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Meltdown on 18
Brooks, Goosen to finish U.S. Open in playoff today
June 18, 2001
Twelve feet, two putts. That’s all that stood between Retief Goosen and his first U.S. Open title, as easy as a quarterback taking a knee.
June 18, 2001
School plan?
June 18, 2001
Rudd ends 88-race drought
NASCAR driver wins for first time since 1998
June 18, 2001
Ricky Rudd figured because he was winning the race, something bad was bound to happen.
Brown starts relaxing
Saturday night movie with family just what doctor ordered
June 18, 2001
Sixers coach Larry Brown thought he would be in Los Angeles preparing for Game Six of the NBA Finals.
Libretto works as compromise
Toshiba’s latest laptop fits the bill for travelers, casual users
June 18, 2001
The perfect balance between convenience and size is probably impossible to strike in a laptop computer.
NL Central seals sweeps
Pirates, Cubs, Cardinals dominate over weekend
June 18, 2001
The Cleveland Indians chose a bad time to pick on the National League’s worst team.
Like a ‘Virgin’ controversy
Artist’s cyber-rendition of religious icon stirs passions
June 18, 2001
Alma Lopez still doesn’t get it.
Mickelson fails again in bid for major
Final-round frustrations continue as PGA veteran fades from contention
June 18, 2001
The M word is taboo in the Mickelson home.
June 18, 2001
Kansas University: English department awards professorships The first four Esther Conger Gabel and M. Wren Gabel English professors have been named by Kansas University. The Gabels, KU graduates in the early 1930s, donated money to create the three-year, rotating professor positions. They live in Rochester, N.Y. The four professors are: Giselle Anatol, an assistant professor who specializes in African-American and Caribbean literature. David Bergeron, a professor who specializes in English Renaissance subjects such as Shakespeare and King James. Amy Devitt, a professor who specializes in composition and rhetoric. Paul Stephen Lim, a playwright who has developed the English Alternative Theatre, the only play-producing organization in a U.S. university English department. ___________________ Health initiatives: Local organizations win recognition grants Five Douglas County organizations have been awarded recognition grants from the Kansas Health Foundation. The grants, given twice a year, are designed to promote activities that improve children’s health. This spring, the foundation chose these organizations: Douglas County Dental Clinic $12,000 to support an effort to make dental care available to those in need in Douglas County. Headquarters Inc. $13,640 to support a 24-hour suicide prevention hot line for Kansans in need. Kansas Advocates for Better Care $25,000 to provide information about nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Kansas University $25,000 to provide training for educators and parents to promote healthy lifestyle choices for children. USD 497/Lawrence High School $1,000 to support drug- and alcohol-free activities. ___________________ Gasoline prices: Pump patrol at work The Journal-World has found a Lawrence-area gasoline price as low as $1.399 a gallon at the Conoco stations at 23rd and Harper streets and 23rd Street and Haskell Avenue, and the Miller Mart at 19th Street and Haskell Avenue. If you find a lower price, please call us at 832-7154. Be prepared to leave the name of the business, the address and the price. Or go to to join our Pump Patrol message board with your gas price information.
Recycling advocate
June 18, 2001
Justice or vengeance?
June 18, 2001
Friends and neighbors
June 18, 2001
On the record
June 18, 2001
Castroneves wins Grand Prix
Driver scales fence as ‘Spiderman’ in celebration of victory
June 18, 2001
Helio Castroneves is winning so much he’s beginning to perfect his fence-climbing technique.