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February 11, 1990
Clark H. Coan saunters with a practiced gait down a trestle bridge that spans the Wakarusa River on an abandoned stretch of Missouri Pacific Railway line. Stepping from timber to timber, he explains how the bridge, about 20 miles west of Lawrence, will be planked and handrails installed once the railroad bed is converted to a trail for hikers and bikers.
February 11, 1990
When the Warsaw Philarmonic appears Thursday at Kansas University, its musicians may be as concerned with heavy inflation back home as they are with their scores in Lawrence. “There has been tremendous austerity and a low standard of living there for years,” said Steve Anderson, chair of the KU music department, who recently visited Poland. “I don’t think the musicians are concerned about government support for the orchestra as much as they’re wondering what will happen to the $60 or $70 a month they get in wages.”
February 11, 1990
Normalizing trade relations with the Soviet Union is a way the United States can help both itself and someone else. President Bush announced Thursday that he would seek a new trade pact with the Soviets before he meets with Mikhail Gorbachev this summer. The agreement would expand markets for American exports by granting the Soviet Union most-favored-nation status, a move that would help remove obstacles to Soviet trade.
February 11, 1990
A recent newspaper article noted that “When banking and real estate consultant Charles Goetz boards an airliner, he’s always on the prowl. Soaring cross-country, Goetz stalks the first-class cabin for potential clients, entertaining fellow passengers with stories and gossip and discreetly pumping them for information about their businesses.” There is no sure way to prevent such subtle solicitations, but let’s hope this “success story” doesn’t trigger an explosion of hucksters who prowl the airlines stalking potential purchasers of aluminum siding, storm windows, remodeling … you know, the kinds of things you have pitched at you by pushy telephone callers at inconvenient times?
February 11, 1990
Deep in the furnaces of Kansas University’s Chamney Barn, Alison Sheafor makes art at 920 degrees Farenheit. But the results can be viewed at room temperture at the Lawrence Arts Center. Sheafor, 24, creates multimedia designs, primarilly using glass. The 24-year-old glass blower and KU student is among five winners in this year’s Juried Crafts Exhibition at the local arts center. The Lawrence Arts Guild sponsors the show.
February 11, 1990
There’s a sparkle in his eyes and an impish grin on his babyish face as Christopher Arpad leads a conga line of nearly 300 women around a large meeting room. The energetic thumpa-thumpa-thump-thump beat and Arpad’s enthusiasm have loosened up members of this women’s club and pulled them from their seats.
February 11, 1990
“Jackie,” a black casting of a nude woman lying on the ground, looks like any stone sculpture. What makes this “Jackie” so special isn’t its shape or color it’s what it’s made of. “Jackie” is plastic.
February 11, 1990
Cexton Records is the pet project of John Anello Jr., an energetic guitarist-entrepreneur who, after failing to land a contract with a major label, packaged and promoted his self-produced “For a Dancer,” which in 1983 hit Radio and Record’s jazz chart at No. 28 before breaking into the top 20. It was a remarkable accomplishment for a totally independent project and the spark that pushed Anello to make Cexton “a real record company,” the former junior-high music teacher told me in a recent conversation. “I had to release product not just by me, but by other people, too.”
February 11, 1990
A fund-raising expert will run a free workshop on grant support for interdisciplinary arts projects on March 22 at the Lawrence Public Library. Al Kosters of Intermedia Arts Minnesota will meet with both individuals and groups. The organizers encourage multimedia organizations to send representatives. For more information, call 1-296-3335. Benefit auction in Kansas City