Rating: 5

itsalwayssunnyinlarry Westside Yoga

The studio is clean and in a good location with lots of parking. All of the instructors I have met have been very friendly and welcoming. They have a lot of classes to offer and I really enjoy the all levels classes. The teachers are also very knoweldgable. I do wish they offered classes on Saturdays so I could get in extra practice on my day off, though.

Westside Yoga replies...

We are so glad you enjoyed your experience at Westside Yoga, and deeply appreciate your review! We heard your request and are now offering a Saturday morning class, as well as several weekend workshops. You can view our class schedule online at

Rating: 1

itsalwayssunnyinlarry Wow!

I didn't think things could get much worse after sunflower, but they did. Every month despite how early I pay the bill we have money that we owe for presumably "late fees". Our bill has gone up from $120 a month to $150 this month (October-April) . We did not change services or rent any movies. This is getting out of hand and we will be cancelling our service for AT&T this month. I'm sick of having to call the company monthly to figure out what these odd charges are and why they keep popping up. Sucks they couldn't do something good for the community either (lay offs).