Shannon Ikerd


Rating: 5

Shannon Ikerd Arizona Trading Co

I like this store because it's affordable, eclectic and the salespeople are nice. I'm amazed at what you can find in there, and I think that most people can find something they like at a great price.

Rating: 5

Shannon Ikerd La Familia Cafe & Cantina

I like this place because they ASK how I want my salsa, and when my reply is "hot", they bring me salsa that has a nice burn to it. They have good food and nice service.

Rating: 5

Shannon Ikerd Pachamama's Restaurant and Star Bar

I saw Pachamama's on "Check Please, KC" and sighed when I saw the average tab per person . . . .one day. But, then, I started seeing their lunch tweets on Twitter, and saw that they had some really affordable things for lunch. I went Tuesday and had wonderful crab cake sliders. I enjoyed it immensely. They tweeted again and I went back to try their Ham & Cheese Sandwich with a cup of beef and barley soup. That is, by far, the BEST ham and cheese sandwich I have ever had, in my life. Quite possibly, I should never eat them again, out of respect for that sandwich. And, the soup was phenomenal. I didn't go back today . . . . and I'm feeling bad that I didn't. Obviously, I love this place. It's chic, comfortable, welcoming and affordable. If you've been waiting because you think it's out of your price range, go for lunch. -November 4, 2010

Okay, so I know that I left a review before . . . but, they keep getting better as time goes on. I can go there, and try something that has an ingredient I normally avoid like the plague and love it. I've been to dinner a couple of times. The short and sweet: the small plates are big enough to make a meal out of, if you're on a restricted budget. They have some cool snacks and appetizers that you may want to just try when you're wanting a "grown up" night out with friends, but don't want a full meal, and still are keeping an eye on your wallet. And, try the inspirations (specials). They're a great deal, but larger in portion size than the small plates. The chefs go all out to make them, well, special. Finally, two words: pomegranate caiprihina, that is as close to heaven as this girl cares to get for now. They ask my opinion about what they can do better, they ask how they can make the experience better and what I would like to see whenever I get to go there. They have great service, great food, and an awesome space. And, to top it all off, there's Prashant . . . -April 22, 2011

Rating: 5

Shannon Ikerd Bay Leaf

The ladies at the Bay Leaf are among the nicest people on Massachusetts street. They are welcoming and try to learn your name, your likes and dislikes when you're in the store, and are just generally friendly and pleasant. On top of that, they have such an eclectic blend of household goods and kitchen ware, that no matter what your actual skill level in the kitchen, they ALWAYS have something there that piques your interest. Finally, who doesn't love the Bay Leaf coffee. The snickerdoodle coffee tastes just like you're eating a cookie. I won't drink other types of flavored coffee, now that I've had theirs. I love this place.

Rating: 5

Shannon Ikerd Scarlet Orchid

I have a friend that talked me into trying the Scarlet Orchid for the first time. She's a good friend. I've been about 5 times now, had a different dish each time that I've gone, and had a wonderful experience each time. She drives from Leawood to come. It is a great dining experience. I highly recommend it.

Rating: 5

Shannon Ikerd 715

I really love going to 715 for lunch, especially now that I work downtown. The $7.15 lunch special makes it a very good lunch for a reasonable price. That was my normal lunch, until one day I ventured out and tried the steak salad one lunch. OMG! It was perfect. I have ordered steak as an entree that wasn't prepared that well, and it was so tender that I didn't even need the knife that the waitress offered. And, it was just the right amount, so I was satisfied with my lunch, but not so full that I just wanted to nap afterward. They put a lot of thought into the whole experience there, and it shows. It's a great place to eat.