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Valentines Day Contest

We had a really great contest this year with lots and lots of Valentine's submitted, so we thought we'd post as many as we could below. Check for your name or share some love of your own!

4 winners received One dozen roses, delivered

Plus 1 grand prize winner received One dozen roses, 2 appointments with the expert stylists at Salon Blush and a romantic $100 gift card from Pachamama's!

Special thanks to our sponsors:
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The Russ




2 Peas in Pod




Joel G

Billy S


Shannon G



Monica T

Quinn B

John H

Julia G

Richard K

Kyle K

Monica S

Sue N


matthew c

Curtis W

amanda k

matt w

Rachel B

amelia r

Mischa B

Christopher B

Anthony K

Courtney B

Thomas H

Andrea P

Robert C

Lawanna H

Emily Ruth M

Karen A


Tanya W

Kathy P

Toni L

Kim H

cherisa J


Sally Z

Jessica H


Kelsey G

Megan D

Kim M

Rachel B

Alaina L

Lauren P

Raymond M

Sheron E

Sarah W

Lucas C

Michael G

Steve Y

Glen S

David W

Cheryl T

Andrew T

David S

Judy W

Antonio P

Kathleen M

Jeff D

Avery Y

Brian R

David H

Norman E

Richard F

Jim D

Andrew D

Jennifer S

Paul S

Tara M


Richard L

Larry W

David V

Dan D

Tanya L

Debbi J

Heather C

Amy H

Gillian L

Samantha M-S

Jeff D

Shannon R

de r

Rachel M

Kris M

Stacy S

Amy M

Kim m

Bill S

Ashtin M

Lora H

Eric N

Nicole A

Ryan F

Perry M

lori r

seth n

Karen P

Brett W

Kevin R

Valerie T

Erin W

Suzanne G

Patrick T

Beth C

Christy L

Claudia M

Amy H

Anthony G

Donnie P

Stephanie D

judy p

Nancy P

Sue H

Eric S

Larry S

Phyllis S

rhonda j

Cassandra S

Sylvester S


Brian G

Ericka C

Kim W

Susan W

Justin M

Antonio M

Danielle V

Shivakumara S

Walter B

Sam P

Mark K

Aaron W

Ashley W

Tony V

Bailey D

Ryan T

Charles W

glenda e

Greg T

Brad B

Tom C

Stacey D

Mike H

Carrie W-H

allan u

Lori B

robin l

Stephanie H


Thomas B

somrita p

Ashley G


Amy M

Mark A

amy m

Thaddeus Q W

Chelsea K


Josh W

Jennifer S

Linda E

Linda K-V

Steve V

Tony F

Courtney W

Shari F

Ann W

Nancy S

Mary M - M

Denise T

Laura Z

Allison W

Kristal L

Nicholas R

Kate Z

Debbie B

Nicole J

Lisa B

Emily M

Gabriella S

Michelle H


Barbara B

Carolyn C - L

Ginny W

Kevin L

Harold M

Paige M


Princess Taco




Mike Lee



My Big Animal

Shannon G

Etheleen S


Joel G



Troy T

Liz C


Kimberly&Danny A

Mary Ann K

Priya M

Christine T

Nora H

Rebecca M

amanda k

Nicole M


megan d

Chris V

chrisey b

Eloise B

Mischa B

Sara W

Chris A

Lauren P

Wendy L

Melissa C

Scott H

Erica M

Gayan S

Dutch S

Amanda W

Mildred R

MaryEtta T

Caitlin H


Lorrie W

Mike Z

Marilyn H

Ryan T

Alex D

Matt W

Kris M

Chris V

Pete G

Rebecca H

Leigh M

Sarah E

Cary K

Janelle S

Stephanie G

Mary Y

Lynn S

Valeita W

Don T

Cheryl T

Patricia S

Mel W

Melissa P

Scott M

Daria D

Mackenzie A

Tara K

Carolyn H

Judy E

Linda F

Susan D

Megan D

Becky S

Misty S

Randy S


Monique M

Carol W

Laura V

Kendra D

Tara L

David J

Cindy J

Joe H

Miguel L

Nathan S

Linda S

Carol S

Darcy Y

Willa M

Kim M

Paul S

Shannon M

Kris m

Sarah S

Aleesa S

Scott E

Jessica N

Bob A

Alisha F

Denise M

bert b

lori n

Mike P

Sara W

Elizabeth R

Troy R

Jennifer W

Kim C

Frederika E-G

Jean P

Sandy L

Lindley H


Nat K


Michael K

Love Garden

The Girls

liz f

Phyllis S

Phyllis S

Larry S

rhonda j

Marlana G

Jane S


Kim G

Dan C

Roger W

Wyatt W

Kathy C

Stephanie M

Alexzandria M

George D

Cathy B

Katie B

Pam K

Ashley W

Aaron W

Kerry M

Phil M

Ala W

Jeanette W

Margie W

Tanya K

Julie B

Megan C

Cole D - R

Carrie W-H

Mike H

marcia w

Phyllis B

Andrew St. J

Ken H


Tracy G

Mouman R

Justin&Ashley G


Travis M

Rita A

T.Q. W

amy m

sue k


Lindsay T

Travis A

Don E

Sydney V

Linda K-V

Shari F

Pam W

Glenna F

Dave W

Nancy D

Neely & Eden M

Kevin T

Derrick Z

Kathy W

Nick R

Kristal L

Jon Z

Jeff B

Nancy J

Patrick B


David S

Scott H

Jarrod S

Warren B

Jim L

John W

Pat L

Marcia M

Rob M


The Russ wants you to know that I love you all equally, I just love me wayyyyyyyy more.


Roses are red, Violets are blue; I love you more, than infinity times two! Lollipops Forever....

love you each v-day,42 and counting....

♥ Miss you. Still have the dancing monkey. I'll never forget you ♥

I am so happy we found each other 9 years ago. You are the best husband, and I love you very much!

[aguilera] heyy boo [/aguilera] I love you so much. So happy I got you for such a *steal* when I bought 'cho munkey.... In all seriousness, I adore you and don't know where I'd be without you.

Donde. I love you...

Our life together just continues to amaze me and bring me joy. The best part... there is more to come. Happy Valentine's Day Shannon! I love you!

Love is patient and kind . Love never gives up . Love never fails Happy Valentine Love always BaBe

T ∞ T

Happy Valentine's Day. You are a great husband and father. I love you.

I love you more than a PepperJax rice bowl. With au jus.

A love story: You and me forever. The end.

I love you! Thank you for always being my biggest fan, a loving father to Morgan and Lauren, and for always finding new ways to make us laugh!

Happy Valentines Day :)


Dear Mom & Dann, You are both SO fantastic! Thank you for supporting me so well these past four years of college! I love you!!!

You're My Funny Valentine!

Hope we win!

For my beloved wife, Bob.

We love you mom & gma

Happy Valentine's Day!

i love you!

Have a Gnome of a Valentines Day!

happy vday mom!

i love you baby space shuttle!

Happy Valentine's Day. I love you Allways

if nothing lasts forever, would you be my nothing?

Thank you for everything you do for us, we love you very much!

With All My Love, Forever!

Sara, i hope you have an incredible valentine's day! i love you very much!

Love you BOYFRIEND!! Happy Valentine's Day. xoxo

I love you to the moon!

Happy Valentine's Day Mom! You are truly beautiful and such an inspiring person! I love you! -Andrea

I love you sweetheart, you diserve more for 20 wonderful years together, but I hope this makes your smile.

Love You so much!!!

I love you mom!

I love you!

Happy Valentines Day Grandma! Love Holden, Hayden, Mark & SJ

You deserve it!!!!

Happy Valentine's Day MoM

Happy Valentine's Day! You're the best!

You're the best daughter, I'm so very proud of you. Luv u lots, MOM


Thanks for a wonderful 15 years! Love you.

I love you!

I love you Mom!!!

I love U so much, so happy valentines day boo boo and to gavin i love u so much boo

who could these be from? XO

I Love You-Love Baby Space Shuttle

I love you!

Happy Valentine's Day! I love you, Allways

I love you babe :) These will look great in our place.

I love you Mom! Have a very Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Love you, Mom

I am so in love with you!

I think you're hot!

Thank you for the last 24 years. Happy Valentines Day, and Happy Anniversary. I love you!

Love of my life--Happy Valentine's Day!

I love you!

For 40 yrs of wedded bliss.

Forever yours, Love Cheryl

Happy Valentines Day MOM

Happy Valentines Day Baby

I Love You!

I love you babe!

I won these for you!! P.E.

I Love You!

I love you biff. :)

Happy Valentine's Day! Love, Brian

To My Valentine!

Happy Valentines Day darling, With all my love, Slick

To make the day a little prettier!!

Love, Pookie

happy valentines babe I love you

Love you mom!!!

I love you

I love you.



Happy 49th Valentine's Day

I love you!

Super Sweet!

I love you so much sis.. Thank you for always being there!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day Grandma! Love, Kiri and Brandon

I love you - ALWAYS!

The kitties and I love you. Rock Chalk

thanks for being the greatest husband. i love you

Please don't sneeze to much! Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day Aunt Carol! Love, Shannon & Nicole

Happy Valentine Day! Love Mom

Momma Loves You!


Will you sign my petition for student senate, babysit my child, do my dishes, and love me forever?

Happy Valentines Day to the best husband and father we could ever ask for. You are my world.

I love you!

I love you!

Happy Valentines Day Babe! You're the best Valentine anyone could ever ask for. Love Ash

I love you

Because your mine, I'll walk the line. Love you

I love you, sweet hubster!

To my're eyes, laugh, and smile made it impossible to say "I don't"!

Love Always Perry

Happy Anniversary Mom I love you

i love honey

I'm so glad you asked me to marry you. I love you bunches! :-)

Happy Valentine's Day, Baby-Doll!

I love you and your babies.

Happy V-Day!

I love you Mom!!!

Thank you for being one of the best friends I have ever had. One rose for each of our 12 years of friendship.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentines Day Mom! Love your kids

I couldnt ask for a better mom! I love you more today than Yesterday but not as much as tomorrow! Love, Christy and boys

Have I told you lately that I love U.

Kayla & Samantha - You girls are my world! Love ya bunches!


For the one who holds my heart.

I love you! Happy Valentines Day Boo Boo!

You are our favorite tenant!!!

From Maya, Abby & Olivia Percich -Happy Valentine's Day! We love you, Mom & Dad

lots of love! Sue

Happy Valentines Day Mom!

Love you baby... from Sneaker...

With love from your secret admirer...

its been 19+years and 2 kids and 5 grandkids so it makes us grandpa and grandma and we was married on feb 14 1995 and it was not easy but we have faith and hope in GOD with out him we are nuthing .but i know i will be his snowflake for him because I LOVE HIM so

Happy Valentines Day!

Love you

Thank you for the tender care of me and my heart. I love you.

Happy Valentines! I love you!

You love me!


I love you!

LOVE YA - Justin

I love you!

You're the BEST!

Hope your love life is going great. Happy Valentine's Day George!

I love you!

This is much easier than last time! XXXOOO

Happy Valentine's Day, Mom!

Happy Valentine's Day! I love you!

I love you!

Happy Valentine's Day from Tony (& Monkey)

Happy Valentine's Day to my sweetheart! I love you!

I Love U!!

Love Always

Happy Valentines Day Mom !!!! Love, Glenda

You won my heart TOO!

Happy Valentines Day!

Pal, this year it isn't a birthday card ;-) Love, Tom

Happy 24th Valentine's Day! Love, Stacey

Your the most wonderful woman that I know of!

After all these years, I still love you!

i love you

Happy Valentine's Day Mom. I love you, Lori

Only 75 more days until you're my husband! I love you more than I could ever put into words. Your Robbie

I love you!!


Happy Valentines Day

Love u jaan

Happy Valentine's Day!


I Love You!!

Love you, your husband & sons

You are the love of my life and my best friend. I can't wait until our wedding day. I love you my love...

YOU are the best thing that ever happened to me. I can't wait for you to be my wife. I love you...

love is love

I Love You Baby Momma!!!

Winning is Awesome!!

I Love You!

Happy Valentines Day...29 and counting. ELK

All my love Mom

All my love - Steve

Love You

Happy Valentine's Day, Mom!

Happy 60th Birthday Glenna! Love, Tony, Shari, Ryan and Malea


We love you mom! Happy Valentine's Day!

Be My Valentine! love, mom and DAD

Love you!

I love you, Valentine. Love, Laura

Happy Valentine's Day Mom and Dad! Love You!

I love you soooo much!!

I love you!!

I have loved you for more than 20 years. You will always be my Valentine.

I love you with all my heart and soul. You have been a wonderful husband and father. There is no one else in this world that could even come close to your love, caring and thoughtfulness. I love you!! Your Wife, Harley Girl

Love you Mom!

We Love you!!! Love Mommy & Cash

You know to never send me flowers at work -- let alone roses, and I love you for it. Happy Lovah's Day!

You are My Bestest Friend.

Love You!

I love you my sweet husband. I hope you have a wonderful valentines. XOXO


Happy 34th Anniversary! Thank you for giving me everything I dreamed of in my life. I love you.

luv u

To my best friend and the LOVE of MY LIFE !!!!

May our love endure for another 52 years.

Love you!

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