Andrea Lee


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Andrea Lee Jayhawk Pawn & Jewelry

If you buy a firearm here, they take your money first, then do a background check. If ANYTHING comes up that prevents you from buying, they keep a good chunk of the money you paid, just for doing the background check. Every business I have bought firearms from does the background check FIRST to make sure you can even get a firearm. Then they take the money for the purchase and you walk out the door. These guys take your money first, then if anything happens, they keep your money. So basically they penalize anybody that comes in and fails a background check. Dont get me wrong, I have ALWAYS passed the background check but I feel sorry for anyone that doesnt and has to pay for it. When they told me this I walked out immediately and havent gone back. Ive bought enough firearms in my day to know these guys are scamming unsuspecting people out of their money and are making a profit from what is supposed to be a free background check.