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On the street
How will the city's ban on fireworks affect your Fourth of July celebration?

Poll results

Response Percent
I’m shooting them and I’ll take my chances with the law.
It will be more enjoyable. Fireworks are dangerous and cause injuries and property damage.
It won’t matter to me because I’ll go out in the county to shoot fireworks.
I won’t enjoy it, but I can live with it if it makes the holiday more safe.
Total 506

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June 6, 2003
Series gaining speed
Twilight races popular among cyclists
June 6, 2003
Lawrence’s Mike Vickers feels the need for speed.
On the record
June 6, 2003
Devils win ‘unbelievable’ game
New Jersey routs Anaheim, 6-3, in rare offensive outburst for 3-2 series lead
June 6, 2003
So much for defense, so much for shutouts. The New Jersey Devils used crazy bounces and lucky breaks to turn around a tight series and get within a victory of the Stanley Cup.
Political rights?
June 6, 2003
No crying in baseball, just cheating
June 6, 2003
There’s no crying in baseball. Or so we’ve been told.
Daily ticker
June 6, 2003
Owners find money side of Funny Cide
Mania surrounding favorite reaching epic status
June 6, 2003
East Cide, West Cide, and on the World Wide Web, a fairy tale named Funny Cide is unfolding in thoroughbred racing.
Lawrence Datebook
June 6, 2003
June 6, 2003
Preschool issue
June 6, 2003
Just say ‘no’
June 6, 2003