Kimberly Grosse


Rating: 1

Kimberly Grosse Jiffy Lube

I would give no stars if I could. I came to this Jiffy Lube location last Friday for an oil change. They called when servicing my car to attempting to up-sale the service stating my anti-freeze read as "deemed unsafe". I've done some research to find no information on coolant ever being unsafe. I find this particularly odd because my radiator was just replaced with all new fluid only a month ago. During this phone call I first noticed the severe problem with their phone system. During the whole conversation there was a clicking problem that made it extremely hard to communicate. I When I came to pick up my car they informed me that their credit card machine was down. They admitted to me they should have informed me when I arrived that I would need another source for payment. I didn't have one- and explained I had an appointment that I needed to get to so they allowed me to take my car without payment with promise I'd return before they closed at 7. It was 5 then. They called me literally every three-five minutes from the time I left until 6:30 when I was done with my appointment and was able to answer. Apparently their machine had begin working so I paid by phone. The person I talked to had just finished telling me how his supervisor was "coming down" on him for having so many open tickets. I told him I realized the problem with the machine was out of his control but I didn't feel like they were dealing with it in a professional way and I wanted to speak to his manager. He then told me HE was the manager. I expressed my complaints to him, including their phone problem, calmly and he said "God, girl! I don't need you yelling at me. I already have all of these people threatening to kick my ass. I'll be contacting the police department to deal with you." I asked him his reasoning for contacting the police after I had already paid for a $65 oil change (I've never had to pay this much for an oil change before by the way. I don't even know what services I was paying for as they wouldn't print out a ticket for me while I was there.) I told him I felt that it was my responsibility as a customer to let the manager know when I'm not happy with their service. He barely apologized for the inconveniences. Mostly made excesses. He apparently never called the police as he threatened. I'm not sure what they could do anyway. He did offer me coupons I'll never use- as I'll never return to this jiffy lube again. Save yourself a huge headache and stay away from this place!