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September 8, 1995
School board members had an opportunity Thursday to see education in action.
September 8, 1995
To the editor: Well finally after months of behind-the-scenes meetings, the Winters, the Chamber of Commerce and the Memphis developers have gone public with their plan to “mall” the 700 block of New Hampshire Street. Here we go again! Another plan to “save” downtown Lawrence. Although not mentioned in the Journal-World article, it is public knowledge that this Memphis developer builds only strip malls, does not “do” residential buildings and leases the space to national outlets. What this means to both the neighborhood I live in and small businesses in downtown should be obvious. Say hello to Barnes & Noble, The Gap, Victoria’s Secret, Eddie Bauer and other “big” stores and say goodbye to The Raven, Adventure, Terra Nova, Britches Corner, The Buckle, Sunflower and other small stores that are locally owned. Not to mention more traffic, less green space, more part-time underpaid teen-agers and a swell place for upscale shoppers to send dollars to out-of-town corporations and no new housing. Now factor in a new jail at 11th and Rhode Island and a new mall at Seventh and New Hampshire. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist or traffic engineer to see that New Hampshire will become crowded and people will start using Rhode Island as an alternate route. That is certainly not good news to the homeowners, children, bike riders and others who live on Rhode Island Street is it? And thank God the so-called Eastern Parkway, which was designed to bring thousands of cars and trucks to Seventh and New Hampshire is a dead barrel of pork.