Rating: 1

insearchofauniqueid Dale Willey Automotive

I have seen some deplorable sales people in my day but this place has set an all time new record for unethical sales practices. I believe they are dishonest right up front when they "run" your credit and than tell you that you will receive a great rate. Than they find something in your credit report to make you inelligible. I got sucked into this deal and they asked me to write them a check for $500 in good faith to assure them that I would buy the car if they could get me the car at the great rate they used to lure me in. In retrospect, I can't believe that I gave these crooks $500 to try to finance a car for me. Of course if something sounds to good to be true it probably is and after they approach you with a totally different offer they aren't to happy to give you your "good faith deposit" back. Is this even legal or just a way for them to "qualify' a buyer. Sleeze bags. Stay away! Also, when I went to test drive the vehicle the sales person insisted she drive. WTH.....OMGosh I could go on and on about this horrible experience.

Rating: 1

insearchofauniqueid Auntie Em's Deli

The prices are much to high for deli sandwiches. My sandwich was all bread and to much relish. Where's the beef?!

Rating: 1

insearchofauniqueid American Family Insurance - Garvin Daniel

where to start.....

  • horrible customer service.
  • Life insurance rates are ridiculously elevated.
  • If you have a claim expect them to act like police rather than insurance agents.
  • absolutely no follow-up with concerns

Their day doesn't start until after nine although they post office hours to be from 8-5. You will never be able to reach them in the morning. If you think you can stop by the office to take care of business in the morning you should make an appointment because nobody will surface until well after 9am.