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patrick1244 The W Banquet Hall

Buyer Beware!!! If you are going to sign a contract with the W for an event you better have a good lawyer review the contract. Once that contract is signed they will hold you to the letter. Believe me there are no protections for you, just for them. Do not expect any goodwill or flexibility. Your better off finding a venue that actually cares about your event.

reese04 replies...

I am the owner:
As it states in our contract, the deposit to hold your date is non-refundable. We have this rule so that no one else can book your special day. I am sorry that a wedding had to be cancelled, but we have to stand by our policy. All other venues have a similar policy. The contract protects you from allowing us to schedule an event on your date. BUT, we can, and have, moved event dates for customers. This is just one example of how we try to accommodate our customers to make their event amazing!
We strive for great customer service and succeed! We have had hundreds of happy customers! We care very much about each and every event that takes place at our facility!