Rating: 5

ldvander Thai-Siam Restaurant

The only place in Town that makes Drunken Pork Noodles Thai Hot the way they should be!!! The staff has character and I wish they would yell at me more when I come in. Only thing I want is to use my own container straight out of the wok so as I can transport on my motorcycle without transferring from Styrofoam to tupper on site. Because I have to wash down my noodles with beer and sweat and pad my brow because that is how I like my drunken noodles. Oh, the other stuff is outstanding as well!!

Rating: 3

ldvander Pickleman's Gourmet Cafe

When I first tried P-man's I would have given them 5 stars. The salads are Great and the Soup is Great. Sandwiches are a bit small for the price, but tasty. Consistency in delivery really dropped my overall review of P-man's. You can order and are charged for cheese to accompany your Chili. You can also order extra croutons and other extras. I ordered and was charged for cheddar, charged for extra croutons and chicken on my Asiago Salad. I did not get the cheddar, the chicken or the extra croutons. It's disappointing. Will be difficult to trust delivery from them again.

Rating: 2

ldvander Fuzzy's Taco Shop

I loved Fuzzy's when they initially opened October/November. I would eat Fuzzy's twice a week and would get 6 dollars worth in a Burrito and the tacos were great with Feta cheese. But like many restaurants that open strong, Fuzzy's went down hill fast in my opinion. Went to Fuzzy's this February and got a taco bell sized burrito, mostly limp tortilla, still 6 bucks. The tacos were awful and no more Feta cheese. Plus, everything was cold. I am saddened because I really loved Fuzzy's 5 months ago. I will not eat there again.