Sara Wolfe


Rating: 5

Sara Wolfe Adorable Animal Designs

We love taking our Welsh Terrier to Adorable Animal Designs! They always give him the exact cut we are looking for, even if our requests are sometimes confusing. We know our dog is not the easiest to work with, but they know how to take care of him and he always leaves looking great and smelling fresh.

Rating: 5

Sara Wolfe Papa Keno's Pizzeria

I took my parents here on Saturday night and was informed that they had just come under new management. Usually, this is a red flag because it means things have the potential to be disorganized and slow, but our experience was quite the opposite. The staff was extremely helpful and kind (even showed the utmost patience when it took my dad 10 minutes to decide what he wanted and even had a couple of special requests), the food was out fast, our slices were delicious and it was a good time had by all.

Rating: 5

Sara Wolfe Englewood Florist

I received flowers from Englewood for my birthday today and they are BREATHTAKING! It is quite honestly the most unique and beautiful arrangement I have ever received. The florist even used bamboo shoots in the arrangement which is something I have not seen before. I also love it because I know my boss, who got me the flowers, used her Lawrence GiveBack card which means that as an added bonus, a local charity in town got a donation out of it, too. Awesome!