Rating: 1

monkeyshoer Salty Iguana Mexican Restaurant

I would like to know if anyone has been there recently that thinks the food is good... I was there last weekend and I got chicken tacos, and the meat was sooooo dry it crumbled, and I ordered it with no lettuce or tomato and got both on it. Also weirdly even though the chicken meat was so dry my tortilla was super soggy so the thing was not good and I couldn't even eat it. The margarita was good though. This was only the second time in 6 years I have eaten here because it was not good the first time either, but I decided it was time to try again. Yeah, its not gonna happen again.

somedude20 replies...

Their food is gross. I have been to that place 4-6 times, the first two (god, around 04'-05') times the food was good but the last few years it tastes (rhymes with pit) and don't get me going on their salsa. That junk tastes like Ortega and that is not a complement. My advice, go for the drinks and watch a KU game, if you go to eat, have a cold so the nasty taste of the food does not come through as well and get home to a bathroom quick as all that grease will go right through you!!!