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Eudora basketball has new look
November 25, 2005
The Eudora Cardinals are looking for a winning record this season. To help get new results, Eudora hired a new coach. Coach Kyle Deterding says his players should expect to work hard this season.
Santa to arrive in downtown this evening
November 25, 2005
Santa Claus will make his annual arrival for the holiday season in downtown Lawrence tonight. Santa’s sleigh is cleared for landing at 6 tonight atop the roof of Weavers Department Store. 6News will cover the event live on Sunflower Broadband’s Channel 6.
Lawrence shoppers ringing up sales
Post-Thanksgiving sales lure early birds
November 25, 2005
Facing wintry temperatures, long queues, and zealous crowds, shoppers swarmed area stores today for a spending frenzy that has become a holiday in its own right.
Temperatures climbing into the 40s
November 25, 2005
Early bird Christmas shoppers had to fight more than just crowds this morning — they had to brave a wind chill that dipped into the teens. However, temperatures are headed into the mid 40s by late this afternoon, said Tim Reith, 6News meteorologist.
Ice’ picks Wichita for humor-free setting
November 25, 2005
“It is futile to regret,” says some character or other in “The Ice Harvest,” a woefully miscalculated, distressingly unfunny dark comedy in the “Grifters” mold.
Housewives’ hunk to host Miss America
November 25, 2005
In a bid to add more oomph to the Miss America pageant, organizers announced Wednesday that they’ve booked James Denton, the pheromone-rich Studmeister in Residence on ABC’s “Desperate Housewives,” to host the 85th edition of the cultural festival.
Former ‘Brady,’ model announce plans to marry
November 25, 2005
Christopher Knight, aka Peter Brady of “The Brady Bunch,” and Adrianne Curry are planning a wedding - and reality TV cameras will be there.
Crowe says tantrum played up too much
November 25, 2005
Russell Crowe says he believes the media blew his phone-throwing incident out of proportion.
Country singer collects instruments for Iraq
November 25, 2005
A project sparked by North Carolina-bred singer Charlie Daniels has collected thousands of dollars in donated musical instruments for troops in Iraq.
Elton John, partner plan civil union
November 25, 2005
Elton John says he and his partner, David Furnish, will tie the knot next month under Britain’s new civil union law.
Balloon mishap injures 2 at Macy’s parade
November 25, 2005
A giant balloon in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade snagged a street light and knocked part of it off, injuring a woman in a wheelchair and her 11-year-old sister.
Celebrity birthdays
November 25, 2005
Actress Christina Applegate is 34. Actor Ricardo Montalban is 85. Author, actor and game show host Ben Stein is 61. Actor John Larroquette is 58. Singer Amy Grant is 45. Actress Jill Hennessy is 36.
Four killed in collision with tractor-trailer
November 25, 2005
Four people died Wednesday in an accident on Interstate 55 in Missouri’s Bootheel when a vehicle struck a tractor-trailer nearly head on, the Missouri State Highway Patrol said.
Spartans’ beach bash successful despite record
Michigan State returns to mainland with two losses, but more faith in supporting cast
November 25, 2005
After a grueling road trip, it gets slightly easier now for Michigan State — slightly being the operative word.
Rocker makes appeal for Africa at award ceremony
November 25, 2005
Irish rocker Bob Geldof appealed for fair trade Thursday as he received a peace award in Rome that recognizes his campaigns against poverty.
72 Dolphins supportive of Colts, Shula says
November 25, 2005
Don Shula would like to clarify a story that’s become urban legend in the sports media.
Commentary: Eagles shouldn’t keep Owens from playing
November 25, 2005
In Terrell Owens’ perfect world, his petulance would be explainable. His tirades would be stomached. His insubordination would be rewarded with the kind of freedom that translates into a new, hefty contract somewhere else while the Eagles regressed to the times of Rich Kotite.
Atlanta’s lopsided victory means Vick gets rest
Falcons quarterback tosses two touchdown passes, then watches from sidelines in fourth quarter
November 25, 2005
The Atlanta Falcons dominated the Detroit Lions so thoroughly, Michael Vick was able to kick back and relax.
Dayne’s dash lifts Denver
November 25, 2005
Regardless of whether Ron Dayne ever outruns his reputation as an underachiever, he’ll always be able to look back fondly at Thanksgiving 2005.
Tittrington: This city beats anything Missouri has to offer
November 25, 2005
Finding something to be thankful for this holiday season has been a rather easy process for me. When you and your wife are expecting twin baby boys who may arrive at any moment, it’s kind of a no-brainer.
Hartsock: Lawrence every bit a sports mecca
November 25, 2005
The assignment seemed simple enough: Write a column about why a local sports fan should feel thankful in this season of such thankfulness. Piece o’ pie, right? Not so fast. My mind raced; my fingers faltered.
Garnett sticking with Timberwolves
November 25, 2005
Kevin Garnett’s boss says Minnesota has no plans to move its best player.
Artest powers Pacers past Cavs
Cleveland misses chance to earn 10th victory
November 25, 2005
Ron Artest shut down LeBron James and the streaking Cavaliers.
Delgado deal completed
Marlins slugger headed to Mets
November 25, 2005
Carlos Delgado was traded to the New York Mets by the cost-cutting Florida Marlins on Thursday for first baseman Mike Jacobs and two minor leaguers.
You gotta have faith
First group of seniors that bought into Mangino’s program prepare to say goodbye
November 25, 2005
Given four years to evaluate Mark Mangino’s first recruiting class now, it’s quite admirable what Kansas University’s football coach was able to put together in half the time with a bad, bad program to pitch.
Wood: Big play will decide if KU goes bowling
November 25, 2005
By now, the most up-to-date bowl projections actually come with a free prediction of Saturday’s Kansas University-Iowa State football game.
LHS faces uncertain future
November 25, 2005
Now that Lawrence High’s football uniforms are in storage until next August, one question will linger. Will the Lions slip into a rebuilding mode next season, or will they simply reload?
Missouri students take on ‘CSI’ case by case
November 25, 2005
Thirty children in seventh and eighth grades moved about the locker room and the halls of Bernard Middle School in the Mehlville school district. They were intent on solving a crime.
Chiefs coach flips switch on Plaza
Lights signal christmas season
November 25, 2005
Chiefs coach Dick Vermeil and his wife, Carol, flipped the switch Thursday night for the annual Thanksgiving lighting ceremony at Kansas City’s Country Club Plaza, kicking off the Christmas season for the 76th year.
On the record
November 25, 2005
Lawrence Datebook
November 25, 2005
U.S. soldiers targeted on holiday
November 25, 2005
A suicide bomber blew up his car outside a hospital south of Baghdad on Thursday while U.S. troops handed out candy and food to children, killing 30 people and wounding about 40, including four Americans.
Sebelius visits troops
November 25, 2005
Gov. Kathleen Sebelius spent Thanksgiving in Kuwait with troops from Kansas, first helping to serve them dinner and then sitting down with them to eat.
Family thankful for international friends
November 25, 2005
Liz Hughes, of London, rubbed her stomach Thursday afternoon after another Thanksgiving meal at the Lawrence home of her close friends, John and Virginia Conard.
Cindy Sheehan returns to Crawford for war protest
November 25, 2005
The fallen soldier’s mother whose August vigil near President Bush’s ranch reinvigorated the anti-war movement returned to Texas to resume her protest Thursday as the president celebrated Thanksgiving a few miles away.
Drivers blamed for train crash
November 25, 2005
After determining that safety gates and lights at an Elmwood Park railroad crossing appeared to be working properly, federal investigators on Thursday suggested that a crash between a Metra train and several cars was caused by motorists who ignored warning signs and stopped on the tracks.
IRS to turn cases over to collection agencies
November 25, 2005
Make no mistake about it: The Internal Revenue Service wants Americans to pay their delinquent tax bills. The trouble is, it doesn’t seem to have the staff to collect from those taxpayers who have been remiss.
Former FEMA head starts consulting firm
November 25, 2005
Michael Brown, former director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, who was criticized for his agency’s slow response to Hurricane Katrina, is starting a disaster preparedness consulting firm to help clients avoid the sort of errors that cost him his job.
Tropical Storm Delta poses no threat to U.S.
November 25, 2005
Tropical Storm Delta neared hurricane strength Thursday in the central Atlantic, continuing a record-breaking hurricane season.
Traditional holiday meal helps unite community
November 25, 2005
William Renfro considered his family at least 60 people strong Thursday for Thanksgiving dinner.
Gloomy days can spark seasonal disorder
Light therapy, lifestyle changes can help alleviate depression
November 25, 2005
Winter’s here, which means it’s dark by 5 p.m. For most people, that’s not a big deal. But for about 10 percent of the population it can trigger something called Seasonal Affective Disorder.
Security, privacy needs focus of public forum
November 25, 2005
A public forum to discuss national and local security needs, individual privacy rights and the guarantee to freedom on information is scheduled for 6 p.m. Wednesday in the Lawrence Public Library auditorium.
Holiday Homes Tour benefits health clinic
November 25, 2005
Tickets are on sale for the Holiday Homes Tour, which benefits Health Care Access Clinic.
Nation’s supply of cranberries could be gone by Christmas
November 25, 2005
Fresh cranberries were easy to find to complement a Thanksgiving Day feast, but they may not be as plentiful for the Christmas holiday, growers say.
Tis the season to stretch your dollar, avoid financial headaches
November 25, 2005
The holidays are upon us and that means spending. The National Retail Federation estimates that the average consumer plans to spend $738.11 this season, up 5.1 percent from last year. Visa USA research estimates $931.
Austen’s power
New ‘Pride & Prejudice’ film adaptation true to well-loved story
November 25, 2005
Generally cited by Austen adherents (Janeites to you) as the favorite among her six novels, “Pride & Prejudice” is likewise filmland’s preferred Austen property.
Holiday shoppers increasingly buying gifts for selves
Retail survey finds more consumers aim to take advantage of bargains
November 25, 2005
When shoppers lined up outside stores this morning - the traditional start of the holiday shopping season - it’s a good bet they weren’t all there in the spirit of giving. For many, it’s a day for getting a once-a-year deal on a television set, digital camera or other item on their personal wish list.
New Ears Resolutions
Local comedy troupe breaks with tradition to pursue national audience
November 25, 2005
“I happen to think that the age we find ourselves now is pretty epic in terms of comic material,” says Right Between the Ears cast member Roberta Solomon.
Tribal reparations discussed at First Nations summit
November 25, 2005
Indian chiefs and Inuit leaders came to this former frontier town Thursday to hash out with Canadian officials a multibillion-dollar plan to fight poverty and disease on native reserves and settle damage claims for mistreatment.
Early-bird specials draw shoppers out on holiday
November 25, 2005
Forget the bird - shopping was on the minds of many Thursday as people sought an early start to the frenetic season of gift buying. Most said they liked the idea of stores being open on Thanksgiving so they could avoid today’s onslaught of the retail masses.
Disease spreads in China, Indonesia
November 25, 2005
China on Thursday announced the spread of bird flu to a far western region, while Indonesia reported its first outbreak of the virus in the tsunami-ravaged Aceh province where hundreds of chickens have died from the disease.
Anti-Kansas sign upsets traveler
November 25, 2005
A trip to a Subway sandwich store in Oregon left one Kansas resident with a case of indigestion.
Home to Daniel Boone’s family sells for $120K
November 25, 2005
The state has sold a home where generations of Daniel Boone’s descendants once lived.
EU says Iran has warhead instructions
November 25, 2005
The European Union accused Iran on Thursday of having documents that show how to make nuclear warheads and joined the United States in warning Tehran it faced referral to the U.N. Security Council for possible sanctions.
Pinochet indicted on new rights charges
November 25, 2005
Former Chilean dictator Gen. Augusto Pinochet was indicted on human rights charges Thursday and placed under house arrest, hours after he made bail on unrelated corruption charges filed only a day earlier.
Volcano eruption sends ash aloft
November 25, 2005
A volcano erupted Thursday in southwestern Colombia, spewing smoke and ash, and raising fears for the safety of nearby villagers, officials said.
Handling of toxic spill in river defended
November 25, 2005
China’s government defended its handling of a chemical plant explosion that sent a 50-mile-long toxic slick of river water coursing through a major city Thursday.
Romanian base under scrutiny amid allegations of secret CIA terror prisons
November 25, 2005
In a weedy field on this wind-swept military base, Romanians in greasy combat fatigues tinker with unmanned drone aircraft near a ragged lineup of rusting MiG-29 fighter jets.
Jordan launches own war on terror
November 25, 2005
Jordan’s King Abdullah II appointed a new prime minister Thursday and urged him to launch an all-out war against Islamic militancy in the wake of the deadly triple hotel bombings earlier this month.
Cage falls short of Capra classic
November 25, 2005
I know some of you are getting nervous. Breaking into a sweat, even. It’s already the day after Thanksgiving, and NBC hasn’t broadcast “It’s A Wonderful Life” yet. What gives? NBC has decided to wait until Dec. 10 to air the 1946 Frank Capra holiday favorite.
Best Bets
November 25, 2005
Kids will like ‘Yours, Mine & Ours’ - but adults will be bored
November 25, 2005
If ever there was a compelling argument for birth control, “Yours, Mine & Ours” is it. The Paramount, MGM and Columbia Pictures remake of the 1968 Lucille Ball-Henry Fonda comedy about a widower with eight kids who marries a widow with 10 of her own telegraphs its slapstick gags from a mile away - though they become so repetitive, you can predict them even before that.
Hackers targeting ‘cross-platform’ apps
November 25, 2005
As people heed warnings to install the latest security updates for Microsoft Corp.’s Windows operating systems and Internet Explorer browsers, researchers say hackers have been shifting their focus to applications that are harder to protect.
Web sites offer toy-buying advice
November 25, 2005
Buying the right gift for a child at holiday time can prove a mind-boggling experience. But a spin on the information highway might help sort out the difference between naughty and nice toys.
Internet use swells during hurricanes
November 25, 2005
More than half of U.S. Internet users went online for news and information about Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, the vast majority having visited the Web sites of traditional news organizations such as CNN and MSNBC, a study finds.
Chicken Little shares strategy
November 25, 2005
The Chairman: The witness will be seated and sworn. State your name for the record, sir. Mr. Little: Chicken W. Little. The Chairman: Frankly, sir, I am amazed that you are, indeed, a fully-grown male chicken. Mr. Little: A rooster, Mr. Chairman.
Old home town - 100 years ago today
November 25, 2005
From the Lawrence Daily World for Nov. 25. 1905: “Dr. Simeon Bell of Rosedale who has generously given property in that city on which to erect six hospital buildings as additions to the medical department of the state university has added $20,000 to his gift total.
Old home town - 40 years ago today
November 25, 2005
Ellis B. Stouffer, widely acclaimed dean of the Kansas University graduate school from 1922 to 1946, died at the age of 74. Stouffer Place apartments bear his name.
Poor service
November 25, 2005
To the editor: Those of us who live in southwest Lawrence have long been the stepchildren of the postal (dis)service.
Teach controversy
November 25, 2005
To the editor: The ayatollahs of Kansas have spoken again. This time to the heathen university in Lawrence. Their message: Stop this pernicious teaching of things we don’t like or suffer the consequences.
Lasting effects
November 25, 2005
To the editor: With Veterans Day less than two weeks behind us, I hope I’m not the only one to feel sheer outrage at Cal Thomas’ statement (Journal-World, Nov. 22) that the Vietnam War had “no lasting negative effects on the United States other than 58,000 dead Americans.”
Definition dead-on
November 25, 2005
To the editor: As has already been explicated ad nauseum, intelligent design does not meet any standardized scientific definition of a theory.
Bush blends religion with democracy
November 25, 2005
President Bush made a quick transition from completing a revealing trip across Asia to welcoming the holiday season to the White House this week. Both actions help illuminate the enhanced role that religion plays in the nation’s politics and policy under Bush.
Sticky standoff
Even if it’s on firm academic ground, Kansas University might want to carefully consider actions that put it at odds with conservative politicians in the state.
November 25, 2005
Teaching a class about intelligent design and other “religion mythologies” may be true to the principle of academic freedom, but placing itself in a philosophical standoff with religious conservatives in state government might not be the best strategy for Kansas University right now.
November 25, 2005
Huskers assume unfamiliar role as spoilers
November 25, 2005
They call it Big Red Week in Colorado. The Nebraska jokes are flying and all the vitriol and hype that goes along with the biggest game on CU’s schedule is in full force.
3 players close for Heisman
November 25, 2005
Don’t close the Heisman polls, yet. Texas coach Mack Brown wants to make one more pitch for his 6-5, 235-pound junior quarterback Vince Young.
Mountaineers run downhill
West Virginia piles up 451 rushing yards against Pitt
November 25, 2005
Pat White ran for 220 yards on 23 carries to break the West Virginia rushing record for a quarterback Thursday night, leading the No. 12 Mountaineers to a 45-13 victory over Pittsburgh.
Without Owens, Eagles record in focus
Team’s disappointing season will be in spotlight now
November 25, 2005
Maybe Terrell Owens wasn’t such a bad teammate after all. If Owens weren’t getting so much criticism for the turmoil he caused with his off-the-field antics, the focus in Philadelphia no doubt would be on how poorly the Eagles have played this season.
Keegan: Gymnasts deliver benchmark title
November 25, 2005
Three numbers, all in a row and interrupted by a decimal, represent perfection in gymnastics. So it seemed right that what was, according to Lawrence High’s records, state title No. 100 for the school should come in that sport.
Fans see benefits to clear shot clocks
League’s new see-through devices enable spectators to view all the action
November 25, 2005
Derrick Talton clearly could tell that Utah Jazz forward Mehmet Okur sank his foul shot during a recent NBA game at the new Charlotte Bobcats Arena.
Turkey, relaxation highlight KU’s final day in Maui
November 25, 2005
After devouring a traditional Thanksgiving meal with all the fixings late Thursday morning, Kansas University’s basketball players were set free to roam Maui with instructions to forget about hoops for a while.
Flu fears bring to mind deadly horror of 1918
Virus that killed millions reportedly began in Kansas
November 25, 2005
They called it the Spanish flu, and in October 1918 one of the most dangerous viruses in world history established a foothold in Lawrence. The city practically shut down.
Ancient air bubbles shed light on greenhouse gases
November 25, 2005
There is more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere today than at any point during the last 650,000 years, says a major new study that let scientists peer back in time at “greenhouse gases” that can help fuel global warming.
Community answers doctor’s call for Kenya
Surgeon works with others to deliver 89 boxes of books to children’s home
November 25, 2005
Lawrence surgeon Steve Segebrecht wanted to do more for a Kenyan orphanage and school after his medical mission there during two weeks in July when he saw 297 patients.
Stores launching seasonal ad campaigns later
November 25, 2005
Retailers keep trying to inspire Americans to start their holiday shopping early. With 102 Christmas seasons under its belt, J.C. Penney Co. is among retailers that have decided it’s not very effective to blitz consumers with holiday ads too early.
Leaseback can benefit parents, offspring
November 25, 2005
My parents are near the end of their working careers, and we are exploring the possibility of my purchasing their home and then leasing it back to them until they are ready to move to a retirement home in a few years.
Probe continues in death of jeweler
Investigators remain tight-lipped
November 25, 2005
Douglas County Sheriff’s deputies continue to investigate the unsolved killing of a 77-year-old man found dead nearly seven months ago in his home near Lecompton.
Kream Keegan: Will Starr and KU become a couple?
November 25, 2005
Twenty years ago, Tom Starr was the director of the Anaheim-based Freedom Bowl, then in its second year in the suffocating shadow of the Rose Bowl. I was working at the Orange County Register in Southern California, interviewing Starr as we waited in line at a fast-food joint.
Commentary: White Sox not afraid to take chances
Sure, trade for Thome is a gamble, but it could pay off big, like other risks did in 2005
November 25, 2005
I don’t know about you, but I admire guts. And guts is what it took for the White Sox to part ways Wednesday with one of their most valuable players, Aaron Rowand, 28 days after the World Series.
Executions in U.S. on track to reach 1,000
997 have been put to death since penalty reinstated in 1976
November 25, 2005
“Let’s do it.” With those last words, convicted killer Gary Gilmore ushered in the modern era of capital punishment in the United States, an age of busy death chambers that will likely see its 1,000th execution in the coming days.
Weatherization kits for homes available
November 25, 2005
An area organization will offer kits to help Kansans keep their homes warm and save energy during the winter.
Pump patrol
November 25, 2005
The Journal-World found gas prices as low as $1.91 at Citgo, Ninth and Iowa streets. If you find a lower price, call Pump Patrol at 832-7154.
New kidney renews hope
Mortician learns life lessons with second transplant
November 25, 2005
Thanksgiving came early this year for Doug and Chris Sillin of Sterling. They remember the day as Nov. 2, when they got a telephone call while Doug was undergoing dialysis at Hutchinson Hospital.
A triumph for ‘good films’
November 25, 2005
In a Nov. 13 New York Times Magazine story about the movie “Left Behind: World at War,” Peter Lalonde, co-CEO of Cloud Ten Pictures, which produced the film, had this to say about the forthcoming film “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” (TLTWTW): “Great film, but there’s nothing Christian about it.”
Old home town - 25 years ago today
November 25, 2005
The Lawrence school board decided to leave the fate of Grant School in limbo for at least another year.
This Weekend’s Highlights
November 25, 2005
Arts & Entertainment Calendar
November 25, 2005