Rating: 2

the12stringslinger Sylas & Maddy's Home Made Ice Cream

Can't believe it won best in Lawrence. I am a Lawrence Native and remember a more ma and pa down town Lawrence with less commercial places or sit down restaurants. Sylas & Maddy's comes straight out of that time as well. I must say that the ice cream is alright, by now I've probably tried all of it at some point in time. However, it's not the kind of home made ice cream I enjoy. It literally is just as good as Baskin Robins or hell even the frozen yogurt places Orange Leaf and that one on 23rd. The point being, it doesn't taste like home made ice cream from that barrel you use outside with handle cranking action. So what is so great about this place? Location. After Ben and Jerry's closed and Baskin Robins, this is literally one of the only type of these stores left aside from coldstone, which is a whole nother story. The people who work in Sylas and Maddy's god they act small town Kansas like time stands still. They are so slow. I went there once for a limeaid, this guy tried to cut it in half without a cutting board and dropped it on the floor and told me it was the last lime, so I asked for lemonade and he did the same thing again. Then he couldn't even scoop me ice cream and that is only one example of their service. Plus it's always busy, a mega negative for me cause I don't like waiting 30 minutes to get ice cream that's just as good as anywhere else.

Rating: 2

the12stringslinger Yello Sub

I can't believe it was voted the best sandwich in Lawrence. The sandwiches are good, but they are easily just as good as any deli sandwiches. Being a self conscious eater, the meat is definitely not good quality. The chicken is in cubes. Have you ever seen an animal that it's meat can be cut into nice even cubes? yeah, didn't think so. The meat is bad not even in a bad but tastes good kind of way. It's more like "bad and tastes pretty plain with out sauce even when it has some" kind of way. Sun dried tomatoes are the great thing about this place, but it's a one trick pony kind of place. I like the walls. It's as atmospherically pleasing as any deli sandwich shop. They need to somehow organize the lines though. Always busy. 2 stars for an it's alright, but subway, quiznos, pickelmans are just as good or better. The meat thing keeps it from 3 stars.

Rating: 2

the12stringslinger Burger Stand at The Casbah

I'm glad to see the mixed reviews, this place was voted best burger in Lawrence 2013. I went there to try it out, I'm a local don't go down town much. I remember it used to be a few stores in that building. It was very neat, I miss old down town Lawrence. Anyway I was not impressed. Everyone told me the burgers were great I had one everyone recommended, it tasted just like every other burger I've had at a sports bar. You could easily go to Wayne and Larry's and have a burger like that or Saint's. So I pondered the greatness a while, the atmosphere is terrible. Too many people in too tight a place, white noise from no sound absorbing material. The place is actually in shambles and definitely violates electric codes all over the place. I would not want to be packed in with a ton of people in a noisy environment with building code violations and "normal sports bar" burgers, but that is just me. The thing people like about this place is it's fries and the sauces. Tons of different fries and sauces. But who goes to a place for fries? 2 stars for the atmosphere of a dirty pub and the fries.

Rating: 2

the12stringslinger Game Nut Entertainment

Don't shop these guys. This place does have nice features for a store, but don't let that fool you this place is a museum for a reason. I'm an old school gamer out for the obscure older things, that being said some times I look at things they don't have priced yet (being completely aware of what I could buy the item for on amazon or ebay in a heart beat with shipping) and they will literally insult my time and intelligence by making me stand there a couple of minutes while they look up the items "worth" on ebay. Don't get me wrong ebay is a nice site, but there are a lot of people posting things at prices no one will ever buy for, fishing for a dummy. Then while I wait for this ebay scanning to get under way, a guy will trade in an old item I know is about $60 on any ebay given day that no one would pay for it and they would charge it in a heart beat. So, of course they buy it for $5 and immediately price it at $60 to sit there for years on end. What happened to good business? That's 1100% profit, why not sell more items for cheaper than ebay and make a profit. Lawrence business used to be more about the people, now it's just greed. Stick to ebay. It's well worth the wait. Two stars, both for atmosphere and asthetic. Not a customer favored business.