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lizzyp13 Adorable Animal Designs

We were in a pinch and called up Adorable Animal Designs because the summer heat had approached quickly for our dogs and we couldn't get in quick enough to some of the places we've gone in the past. Getting our dogs in was also 'no problem,' but customer service and the finished product not so great, which of course lets us know why getting them in was 'no problem'. One star doesn't even cut it. I recommend spending your money elsewhere, like Pawsh Wash or K-9 Kuts in Baldwin. Our dogs look horrible, granted they were a mess to begin with but they've been much worse and have come out looking actually normal at other local groomers.

Priding themselves on hand scissoring is just wonderful, especially when they didn't even try to keep any of our Shih Tzu's facial hair. It's gone, all of it, despite instructions to leave facial hair as long as they could on all 3 dogs we brought to them.

Note: we did call to discuss our upset and to let them know that we wouldn't be coming back and they were argumentative and said, "that's fine," to end the conversation. We did question them about why they ended up cutting as much hair from the faces as they did, and they just had excuse after excuse. Again, we've gone elsewhere and they've taken the time to work with their faces, and not just cut it off. "Awesome" customer service and good job trying to ease the customer's stress.

Trust us, go elsewhere. We now have 3 dogs that look horrible, don't take your chances.

Emily Campbell replies...

You said it yourself that "granted they were a mess..."--obviously too big of a mess!!‚ÄĚleave facial hair as long as they could"--obviously they couldn't!! Ending a conversation with that's fine after being belittled, only assuming with the tone of your review, sound "fine" to me! They will not lose my business, or their other loyal customers. We will continue to take our three dogs; two cocker spaniels, and a lhasa apso there for as long as we live in Lawrence. Thank you Adorable Animal Design for your continued work ethic and professionalism! Don't let this one bring ya' down!!

kharris0113 replies...

As you stated upon check in that morning you apologized and said they were all 3 in horrible condition.
Stating you had been highly recommended to come here, we take much pride in our services and care we provide here.
I have several golden doodles who are scissored and labradoodles and shihtzus as well , however we saved the coats and matts we shaved off with a 10 blade off their faces alone.
I cannot perform miracles if you wish to have a nicely scissored dog it needs to be brought in much more than what you have previously taken them to pawsh wash or custom cuts in Baldwin.
I explained to you that the dogs had sores where matts were pulling away from the skin .
I also told you when you said you were sorry for the condition they were in that yes they were super matted and everything would be shaved off and you replied take it all off except the tails .
I do all I can for the best welfare of the animals I groom , with what I have to work with .
We provide affordable prices under all other shops to hopefully provide affordable maintenance for all animals as to not get into that condition.
AS for the customer service , I am sorry you feel we were not serving you satisfactorily.
I have been grooming for 21 years and am also a vet tech , I DO NOT just shave dogs for no reason.

kharris0113 replies...

what about the stress of a business owner ???? and groomer who does care and takes pride in their work? where is the right in that again I am just so frustrated that you can try and try and communicate with clients and do all you can possibly do and still have reviews like this BLOWS ME AWAY and also the summer heat doesnt creep up on you to have matts like that I just do not understand how some people can honestly write and post these kinds of things .... YLIME thank you again .

lizzyp13 replies...

I stand by my review.

I believe that if the groomer had an issue with how the dogs were then they could have said something and used the moment to teach. You didn't try to communicate with us at all.

There are a number of spots that were missed on each dog. On the Shih Tzu, we took her to the vet a few days later because of the sores...she's developed allergies and was scratching herself too hard. The nurses kept laughing and commenting on how horrible her grooming job was. We take the dogs to the groomer about 3 times a year, which is not as much as we wish we could, but the point is, no one else has ever cut them this short and goofy looking before.

I'm glad others are happy, but the point of this marketplace review section is to allow both sides. Compared to others this business did an incredibly subpar job.

Topple replies...

I once let my dog's hair get too long and it became matted pretty badly. The groomer I used in Kansas City warned me that they'd likely have to shave him because getting the mats out would be very difficult and painful.

I understood that it was MY fault that my dog required the shaving, not the groomer.