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KU vs. Idaho State Haskell vs. Park University 11-17-05
Should the state raise the sales tax by one-tenth of a percent to help pay for a $580 million backlog of building maintenance at Kansas University and other state universities?

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Response Percent
Yes. Increasing the sales tax slightly is a good way to pay for much-needed ongoing maintenance on the state’s university campuses.
No. The Legislature should take care of the building maintenance problems with existing revenue without raising taxes.
No. A sales tax is a regressive tax that hits those with low incomes the hardest. The Legislature should first look at increasing income or corporate taxes.
Total 421

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November 18, 2005
November 18, 2005
Best Bets
November 18, 2005
This Weekend’s Highlights
November 18, 2005
On the record
November 18, 2005
GPS technology creeping into workplace
Increasing use of systems drives rise in employee concerns
November 18, 2005
While they’re out chasing the news, employees at a New York television station are wondering if anybody is tailing them.
Gators upend No. 19 Deacons
November 18, 2005
It was Taurean Green’s turn to lead the Florida Gators.
Red Raiders seeing Orange
Balanced scoring, stingy defense propel Syracuse to tourney finals
November 18, 2005
You would think Jim Boeheim would want to sit around and enjoy talking about his team winning by 35 points.
Tale of the tape
November 18, 2005
Bad to worse
Little did many of us realize 25 short years ago what kind of numerical and technical tsunami was beginning to engulf us.
November 18, 2005
Sometimes when things seem bad, we like to think that better fortune might lie ahead. However, some bad things can always get worse, as anyone who has been around very long can attest.
Lawrence Datebook
November 18, 2005