Rating: 5

obamasocks Jason's Deli

Fantastic salad bar, great sandwiches. I LOVE fresh food; my kids like the food too, and its healthy for them.

Rating: 2

obamasocks None

Bleck....sauce on pulled pork AND baked beans was so incredibly sweet I couldn't eat more than half my entree. Waited almost 30 minutes for food to be served. Its possible I just went on a bad day (hence the reason I'm giving it 2 stars and not 1), but I'm not soon to go back.

Rating: 5

obamasocks Aladdin Cafe

Love love this restaurant, best lentil soup in the USA.

Rating: 4

obamasocks Cielito Lindo

pollo fundido is one of the best dishes I've had at any mexican restaurant. Service is slow, but food is delicious.