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larryclarkb Peoples Bank

When I joined People's Bank (right near where I live) a really nice lady explained to me and my two small kids that Banking Unusual meant they cared about the average, little people local to Lawrence.

Yesterday I figured out what she meant--Banking Unusual means they employ tactics to prey on the little people unlike other branches in town.

I have had six business and personal accounts in the six years since moving to Lawrence. If I were you, I'd steer clear of the way they do things. Really.

You won't make any interest on the free checking account, that’s standard. When I wrote my first check, I got online (using my 8 character-limited password) and wrote it for what was in the account. A few hours later they happened to hit me with the $5 fee for dipping below the required $300 minimum balance, which caused the first check to bounce. Even though the next morning at 8 am I put cash back into the account, later that day I got hit again with a fee: THIS TIME FOR $35. Something strange happened they couldn’t explain, that this fee was reversed, then put on again the following day.

Bottom line was, in the end, even after three phone calls with very nice people, they were not going to reverse the $35 fee because technically in the fine print somewhere, they don’t have to.

Lesson learned. BANKING UNUSUAL means just that. Hope my mistake only costs me and not you.