hope he’ll be back in time to face Texas.
Pat Knight to succeed his father
Bob Knight under contract at Texas Tech until 2009
October 2, 2005
Bob Knight’s son will become Texas Tech’s basketball coach when the Hall of Fame coach retires.
Pickup artist
In dark nightclubs, author hones flirting skills to write guide book to snaring pretty girls
October 2, 2005
If you want to meet Neil Strauss, you have go to a bar. You just have to. That’s his territory.
October 2, 2005
What are you reading?
October 2, 2005
Best sellers
October 2, 2005
1964 crime suspect still lives
Brother of slain victim returned to community to make documentary
October 2, 2005
Thomas Moore stopped at the gas station just outside of town for a country sausage and egg sandwich. He got much more than he’d bargained for.
Intelligent design: Show all sides of issue
Should public schools allow intelligent design to be considered as an alternative to the theory of evolution?
October 2, 2005
The debate over the teaching of evolution has once again transcended the classroom and is now front and center inside a federal courtroom in Harrisburg, Pa.
Kansas may be loser in Okla. lottery
State’s revenues could drop as much as $15 million
October 2, 2005
Mark Lunn can’t wait for the Oklahoma lottery to get started.