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May 15, 1999
To the editor: As the parents of sixth-grade Centennial School students, we wish to bring attention to the fact our school needs more students while other schools are completely over-crowded. Centennial kids have been bused for more than 20 years. It has been a great convenience most of the time to have the kids picked up and delivered right to, or within a block of, their homes. We know when they leave and when they get home. We very much feel like part of the school even though it is not in our neighborhood. Being bused is a way of life for us and has not negatively affected our family. Busing and boundary changes seem to be the only solution to properly allocate students to eliminate over- and under-crowded schools. During the past seven years, our enrollment has dropped by approximately 100 students. This is a result of neighborhoods being eliminated from our school: boundary changes and the opening of Sunflower School. In addition to this is the recent news that another Centennial “neighborhood,” Gaslight Village, may possibly be eliminated, which will cause further reduction of students. Teachers and programs have been lost as our population declines This is a negative effect to the students, and they deserve the best. The school board has made a decision to have Centennial School remain open. They have an obligation to provide equal opportunities to students who are in fully populated schools. We have a great school with great staff, students and parents. We want the school to live and thrive and deserve a commitment from the school board to make this happen.
May 15, 1999
Why I couldn’t care less