Lauren Reinhold


Rating: 2

Lauren Reinhold Hurricane Alley Car Wash

I used to like this place, but the vacuum hoses and vacuuming area were disgusting today. The hoses were so caked with dirt that they got parts of the car dirty. How hard is it to hose down that area before the facility opens?

Rating: 1

Lauren Reinhold Floyds Drain Cleaning

I tried to line up services with this company on 10/3/13. They called back but couldn't give a certain time. They agreed to check with staff and let me know. They never called back, so I used Roto Rooter. I didn't mind paying extra to avoid being ignored. LR

Rating: 5

Lauren Reinhold Westridge Wash & Lube

Thumbs up in the past, but I pulled up at 4 as it was closing today (Saturday). Please change the time on this listing!!!!!!!