Rating: 5

linwil06 la Bella Vita Hair Studio

Background: I'm 24 and wanted my hair to look like Bella Swan's @ the end of Breaking Dawn Part 1

The first visit that I had with Kristie we had decided to do some low-lights to add dimension and hopefully bring out the natural copper/reddish-brown in my hair. It did not turn out quite as I had hoped(however was still VERY BEAUTIFUL)-------- I DID NOT EVEN HAVE TO SAY ONE WORD... before Kristie offered to do a second session free of charge to find that "look" that I really was going for. My second session was earlier this morning and I love my hair!!!

After Kristie and I talked about how I had wanted the red to come out a little more... she was able to talk me through the science of hair and why low-lights caused it to look more neutral instead of bringing out the red.

I LOVE my hair. Well worth the money. Also Kristie is a fantastic person and you can really tell that her heart undoubtedly goes into each and every foil that she does.