Rating: 1

mseve Burger Stand at The Casbah

I have been there a few times with my boyfriend and the first times we were like "hey we likey!" We were back just this weekend on St Patrick's. It wasn't too late, it wasn't too busy so I will not except any excuses for what happened to my food. He ordered his burger medium rare and I ordered mine well done. When they called his name and we got our food what came to us was a far cry from what we ordered. Medium rare means partially cooked not totally raw my dear friends and well done means just that. My burger was medium rare. The bacon that was on it was barely cooked so when you added the other stuff it was just rubbery. They had so much of the katsup on the bread that it was soggy and this was AFTER i took it back to have it redone. Did i get a "sorry"? are you kidding? We will NEVER go back there! The 1 star should be more of a negative 3...

somedude20 replies...

Yeah, that is a common complaint at that place. I have been there 3-4 times and have had that happen twice...I stopped going (for a few reasons) and I have friends that have said the same thing as you too. FYI Dempey's will cook your burger to order without complaint and their sauces, prices, food and customer service is worlds better. Cheers!