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mscarn Kip's Carpet Cleaning

Bait and switch price gouging. I bought a Groupon for $45.00 worth supposedly $95.00 to steam clean three rooms worth of carpet. My appt. was for 1pm and the guy shows up at 10:00 am when I am not even there and casually says they are running ahead of schedule?? Then he tells me that it will be $35.00 extra to use cleaning solution. They don't normally use cleaning solution? I was baffled. Then he says they don't move any furniture and only measure the exposed areas. Yet somehow he claims that I am 70 sq. ft. over the Groupon. I have a queen size bed in my bedroom and there is only a tiny strip showing around it, then a very small office that has furniture in it and a tiny bedroom with furniture in it. This is not over 270 sq. ft by a long shot. Needless to say I was disappointed that they showed up 3-4 hours early when I am not even there, then say that everything is extra. When it was all said and done I paid $140.00 for the "extras" and $45.00 for the Groupon. $185.00 for a tiny amount of carpet. Never again... deceptive business practices to offer a Groupon and then charge so much extra