Nikki May


Rating: 3

Nikki May Cici's Pizza

I'm not a huge fan of the pizza here, but order a special one not on the bar, and it's better. However, the manager is great. My son had a few friends over there for a birthday, and he was treated like a king. I love the brownies and cinnamon buns. I often also think the bathrooms should be cleaner; the rest of the place seems fine. I love the prices.

black_butterfly replies...

I am glad that you had a great experience at CiCi's. I am really glad to hear that you didn't find the place to be dirty. Maybe they have cleaned up their act. We haven't been there in a year due to the dirty plates, floor, silverware, etc. The manager is super nice so I am glad that they are putting forth effort to improve the business.

Rating: 5

Nikki May Set 'em Up Jacks

These guys know their regular customers, well. They will put on any game you want to watch, since there are so many televisions. They also have great specials daily. Not to mention the food is great. It's "bar food" done right. The chicken strips are listed as an appetizer but come with fries, and is a great portion for the price. I also so many other things on the menus.

Also, they always support the local schools which is awesome to me.