Rating: 5

swilley Wakarusa Veterinary Hospital

My kids (Beagles), have been patients for a collective 16+ years. I have so many wonderful stories to share about the amazing care from Dr. Marks, Dr. Roland and staff, but a few should be highlighted. First of all, I moved to the Kansas City area over 12 years ago, yet my loyalty stays with Dr. Marks. When my first Beagle, Molly, was little, she developed allergies. Amongst all of the obvious questions, Dr. Marks asked where she played. Molly didn't have her own backyard, as we lived in an apartment. I told him about at least three parks, and without a further word, he went to all of the parks and got grass samples. Who does that?! Another time, Molly blew a disc in her neck. We didn't know it at the time. Dr. Marks was on active duty in the war. Dr. Roland referred me to a neurologist and got Molly right in. All the while, Dr. Marks was communicating (from Iraq), about her care and health history. Again, who does that?! Finally, when it was time for Molly to go be with Jesus, on Christmas Eve, Dr. Marks' and his wife Shanon's overwhelming care and compassion made it a peaceful event. I had no choice on timing, when Molly's struggles with cancer had to end. My son, Fletcher (Molly's "little brother"), has Marks as his middle name, in honor of Dr. Marks. I can't say enough great things about Dr. Marks, Dr. Roland and staff. Five stars are not enough. If you want to hear more stories, feel free to contact me.


Suzanne Willey Prairie Village, KS