Rating: 1

redarrow Plato's Closet

I've given this place a chance or two. my overall impression? eh. the clothes are generally kind of ugly and the employees seem full of themselves (who knows where their fashion sense comes from). Accessories do a little better I think. Also, tune out the music if you go.

Randy Erickson replies...

Music is always subjective. :)

Amy Pond replies...

I always thought the same thing, that the employees were exceptionally rude and vapid and the music awful (the worst, as a matter of fact). I laughed once as I passed who I assumed to be the manager being particularly condescending to a new employee, "Now I don't know WHO did it, but YOU were one of the only new people working, so...". Awkward. I shopped there anyhow and told all my friends to do the same before paying retail - it's better for the environment and it can be a pretty good deal if the clothes aren't worn as hell (like they normally are) and between the trash there can be a gem here and there. I was a very loyal customer, spending at least a few hundred dollars in the store and also trading things in to get something new. When I caught a man slipping his iPhone into my dressing room, I could barely get anyone to pay attention to me. I tried alerting them, and after finally getting someone's attention they removed me from the shopping area and allowed him to leave, claiming that he would be banned and that Tirzah, the manager, "hopes that someday he learns to respect women". They clearly admit that he did something wrong, why else would they "ban" him? Furthermore, how could he possibly be banned if you didn't even bother to make ANY EFFORT to find out his name? Who exactly are you going to ban? Can you answer me that? In addition, she told me that "it's probably just a game kids play on snapchat". Those words escaped her vapid face in. that. order. Verbatim. It was at this point when I was in shock that this woman was trying to make excuses for these sick perversions. But then again maybe she was right. Maybe it wasn't a big deal that I was publicly victimized and then I was being told to my face to essentially "get over it". I continued to sit across from this creature for what seemed like an eternity, waiting for her to tell me that the police were on their way and justice was going to be served. But that never happened. Instead she handed me a $5 coupon and sent me on my way hoping that I "feel safe shopping at Plato's Closet!" No. I do not feel safe shopping at Plato's Closet. Why would I? Why SHOULD I? Why should anyone? They had the chance to do the right thing, which would not have been the easy thing, the easy thing to do was to blame the victim and sweep the situation under the rug best they could. I called the police but it was too late, he was already gone and they had failed to obtain any type of identification. You vote with your dollars. Business practices like this are part of the detriment to the advancement of women everywhere. The self-loathing required to actually believe that this is "just a game" must be astronomical. You must really, truly hate yourself. I hope someday you learn that what you did, what you said is shallow, vain, vapid, hateful, self-loathing and above all - completely and utterly untrue. He is a sick criminal and let him get away with felonies inside your establishment.

Rating: 1

redarrow Shamrock Tree Service, Inc.

Found the owner lacking in competence (the neighboring property was damaged). I suggest paying a little extra somewhere else for professionalism and proficiency.