Joe Hyde


Rating: 5

Joe Hyde Wink Eyewear

Recently I bought two pair of eyeglasses (and frames) from Wink and I'm very happy with both. During my initial visit -- which was mainly to look over their selection of frames -- the staff at Wink spent considerable time letting me try on numerous styles until I finally settled on two. One frame was for single-vision prescription polarized sunglasses, the second frame was for clear lens progressive bifocals.

Perhaps because their lenses are single vision and thus somewhat easier to manufacture, my sunglasses were ready first. They give just fantastic clarity and the Adidas frames I chose have yielded a susprise benefit I never expected: the frames fit my face in such a way that no eyebrow oil and eyelash streaking occurs on the inside surface of the lenses. After suffering from these kinds of lens smudging for so many years with other frames, to wear these new sunglasses and not have to constantly clean off this stuff has been wonderful, wonderful.

As for the progressive bifocals, I couldn't be happier. The distance zone (at top of lenses) is uniformly focused across the entire lateral field, thus eliminating the need to turn my head like an owl toward the precise direction of distant objects in order to bring them into focus. Lower in the lenses the bifocal zones are in perfect tune with one another, and this is no easy trick for manufacturers and eyeglass assembly people when you're talking about progressive lenses.

I really think these are the best two pair of eyeglasses I've ever owned, and I've owned plenty. I highly recommend Wink as a source for excellent quality eyewear.