Rating: 1

johnse The Tan Company

I agree with previous comments - nice beds, good location, but awful and unprofessional business practices. The whole business is a scam. I had been tanning for a special occasion in the fall and afterwards decided to "freeze" my account. I had been told that freezing my account meant that I was paying $5 a month to keep my membership inactive and the money would be waiting in my account when I returned. Seemed like a good deal right? Wrong. When I went back this month, I was told that the money I had been paying monthly could only be used for lotions or upgrades and that I had still had to pay the month's fee to tan ($25) when I already had $25 on my account. So why couldn't I just use the balance to pay for a month? At this point, I decided this place was not worth the headache and decided to cancel my membership as I am absolutely positive that I will never return. The manager then revealed to me that I will not get any portion of my money refunded whatsoever and that it was apparently my fault for being misinformed. $25 down the drain and a waste of 20 minutes on the phone with a very ditzy employee. Moral of the story - if you tan here, be prepared to have your money pretty much stolen from you. My advice? Go to Celsius!