Rating: 1

pnord Dash Salon Day Spa

I went to Dash Salon to get my nails done, I had the coupon for the shellac and spa manicure. When I got there, Kelsey the manicurist, set up a towel and got out a nail file that was already used several times, and a cuticle pusher and had me come up there. This was NOT a spa manicure! I didn't say anything...I should have. Anyways, she went ahead and filed and pushed back my cuticles, put the shellac on, when she was done, I looked at them, it looked like a child had done them! No Joke! I had tips put on and they were terrible! They were all different sizes, one side went shorter and got wider to the other side...etc..If I could show pictures I would. In the middle of my appt. she rudely left me, not apologizing, to finish a clients hair, came back and still did not apologize! She also was complaining that these coupons for the shellac and spa manicure were a "mistake" on Dash Salon & it was Lawrence Gives Back fault... and also complained that she had 80 coupons to do...I would think that she would be happy because it is bringing the salon business and her also, business = tips!!! Anyways, I will never go back there, she is very rude, not professional at all, she said she had been doing nails for a year and a half, that is a joke! Before you get your nails done, think twice about going to DASH SALON!!