Rating: 1

moxietown Century School, Inc.

I think a lot of parents choose Century because they associate it with an "image". They certainly aren't choosing it on substance. Academic farce (as another reviewer called it) is exactly right. What a joke. It's really just glorified babysitting. Century offers nothing, and actually less than, what my child is now getting in the public school system. Socially and academically the public school system is just as competent, actually more so. The testing system at Century was really lacking, I never knew exactly how my child was doing in comparison to any other standards, the result reporting was on one sheet of paper, with no real world measurements of any of their abilities. And I don't think they kept up with it on a regular basis as they said they would. "Daily reports" were just a cursory here is what they are working on and he is doing fine!" Way too lacking in details. Don't risk it. They do get to have a lot of field trips, but I think I can make up for that on our own time. I didn't see much evidence of their touted "mentoring system" either.(It's way expensive too at 500/mo, which some might feel is not so bad, but I expected more for that price.)