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On the street
What's the best horror film to come out this year?

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Response Percent
The Grudge
Shaun of the Dead
Dawn of the Dead
Van Helsing
Secret Window
Resident Evil: Apocalypse
Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid
Ginger Snaps Back
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Pet post
October 24, 2004
How they scored
October 24, 2004
October 24, 2004
Birds rarely get chance to enjoy retired teacher’s unique houses
Handmade wooden roosts often end up being preserved indoors
October 24, 2004
Birds never had it so good, if, in fact, they had it this good.
Barbara A. Skeels
October 24, 2004
Ramirez thrills at bat, chills in field
Left fielder collects three hits, but commits back-to-back errors
October 24, 2004
He slips. He trips. He lets it rip. That’s Manny Ramirez.
No. 22 Cowboys rally past Tigers
OSU wins, 20-17; No. 8 Longhorns, No. 17 Aggies also prevail
October 24, 2004
The final 50 seconds of the first half turned the game around for No. 22 Oklahoma State.
Election race
October 24, 2004
October 24, 2004
Seminoles survive
Florida State escapes Wake Forest, 20-17
October 24, 2004
Wyatt Sexton grew up a Florida State fan, a proud supporter of the team his father once quarterbacked.
October 24, 2004
Mora’s tenacity driving Atlanta
Falcons boss, an old friend of K.C.’s Vermeil, has directed Vick and Co. to 5-1 start
October 24, 2004
If Jim Mora is upset about being kicked out of his bedroom to let Dick Vermeil get a good night’s sleep, then maybe this is a revenge game.
Check writers beware: Banks to cut float time
Industry to bring checking system into 21st century
October 24, 2004
High-tech changes in the banking industry will soon be affecting the most mundane of financial products, the checking account.
What are you reading?
October 24, 2004
On the record
October 24, 2004
KU law professor supports Martin
Criminal procedure expert says judge acted appropriately in extradition case
October 24, 2004
The rhetoric battle between a Douglas County judge’s supporters and detractors has stepped up another notch.
Warren D. Hodges
October 24, 2004
Faces and places
October 24, 2004
Border patrol
October 24, 2004
Rulings criticized
October 24, 2004
Duty to the law
October 24, 2004
Poet’s showcase
October 24, 2004