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Fans drawing attention to home of poet, journalist
Group seeks to preserve St. Louis site
September 4, 2000
Once upon a time, more than a century ago, a boy born in St. Louis by the name of Eugene Field grew up, almost in fairy-tale fashion himself, to become the cat’s meow across the land as a journalist and children’s poet.
Hallmark flowers to fill old factory
September 4, 2000
Hallmark Corp. has signed a lease to move into the building once occupied by bicycle maker Huffy in Southaven, according to local economic development officials.
Area vehicle accident injures two
September 4, 2000
By Tom Meagher A Sunday afternoon accident at Midland Junction sent two people to Lawrence Memorial Hospital. Merridee Elston, Oskaloosa, was driving west in a red Blazer 4X4 about 3 p.m. on U.S. Highway 24. Amarnath Suggo, Caldwell, N.J., a driver in a northbound white 2000 Chevrolet Malibu, was turning west onto U.S. 24 from County Road 1045 when he drove in front of Elston’s vehicle, Douglas County Sheriff’s Cpl. Clark Rials said.
Blair moving to Tigers’ pen
September 4, 2000
The Detroit Tigers list Willie Blair as their probable starter Thursday night against Anaheim.
Baseball briefs
September 4, 2000
Knoblauch takes practice throws Cubs add Mairena
Officials promise to avoid ‘another Waco’ in Texas standoff
September 4, 2000
With holsters strapped to their hips, three bearded men wearing camouflage hats and torn jeans sit in folding chairs at the end of a dirt driveway.
Ticket sales slow for this weekend’s state fair
September 4, 2000
Entertainment at this year’s Kansas State Fair starts with a bit of nostalgia and ends with the newest generation of singers and songwriters. The fair opens Friday, with 10 days filled with music, rodeo and racing at the Hutchinson fairgrounds.
Kidnapping prompted by religious differences
Argument provoked Philippine rebels
September 4, 2000
Muslim rebels who took an American man hostage in the southern Philippines did so after he angered them in an argument over religious issues at their jungle camp, a newspaper reported Sunday.
Milosevic confirms candidacy
September 4, 2000
Top officials in Yugoslavia’s ruling coalition formally declared President Slobodan Milosevic candidacy for re-election Sunday, submitting the results of a petition drive intended to underline his level of support in the country.
Government sets new travel rates for employees
September 4, 2000
The General Services Administration has announced new per diem travel rates for federal employees that will for the first time take effect at the beginning of the fiscal year on Oct. 1. The new rates range from a low of $85 for lodging and meals in small cities such as Topeka, Kan., to $244 in New York City.
Tire workers continue contract talks
September 4, 2000
While Bridgestone/Firestone Inc. and union negotiators remained tightlipped about ongoing contract negotiations Sunday, experts speculated about just how much the tire maker’s recent problems may have weakened its bargaining position.
Congress prepares for hearings on Firestone tires
September 4, 2000
Congress opens hearings this week aimed at determining when Bridgestone/Firestone Inc. and its customer Ford Motor Co. knew about tire problems that have been linked to 88 deaths in U.S. accidents and more overseas.
Hard Day’s Night’ tour opens
September 4, 2000
Al Gore and Joseph Lieberman brought sandwiches — cheesesteaks, of course — for a Sunday night construction crew as the Democrats began a manic 27-hour dash through five states designed to catch the working man’s eye. “You are what this campaign is all about,” Gore said.
ABC’s boy band O-Town gets an encore
September 4, 2000
ABC has done a reverse on its reality series “Making the Band.” The show, which was left for dead in the spring but allowed to run out its string during the summer, has been picked up for another 13 episodes.
Traffic projects for Sept. 4
September 4, 2000
1. Massachusetts Street from 19th to 23rd: one lane of northbound traffic closed for water line installation. 2.Michigan Street from Seventh to Ninth: closed to rebuild the street. More …
Rain, snow aid fire effort
Weather gives firefighters upper hand
September 4, 2000
Rain and even snow helped firefighters make major progress to contain wildfires in the northern Rockies on Sunday, even as they made the steep terrain slippery and hazardous.
Dental care lawsuits bite into state budgets
September 4, 2000
Patient advocates and dental groups are shifting their focus from the exam room to the courtroom to improve dental care for poor children, saying states are inadequately helping kids at the greatest risk of cavities and tooth decay.
Debates raise argument
Gore rejects Bush’s proposed schedule
September 4, 2000
The presidential candidates squabbled over debate schedules Sunday as Republican George W. Bush announced he had accepted three prime-time sessions. Democrat Al Gore rejected the plan, saying the formats proposed by Bush could limit the audience and amount of face-to-face debate time.
Lecompton grass fire damages 15 acres
Officials warn Douglas County residents against burning in dry, hot conditions
September 4, 2000
By Tom Meagher A Sunday afternoon grass fire scorched nearly 15 acres of land, east of Lecompton. Lecompton firefighters received a call of a grass fire about 4:30 p.m. at 2015 East 773 Road on Pieter Berendsen’s land.
House race heats up
Hunter, Findley seeking KU students’ votes
September 4, 2000
By Tom Meagher Candidates vying for the 46th District Kansas House of Representatives race got a jump on the traditional Labor Day start of the campaign season. The fuel behind their early stumping: the return of Kansas University students, the district’s largest bloc of constituents.
Official crusades to raise teacher pay
Increasing salaries will improve quality of education, board member maintains
September 4, 2000
By Tim Carpenter Lawrence school board member Jack Davidson wants to end mediocrity in the teaching ranks. So he’s proposing to end the practice of paying mediocre wages with a proposal to increase teacher salaries in the Lawrence public school district by 25 percent over five years. He would initiate the campaign with a 10 percent raise next year.
Prize possessions
For 150 years, state fair blue ribbons coveted
September 4, 2000
Competition builds in Virginia over the ugly lamp contest. Colorado kids want to know who has the best-looking goat. California vintners sweat over a prize that could win them acclaim.
Lofton ties major league record
Cleveland outfielder scores in 18th consecutive game
September 4, 2000
Kenny Lofton tied a major league record for scoring runs in consecutive games, stole a career-high five bases and hit a game-winning home run for the Cleveland Indians on Sunday.
Cardinals sweep Mets
Edmonds’ late homer sinks New York again
September 4, 2000
Jim Edmonds broke the New York Mets’ hearts once again.
Redskins’ Davis gets $90 million deal
September 4, 2000
Stephen Davis kicked off his season with a mega deal.
Dallas’ Aikman suffers another concussion
September 4, 2000
The Dallas Cowboys’ season went sour in a hurry.
Living-wage debate
Views clash on obligations of area employers
September 4, 2000
By Dave Ranney Simple question: If a big company wants a break on its taxes, should taxpayers have a say in how much it pays its workers? Bill Sepic, president of the Lawrence Chamber of Commerce, says no. That’s between the company, the workers and the free market.
Candidates tackle tough issues
September 4, 2000
By Tony Kornheiser Creators Syndicate On his campaign plane the other day, Al “Al” Gore was poking at his rival, George W. “Last Call” Bush, hammering Bush’s position on prescription drugs. Wrapping it up, in all his alpha maleness, Gore flexed his pecs and snarled, “It’s time (Bush) put up or shut up.”
Neighbor’s view
September 4, 2000
Choice questioned
September 4, 2000
Budget cuts may affect safety issues
September 4, 2000
We have become a spoiled nation with zero tolerance for forest fires, tires that fail, plane crashes and food that makes us sick. And isn’t it nice that we have? Never mind that our grandparents regarded these occurrences as either acts of God or everyday events to be tolerated without whining.
Labor has reason to celebrate
September 4, 2000
By David Broder Washington Post Writers Group If you want to know why this Labor Day is a real time of celebration for unions, the headquarters of the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO, is a good place to start.
Is KU slipping?
University officials must try harder to promote KU across the nation.
September 4, 2000
Journal-World Editorial What goes on? Has the academic excellence of Kansas University slipped in recent years, or have other schools in the Big 12 Conference more specifically, the former Big Eight Conference increased their academic excellence.
Titanic Town’ floats in depiction of Troubles
September 4, 2000
When the McPhelimys mother, father and four kids move into a new house in an “estate” (i.e., housing development) in West Belfast, they thought they’d left the Troubles behind.
Old home week for child stars
Patty Duke and a roundtable of actors reflect on their early careers
September 4, 2000
By Kevin McDonough Tune in Patty Duke didn’t know the first thing about being a teen-ager. She was embarrassed when “real kids” had to teach her the latest dance for her role on “The Patty Duke Show.”
On the money
September 4, 2000
The World Wide Web has become a great place to find out what kind of mortgage rate is available when hunting for a new home. Several sites provide useful calculators that help users determine everything from interest rates to monthly payments.
Kidcards can be teaching tools, but charges can add up
September 4, 2000
By Jane Bryant Quinn Staying ahead Parents need to have a frank talk with their children, as the youths approach puberty. No, it’s not what you’re thinking. I’m talking plastic. Children are getting credit cards at ever-younger ages. “Save it for college,” I’ve always advised or for after high-school graduation.
September 4, 2000
Stringfellow wins long jump, beating Australian rival UCLA, Notre Dame move into AP poll
Building a ‘cheaper’ portfolio
Foliofn is an alternative option to stock brokers
September 4, 2000
When you open up your mutual-fund statements, do you find yourself muttering, “I could do better than this manager,” or, “Why is my tax bill so big every year?” Now, you can channel those frustrations into a new product that lets investors create stock portfolios or choose from a menu of ready-made portfolios.
KU hopes to regroup after loss
September 4, 2000
By Andrew Hartsock The way things played out, it didn’t really matter. But it certainly didn’t help Kansas University’s football team to have Carl Nesmith, the Jayhawks’ preseason All-America free safety by several publications, standing on the sideline Saturday for KU’s season-opening 31-17 loss at Southern Methodist.
Quinn’s slam stings Tampa
Royals 8, Devil Rays 2
September 4, 2000
The Kansas City Royals already have won more games than they did last season with 26 left to play. Mark Quinn hit his first career grand slam and Blake Stein won his fifth consecutive decision as Kansas City beat the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, 8-2, Sunday to top its final 1999 victory total.
Norman wins thriller at Open
September 4, 2000
Storms came and went, day turned to night, and after more than eight hours of playing, waiting and playing again in brutal energy-sapping humidity, Magnus Norman barely escaped the biggest exodus of top-seeded men in U.S. Open history.
Lightyear’ is miles off target
September 4, 2000
The recently released “Buzz Lightyear 2nd Grade” CD-ROM for Mac and PC platforms is aimed at children 6-8, and at times it runs as if the children themselves did the design and software coding.
Digital dinosaur
Plastic bones beat original skeleton
September 4, 2000
Using advanced computer technology and a laser scanner to document every dimple, bump and scratch, scientists at the Smithsonian Institution are building the most anatomically correct skeleton yet of a large dinosaur.
Colts jolt KC in opener - Colts 27, Chiefs 14
Burris’ interception return for touchdown dooms Chiefs
September 4, 2000
Sharing the spotlight with a little defensive back is no problem for Indianapolis’ offensive stars. Despite a productive day by their marquee quarterback, running back and wide receiver, the Colts didn’t wrap up a 27-14 victory over Kansas City until Jeff Burris took an interception back 27 yards for a fourth-quarter TD.
For your eyes only
One company seeks to cut digital media theft but can you keep a good hacker down?
September 4, 2000
There’s a variety of rich multimedia on the Internet just waiting to be tapped and traded, and one company says it has designed a way to help keep the free flow of information under control. Sources of online entertainment, including movie studios, recording companies and book publishers, are eager to keep their content away from people who haven’t paid for it.
Popes elevated toward sainthood
The beatification of Pius IX drew protests from Jewish groups
September 4, 2000
Pope John Paul II advanced two predecessors toward sainthood Sunday in one of the most disputed such acts of his papacy, beatifying the 19th century’s much-attacked Pius IX alongside the 20th century’s much-beloved John XXIII.
Millionaires come in all shapes
Stereotypes of rich changing as ‘poor’ get more
September 4, 2000
Well into her 90s, Lucille Lucas was determined to save enough to leave substantial bequests to her favorite charities.
Young offenders learn tough lessons in prison
September 4, 2000
For five teen-agers whose brushes with the court got them sent to a day in prison recently, the experience was as painful as it was real. Ellsworth Correctional Facility operates a Juvenile Assistance and Information Liaison program. The program is an effort to wake up youthful offenders and give them a glimpse of life inside the razor-wire topped fences of prison.
Rison catches game-winner
Raiders rally in last minute to upend Chargers, 9-6
September 4, 2000
Ryan Leaf was trying to make a new start. Andre Rison was trying to recapture his past
Animals at heart of research
Scientists dislike ‘Frankenstein’ image
September 4, 2000
By Erwin Seba It’s not something Kansas University likes to promote. Tucked away in Malott Hall are three floors of rooms devoted to animals. Cats, dogs, frogs, snakes, rabbits, rats and mice occupy cages in the rooms. And there’s an entire veterinary surgery suite, complete with X-ray machine. There is a cage-washing machine for the homes of hundreds of rats and mice.
Summer’s box office lineup gets ‘mediocre’ rating
September 4, 2000
Colonial rebels, geezers in space and a high-seas mega-storm just couldn’t pack the same punch as Jedi warriors, a wicked witch and a bunch of folks who don’t know they’re dead.
Art takes spin cycle
Washing machines pose perplexing questions for Germans
September 4, 2000
Marie-Luise Dieckmann, a 77-year-old retiree out for a Sunday stroll, is confused by what she’s stumbled upon: 104 white washing machines neatly lined up on a public square in the middle of the city.
City Police Blotter
September 4, 2000
Quake hits wine country
Scientists surprised by unknown California fault
September 4, 2000
The heart of Northern California’s wine country was sharply jolted early Sunday by an earthquake that smashed windows and glassware and knocked out power to thousands.
Boot camps just don’t work
September 4, 2000
By Myriam Marquez The Orlando Sentinel The kids are wailing, gulping for air and begging for mercy. They want their mommies. They want to wipe the slate clean and never, ever do whatever it is that brought them to such a bad place.
Business briefcase
September 4, 2000
Technology: Teens tend to be more high-tech than parents. E-commerce: Signs to make sure your purchase is safe. Recruitment: Dot-coms sucking up businesses’ employees.
Guide to creepy crawlies spins powerful web
September 4, 2000
By Jill Hummels I hope this doesn’t bug you too much. But there’s a really cool Klutz guide that defies children to think of bugs in a whole new way. “Spotter’s Guide to the Nastiest Bugs in the Backyard” is a 12-paneled laminated fold-out booklet that has some awesome pictures of insects and some of the most useful and useless information around.
World Briefs
September 4, 2000
Egypt: Arafat reiterates Jerusalem demand. Colombia: Rebel violence kills dozens. Lebanon: Billionaire’s party winning election.
Nation Briefs
September 4, 2000
Texas: Child dies in crash; SUV tire separated. Iowa: Powerball jackpot rises to $14 million. New York City: Clinton to promote peace process at UN.
U.S. activists condemn Iraq conditions
September 4, 2000
U.N. economic sanctions against Iraq are missing their target, hurting not President Saddam Hussein but ordinary civilians, a group of U.S. activists said Sunday at the end of a six-week experiment in living among the Iraqi working class.
Political races pick up speed
3rd District contest on parties’ ‘A’ list
September 4, 2000
Two years ago, Democrat Dennis Moore defeated Republican U.S. Rep. Vince Snowbarger in the 3rd District. Now, Phill Kline wants to return the favor. The bout between Moore and Kline, a GOP state representative, is the most-watched political race on the state’s Nov. 7 ballot.
Survey expenses to be considered
City Commission agenda highlights
September 4, 2000
Lawrence city commissioners will be asked to pay the expense of collecting data for a citizen survey conducted by Kansas University’s Policy Research Institute. In the past, the city has agreed to pay expenses, including an hourly wage for telephone interviewers who ask a variety of general and specific questions about life in Lawrence.
Area Briefs
September 4, 2000
Prostate cancer screenings to be offered in Topeka. Child still critical after being run over. Revenue wins recognition.
People, Faces & Things
September 4, 2000
Movies hit close to home
All sorts of families on film at Venice festival
September 4, 2000
It’s family film time on the Lido — but not in the usual sense. Think murderous moms. Doting, dotty dads. Lesbian cheerleader daughters. From nasty to nice, from nuclear to not, families are a hot topic at the Venice Film Festival’s 57th edition.
September 4, 2000
Old Home Town: 100 years ago
September 4, 2000
Safety a concern as NASA prepares to increase shuttle flights
September 4, 2000
NASA has long yearned for the day when it could start sending space shuttles up in quick succession to the international space station.
Internet bolsters labor unions
Nation’s workers turn to cyberspace to organize, inform
September 4, 2000
Like their counterparts in business, labor leaders in the United States have increasingly turned to the Internet to find new customers, keep the old ones and sharpen their message.
Mom won’t be sorry she supported son, pregnant girlfriend
September 4, 2000
Tech briefs
September 4, 2000
Hate gets a hand
German politicians help stoke anti-foreigner sentiment
September 4, 2000
The trial was swift and the sentence harsh: For beating an African immigrant to death, a 24-year-old German was jailed for life last week and his two teen-age accomplices sentenced to nine years in prison.