Rating: 5

smreynol underground lab

I began membership with UGL in November of 2011. I recommend them with 100% conviction. I am a person that lacks internal motivation to better my health thru regular excercise. In previous attempts to become a healthier person, I would pay anywhere from $40-$100/mo, show up, get NO guidance on what excercises I should do, and get NO results. UGL has removed this barrier for me. Their programs of personal training and boot camps keeps workouts interesting and fun. All of the trainers are very attentive to the members. When people arrive to use equipment on their own, I have heard all of the trainers ask on at least one occassion "do you have a plan for your workout?" If they see that someone is not pushing as much as they can, they'll speak up and show you how to improve what you're doing. I'm sorry, but if you walk in to most other gyms in Lawrence, you're lucky if you see any of the staff around the workout equipment (they are all usually behind the fancy front counter talking about the latest gossip). I have to give a special thanks to Melissa, she is the personal trainer I work with. Without her, I would not be 15 lbs lighter and have 6% less body fat than I did in November when I started. If you want a team of professionals, that have a genuine interest in helping you reach your fitness goals, then UGL fitness is the place to go!