Rating: 2

nami01 Quinton's Bar & Deli

I'm not sure how the food is, but my friends and I went there this evening for the bar. The people were very strict in letting people in and out. Which was fine, but they seemed to let a lot of people in and out without having them wait like the others. When asked about it, they said that the people work at this bar. Then I watched about 10 or so people drinking that went up and down the stairs of the inside entrance that was supposedly completely closed off tonight (as I tried to leave that way and the worker informed me as he let a drunk girl down). They made the other customers walk outside without properly salting their stairs and upper patio. Either a lot of people work here who are allowed to drink while doing so, or they play favorites quite strongly. Ended up not drinking (since I couldn't go back down to put away my coat) and am sad my friends spent money here. Still, I'm giving two stars since it was my first time here and maybe it was just a bad day. The food might be good, but from this first time experience I will suggest going somewhere else if any of my friends or acquaintances ever want to head to Quinton's. At least the workers were polite when choosing who had to wait outside to go upstairs (after waiting outside to get in the bar) and who was allowed upstairs through the indoor stairs without question.