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landiegirl Carquest Auto Parts

I recently ordered a fuel pump through this company because of their Worldpac subscription. (I own an older Range Rover Classic.) Evidently, it came in at some point -- but I was never called (despite leaving two phone numbers so they wouldn't have trouble reaching me). I went in today to find out about the holdup.The guy at the counter tells me he "just sent that back this morning." Couldn't he have just called me before doing that? It's a specialty part I had to order in! Don't their records show whether or not they've contacted the customer? What was so annoying/frustrating/infuriating was his disinterest in the problem and his failure to simply say "I'm sorry." Another young man working there tried to say something helpful to him about where the part might be currently (perhaps I could have gotten it today after all ??) but he was waved off.

So my Range Rover and I remain stranded until that nice guy at the Eudora Carquest gets the part in later this week. The Eudora guy signed off our call saying cheerfully, "I'll call you when it gets here!" And I bet he does. I knew I should have gone to him in the first place. It's worth the 10 minute drive.

carquestlaw replies...

Well first of all let me say I am very sorry for the inconvenience that this has caused. I am the young man you speak of and I am also the store manager. We did special order the part for you and it was there for 2 weeks, after which we returned it. If you were not called I apoligize. Its generally our policy to call and make sure the customer does/did not need the part before returning it. If there is anything I can do to help in the future or assist you with please do not hesitate to contact me. Again I am very sorry for the misunderstanding.

Garrett Senestraro