Kimberly Grosse


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Kimberly Grosse Jiffy Lube

I wrote a comment here before realizing there were two Jiffy Lube locations. Oops! I haven't been to this location but had awful service at the Iowa location.

Rating: 3

Kimberly Grosse Quinton's Bar & Deli

Rating: 3

Kimberly Grosse Body Boutique

UPDATE I wrote Body Boutique a horrible review two years ago. I had an awful experience when my contract ended. What a mess! I'm going to forgive and forget, though. I have signed a new contract in hopes for a better experience this go around. I've been told that the external billing company is different now. I was able to get a really great introductory offer. Also, they're remodeling and making the facility twice as large. So, I think it will be more worth the money at that point. I've taken my review from one star to three. I'll update again as I see fit.

I'm editing this review because I liked Body Boutique until I attempted ending my membership. I received different answers from each person I talked to there about when my contract ended and what I had to do to get out of it. You're required to send a certified letter to an external company to be relieved from your contract even if it's up. Body boutique gave me the information and told me a specific month to contact the external company to terminate my account. When I called the external company at the instructed time, they told me that I should have called months ago. You're required to pay for three months after the cancellation letter is received. When I called to complain to b.b. that their staff gave me inconsistent and incorrect information I was consistently interrupted and told that I was giving untrue information according to their phone records. They are so confident in their staff that they continued to tell me that this employee whom has worked there for years wouldn't give me false information. I felt as if this woman was flat out calling me a lair. She insisted that I was told to call months ago which was absolutely not true. Yes, they gave the information to call months ago when I requested it but they instructed me to call when my membership was up, gave me that date, and didn't say a word about the letter. If they told me to contact the company then I definitely would have, it was for money issues that I wanted to cancel my membership in the first place. I will have to pay over 100 dollars more because their staff, conveniently for them, gave me the wrong information. What a disappointment... after all of the great recommendations I've given this place then they treat me like that! I discourage anyone I can from getting a membership here. Go to maximus where you can pay month by month and not be treated like you're a liar.

black_butterfly replies...

Thank you for this review because I was looking for a place to join and considering BB.